Can We Guess Your Favorite Premier League Team?

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The Premier League is the English soccer championship, and it is one of the most elite soccer leagues in the world, with the others being the Italian, Spanish and French leagues. The main reason for the Premier League's ascendancy is primarily that England is the original home of soccer, meaning it had first mover advantage in building a league that would attract the very best soccer talent. It also enjoys an advantage of a national history whereby its native tongue is widely spoken across the globe, resulting in many aspiring players preferring to move to England, where they will be able to communicate.

This means that the best football you can watch is found in the 20 teams of the Premiership. The World Cup may be more prestigious, but because each team can only tap the best talent in a given country, it still isn't as impressive as the Premier League, where the best players of every country can team up together. Only in the Champion's League - where the top teams from multiple European leagues compete - will you see better football.

However, not all Premier League teams are the same. They each have a distinctive culture, style of play and history. That means everyone who loves Premiership soccer has a particular favorite. Can we identify yours?

Is it grim "oop narth"?

Do you wear a coat when it's cold?

How important is money?

What should you do if you think another player took a dive?

You're down by 3 and there are eight minutes left. Do you phone it in, or not?

How do you feel about Manchester United?

Which sport is the dumbest sport?

Besides soccer/football, which sport is the best sport?

How often do you go to a game in person?

What's a good enough reason to cancel a game?

Who do you take to games?

If you're watching on TV, what snack are you eating?

Where do you watch games on TV?

How many of your team's bench could you name?

How cold would be too cold to sit through an outdoor game?

What do you like best about your team's fandom?

How do you feel about oligarchs who buy teams?

What's your opinion on baseball?

If you play footie yourself, what position do you play?

If you were taking a penalty, which side would you kick?

Do you follow any of the foreign leagues?

Which player of the last 40 years would you like to take for a drink?

What makes you angry about your team's fandom?

How far would you travel to see your team play?

Excluding Manchester United, which team would you like to see relegated, not because you can't stand them, but because they are a threat?

What's a good result for a year in the Premier League?

Which is better, the FA Cup or the league games?

How worried are you about relegation?

What do you say to people who don't like your team?

Who is the enemy?

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