Can We Guess Your Forever Hair Color?

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Let's face it: Most of us have dyed our hair to change up our look a little. Whether it's blonde to red or brunette to black, there's a wide variety of hair colors and shades to choose from. And if you're really bold, you could go for drastic hair colors like pink, purple, green or silver. Forever hair also extends into the realm of wigs and extensions. They provide ladies and gentlemen with easy ways to achieve the color they crave. It can be tricky to take dark brown hair to platinum blonde using hair dye, for example. But wigs come in just about every shade of blonde, red, brunette or rainbow colors.

Hair colors also represent your personality, especially since they're a great way to express your inner self. For example, if your forever hair color is an ombre of blonde and red, then your personality may be a mix of sweet and spicy! Are you a blonde in your bones? Or do darker shades make your beauty shine? It's time to find that specific hair color that should be named your "forever" hair color. Whether you were born with it or not, we're about to tell you the answer with this quiz. 

Do you like to match your makeup to your hair color?

Which of these hair treatments would you like today?

Would you rather dye your hair yourself or get it done at a salon?

Would you ever go outside on a bad hair day?

What are your social skills like at parties and events?

How often do you wash your hair?

Which of these is your go-to hair product?

Your overall sense of style can be described as ...

How would you describe the current length of your hair?

Would you rather wear a wig or hair extensions?

Do you prefer natural or vibrant hair colors?

Which of these looks prettier to you: highlights or lowlights?

What type of attractive do you think you are?

On a scale of 1-10, how confident is your personality?

How often do you style your hair?

Are you more of a brush or a comb person?

Which of these fashionable cities gives you hair inspiration?

Which of these words would you use to describe your personality?

Tell us about your biggest hair problem that's been bugging you.

Do you like to create your own types of hairstyles?

What does the word "beauty" mean to you?

Which of the following represents your lazy day hairstyle?

In a perfect world, what would you like your hair to smell like?

How would you describe your current hair type?

Would you describe your personality traits as more feminine or masculine?

Which of these hair brands would you make a beeline for at a beauty store?

Have you ever used hair extensions before?

What's more important to you: beautiful hair or beautiful makeup?

Which of these celebrities give you hair inspiration?

How would you style your hair for a first date?

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