Can We Guess Your Favorite Soda Based on the “Super Mario” Characters You Pick?

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Few video game characters have anywhere near the long and amazing history of our good friend Mario. The little Italian plumber started life in 1981 as a character who was either named "Mr. Video," "Jumpman" or "Mario," depending on what you were reading at the time. Remember, this was 1981, and no one really cared that much at the time. He jumped, so the English instructions called him Jumpman while sales material called him Mario. His creator dubbed him Mr. Video. 

Regardless of who he was then, there's no doubt who he is now. He's the head of the most popular video game franchise ever produced and has appeared in dozens upon dozens of games. Not only that, but he's evolved an entire entourage of friends and enemies since that time as well.

With such a rich and diverse world, you can actually start to learn a lot about someone based on nothing more than their Mario preferences. Who they pick in "Mario Kart" or "Super Smash Bros" reflects some personality traits, not to mention which "Mario Party" games a person dominates at and which ones they seem to lose all the time. We're willing to bet we can figure you out so well we'll peg your favorite soda. Give it a try; what have you got to lose?

Mario has had a tough life since 1981; everyone's out to get him! Who's the best villain of the Mario universe?

There's life after death in the Mario universe and not just thanks to green mushrooms. What undead enemy is the coolest?

Classic "Super Mario Kart" may not be the best of them but it was the first! Which character is driving for you?

The Goomba is an iconic Mario enemy and there are literally dozens of them. Which one is the one you want to squash most?

When you're playing "Mario Kart," what shell do you want to get?

It's good to be king. Which of the Mario kings is your favorite?

Like any good hero, Mario spends a lot of time looking for princesses. Which one are you going to rescue first?

Swimming is great exercise unless you live in the Mushroom Kingdom where everything wants you dead. Which of these undersea beasts are you hunting for?

The desert is inhospitable at the best of times, but it's worse in Mario's world. Which desert enemy do you choose?

If nothing else, Mario teaches us about brotherhood. Which iconic brothers are best?

If we're playing a game of "Super Smash Bros" who do you not want to play?

Never take your eyes off the skies in Mario's world. Which flying enemy are you on the lookout for?

Even the garden is unsafe for Mario. Which plant are you choosing?

Shy Guys are those little dudes in masks who turn up everywhere and there are a bunch of different ones. Which Shy Guy is the best Shy Guy?

There's a lot of irresponsible firearm use in the Mario universe. Who do you choose here?

Standing still can get Mario crushed. Which is your heavy enemy?

Mario is fine as just Mario, but which powered-up Mario do you want?

If you're not feeling up to the responsibility of being an adult, you can pick the tiny characters to play. Which li'l guy do you choose?

There's more than one Yoshi out in the world. Which one is the Yoshi for you?

The Koopalings may or may not be Bowser's kids. Either way, which one do you pick?

Mario doesn't just deal with princesses and kings; there are queens, too. Which one is most memorable to you?

Maybe it makes sense that there are so many red enemies in Mario's world since he wears red, too. Which of these is your favorite?

Someone has an advanced degree in robotics in the Mushroom Kingdom because robots keep showing up. Which one is the best?

"Mario Kart 8: Deluxe" had more characters than you could shake a piranha plant at. Which of these is your favorite?

In "Super Mario Bros 2" you got your first real taste of boss characters. Which one was the best?

"Super Mario Galaxy" literally expanded Mario's universe. Which boss was the best over there?

Which "Super Mario Odyssey" boss was the most fun for you?

Which character is still severely underrated in Mario games?

Which character is the most overrated in Mario games?

Next time they make a Mario Kart game, who needs to be included?

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