Can We Guess Your Gender Based on Your Pet Peeves?

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"Omg, he's so annoying!" "Who died and made her queen?" "All these people have issues!" These are often sentiments one hears when people get on each other's nerves. Of course, it can be entertaining if you're not the one being annoyed, but it can also be disturbing if you are. 

Let's face it, we all (even the most zen) have things that people do that gets our panties in a bunch, and for the most part, there's nothing we can do about it. So, we've decided to make a quiz about the things that annoy you the most. All you need to do is tell us how badly these ridiculous habits affect you and we'll guess your gender. 

Do you absolutely hate it when some women smack their lips while chewing gum? What about when guys pass gas without giving a warning or going outside or in a toilet? Or what about when both sexes talk ridiculously loud, even though they're two feet away from each other. You see, everyone can be annoying now and then, and it's our job to analyze your pet peeves to guess what gender you are! 

Think we've got what it takes to guess your gender based on your pet peeves correctly? If you want to find out, let's get started! 

Which of the following pet peeves annoy you the most?

Would you mind if your partner planned a long trip for the two of you without clearing it with you and your schedule first?

What's the worst thing about kids?

How do you respond when someone explains something you that you obviously already know?

Are you any good at small talk?

When it comes to others' rude behavior, which is more irritating?

When it comes to relationships, which is a bigger pet peeve?

Which would be more irritating on a first date?

Are you political?

If you lived with a roommate, what would get to you the most?

When it comes to partying/clubbing, what irks you more?

Does it bother you when you have to repeat yourself multiple times?

How old are you?

Which pushes your buttons more?

When it comes to the road, what incites your rage the most?

Does it irritate you if someone tells you they're going to text or call you, but then never follows through?

When it comes to social media, what peeves you off the most?

How do you feel when someone wastes your time?

Which is a greater offense?

Are you bothered by noisy breathers?

What makes you unreasonably or irrationally irritated?

What would baffle you more?

Do you usually let others known when they've peeved you off?

Which is more of an annoyance during exams or other times of intense concentration?

Which of the following habits would you really want a partner to break?

How does loud chewing make you feel?

You're out to lunch with a newer friend, what would irritate you more?

When it comes to your sense of smell, do you have any pet peeves?

Do you enjoy being around new people?

Which might cause you to freak out?

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