Can We Guess Your Favorite D&D Stat to Max Out?

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There are two different types of games in the world of gaming. The first is the most popular, where players are pitted against each other for the distinguished title of winner. The second are co-op games where the player group works together to achieve a common goal. Dungeons & Dragons fall into the latter category and could be considered one of the first RPGs that give a player the option to design what kind of character they want to be. On top of which, these characters had depth and if the player desired, they could provide a backstory on how their characters got into their current situation.

In addition to being able to give a character depth, Dungeons & Dragons provide players with an opportunity to add a little piece of themselves into it. This could be in various ways from choosing alignments to physical attributes. Unfortunately, if the character gets killed (in hopefully a glorious fashion), a player can be devastated because of the intense bond they have to it. Of course, surviving a battle usually depends on two different things: whether the dice god wants to bless you with amazing rolls or whether the DM is sympathetic to character deaths.

So let's grab our dice, a blank character sheet and a pencil because it's time for us to figure out what stat you'd use to dominate the game.

There are several different ways a player can enter the battlefield and still be a benefit to their party. Which of these roles would fit you the best?

Characters with high constitution stats could easily run a marathon. How many miles do you think you could run?

Grab your bedrolls, it's time to head out for adventure. Where in the party is your character positioned?

While you're walking to your next destination, you come across a merchant getting attacked by some goblins. What would your character do?

Let's talk alignments. Which one would your character have?

Congratulations! Your character has survived long enough to reach level 3, which means it's time to choose your archetype! Which one will your character have?

Is your character going to be strong like a warrior or smart like a wizard?

Characters with a high strength score can bench press over 500 pounds. How much weight do you think you can lift?

When your party heads into a new town, which of these shops do you enter first?

Your party is on a fact finding mission. Which of these people do you think would supply the most information?

The DM decides it's time for your character to get a familiar. What animal would you choose?

Which of these abilities would your character need to survive?

When it comes to character design, a rich background is a must. Which background does your character have?

If your character is trying to talk down an angry dragon, a high charisma score is something your character will need. Are you someone who can talk their way out of sticky situations?

Wearing plate or chain mail armor will often give away the location of a character. Does your character have the ability to sneak around?

What is your character's prime weapon of choice?

You're in combat and the dice gods decide to curse you with a critical fail. What do you think the DM will do to your character?

Encountering a baddie is a day in the life for your average adventurer. Which of these villains would be most difficult for them to fight?

Caves are the norm for an adventurer. Which of these things found in caves would your character be afraid of?

If your character has a high intellect score, taking a test would be a breeze. When you were in school, how much did you study?

The rogue in your party misses a check for pits and traps roll, landing you in a big hole. How does your character get out?

Suppose your character is sound asleep and is awakened by a gaggle of goblins. How does your character handle it?

Many players will use characters in books as an inspiration for their design. Which fictional character would be a good reference for yours?

In D&D, some classes are harder to play than others, making it challenging for all players. How long have you been playing?

If your character were to live in the real world, what kind of job do you think they'd have?

A character with a high dexterity score would be able to change directions at the drop of a hat. How do you handle being taken off task?

Let's say your character is in an evil party. Which of these things would your character be OK doing?

Lace up your boots. Which D&D location would be your character's favorite place to travel?

When a character has a high wisdom score, they are very aware of their environment, making it nearly impossible to ambush them. Are you easy to startle?

What started out as three classes has evolved into too many to count. What class is your character?

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