Can We Guess Your Forever Favorite Dog Breed?

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Dog breeds have been around forever, but most of the breeds we know were the result of an explosion of dog breeding in the 1800s. Ancient breeds of dog included the molossus, a Roman breed of war dog, now extinct. Today, breeds beget new breeds. For example, the cockapoo may indeed be a brilliant new innovation, but to find the genesis of hybrid dog breeds, look no further than the golden retriever, which was bred from other breeds of gun dogs, thought to include at least some of the following breeds: Labradors, spaniels, Newfoundlands, setters and Russian trackers. Given their popularity, golden retrievers may be the most popular crossbreed.

Go back far enough and all dogs are crosses between other kinds of dogs. Some dogs acquired their distinctive shapes or looks only recently, due to deliberate human intervention or crossbreeding with a similar breed. Sometimes this was done on purpose, to emphasize a specific characteristic. At other times, it was done to broaden the gene pool of a breed that numbered too few individuals to stay healthy without fresh genetic material.

Of course, our love for our dogs goes beyond breeds. We love them because of our personal associations with them, or with something deeper, a proto-soul that touches us on an emotional level. This deeper connection we have with our canine companions is something almost spiritual, which, since the qualities of our personalities can be weighed and measured, can be drawn out and illustrated. Take this personality quiz and we will guess your favorite dog breed!

What colors would you like your dog to come in?

How important to you is it that people conform in some way to national stereotypes?

How important is your ability to lift your dog?

How likely are you to get into an argument with a stranger over something like a parking space?

How specialized are you in your profession?

How likely is it you would help out a stranger stranded on the side of the highway, without being waved over?

What kind of car do you drive?

How much time do you put into your appearance every day?

Do you want a dog that can beat up other dogs?

How easily do you make new friends?

Would you say you're misunderstood?

Which of these careers sounds like it would suit you the most?

What story does your look tell the world about you?

What is your go-to relaxing activity when you're at home on a weeknight?

How do you prefer to keep fit?

In what season are you the most comfortable?

Which of these spectator sports do you enjoy watching the most?

For which of these physical tasks would you be poorly suited?

How do you think you would fare on an IQ test?

How high powered is your job?

How many kids do you have, or do you plan on having?

Where would you like to live?

What did you have to sacrifice to achieve your greatest strength?

How would you describe your dream home?

For which of these dangerous jobs would you be suited?

Do you like to work from home?

How safe is your neighborhood?

How do you feel about spending the rest of your life in a Sisyphean battle with dog hair?

What is your budget for dog food?

Do you intend to rely on your dog in the apocalypse?

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