Can We Guess Your Favorite Texas University?

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With a new school year and a fresh college football season upon us, we think we can figure out your "Lone Star State" school just from asking you a few questions.

How do you feel about Bevo, the Longhorn steer mascot?

What are your thoughts on the Noble Men of Kyle?

Have you ever taken part in a Bear Walk?

How do you feel when the Masked Rider gallops out onto the field?

Do you know what Big Bertha is?

What is your reaction to the yell leaders, dressed all in white?

Have you ever participated in a Chalk Talk?

What do you think of the tradition of tossing tortillas on the field?

How do you feel about the color combination of burnt orange and white?

How do you feel about the song "Aggie War Hymn?"

Do you know what a slime cap is?

What do you think of the Will Rogers and Soapsuds statue?

Do you know the words to "The Eyes of Texas?"

Are you a part of the "Home of the 12th Man"?

How do you feel when you hear, "Hey, sic 'em Bears!"?

Are the Victory Bells a part of your school's traditions?

What does the hand signal of a raised index finger and pinky finger mean to you?

Have you ever attended a Midnight Yell?

What is sailgating?

Where are you going to kiss the Blarney Stone?

How do you feel about the "Showband of the Southwest?"

How do you feel about the color maroon?

What do you think of the Golden Wave Marching Band?

Are you a fan of the song "Fight, Raiders, Fight?"

How do you feel when you hear Smokey the Cannon firing off?

Is there a military tradition at your school?

How do you feel when you hear "Old Fight!"?

What does the hand sign of the index finger and thumb extended mean to you?

Which city would you rather spend time in?

Which school is your biggest rival?

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