Can We Guess Your Favorite Kind of Kiss?

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References to lip-and-tongue kissing date back to at least 3,500 years ago, with one ancient Sumerian poet describing the act as "tonguemaking." You won't be hard-pressed to find bygone historical mentions of the intimate gesture, either: In 370 B.C., famous Greek philosopher Xenophon wrote of the Persian custom of kissing on the lips as a form of goodbye. The Romans loved to kiss in various forms, and Jacob and Rachel even exchanged a few smooches in the Bible. Basically, humans have been kissing for a long time. 

Many speak of "chemistry" in relation to kisses—ultimately, pressing our lips against some people's lips just doesn't create the same "spark" as with others. While this may just be a matter of attraction, the type of kiss can also play a role in how much we enjoy it. For some people, a lengthy French kiss is the only way to go, while others prefer lots of little smooches. So, which type do you prefer? 

Chances are we have an idea! Before you lay one on your love, let us tell you what you truly like best. Take this quiz to find out if we can guess your favorite type of kiss, once and for all. 

You have to watch a full season of one of these dating shows. What will it be?

Time to light a candle, run a bath and relax. Which bath-bomb scent will you choose?

What movie kiss sets your soul on fire?

Which cartoon character would you most want to date?

What do you consider a deal-breaker in a romantic relationship?

Which celebrity couple are you always rooting for?

Time to play "Super Mario!" Which character will you be?

How would you describe your biggest crush?

Do you like dating apps like Tinder?

Which of these types of photos would make you swipe left on someone's online dating profile?

Pretend it's your honeymoon. Where do you want to jet off to?

Happy Valentine's Day! What do you most want to receive on this special day?

Pick a bod:

What do you think about receiving snail mail?

Are you interested in a long-term, committed relationship right now?

Dinner's over! Now, which type of dessert do you want to most want to indulge in?

Your friend set you up on a blind date. She says you'll love them because ...

If you had to be a model, which kind would you be?

Now, put on your headphones and bop to a top pop song. Which one do you choose?

Which of these classic romances do you like best?

You're at the bar. Which cocktail will you order?

Imagine that you can control the weather in your area today. What type of environment will you create?

Which Disney villain do you secretly kind of like?

It's Friday night. Do you want to go out or stay in with your love?

Which famous artwork would you most like to hang in your home?

It's time to get your adrenaline pumping. What adventurous activity do you most want to try?

What will you slip into for date night?

Which of these cinematic couples makes your heart flutter?

Time to prep the pout. What's your favorite hue of lipstick (whether on you or someone else)?

You're on a dinner date. Which bad habit do you hate the most?

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