Can We Guess Your Favorite Pokemon Card From When You Were a Kid?

Talin Vartanian

Image: TV Tokyo/Cartoon Network

About This Quiz

The Pokemon world consists of many characters, regions, gym badges, games and of course ... Pokemon! These cute, adorable and ferocious creatures are able to win many strategic battles, while others want to become best friends with their trainers. And while the Pokemon movies, television shows and video games are all very popular, we're going to briefly turn our attention to the classic Pokemon trading card game!

No matter how many cards you've collected in the past, you probably have a favorite card that holds a special place in your heart. And it may not necessarily be the one that is the strongest, rarest or the most legendary. In fact, many Pokemon cards have sentimental value to their players. Some have received their favorite card as a gift while others have won it through an epic Pokemon tournament. 

Pokemon games aren't always about winning or collecting the best cards; rather, it's ultimately about the experience and how much fun you have playing it! So no matter what your past collection was like, we're certain that you have a favorite card that you consider to be special. Just answer some questions in our epic Pokemon quiz so we can guess what that might be! 

Which of these Pokemon types is your personal favorite?

How many Pokemon cards were in your collection?

Which of these Pokemon characters would you team up with?

Choose a Pokemon move against your opponent!

What's your strongest personality trait?

Would you embark on a Pokemon journey by yourself or with some friends?

Did you own any legendary Pokemon cards?

Have you ever won a Pokemon card tournament?

Are you more calm or temperamental?

Which Pokemon generation is your personal favorite?

How do you feel about evolving your Pokemon?

Are you really determined to catch 'em all?

Which of these legendary Pokemons would you like to catch?

Where would you like to go to catch some Pokemon?

How do you tend to act under pressure?

What kinds of Pokemon cards did you tend to choose?

Rate your skill level when it comes to the Pokemon card games.

How do you handle defeat?

On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you?

Which of these terrains would you like to explore first?

Is your inner soul more light or dark?

Would you describe your personality as more serious or silly?

What is your destiny in the Pokemon world?

Are your Pokemon strategies more defensive or offensive?

Would you consider yourself to be an optimistic person?

If you had an Eevee, what would you transform it into?

What does your Pokemon path look like?

Pick an animal to guide you on your path.

Which Pokemon type would be your biggest weakness?

Pick a gym badge that you want to obtain.

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