Can We Guess Your Go-To Junk Food?

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A crunchy, perfectly-salted french fry with a pillowy inside. A delicious bowl of ice cream with chocolate chunks. That perfectly crisp potato chip fresh out of the package.

These aren't the healthiest foods in the world, but they are so good. It seems almost impossible to resist these treats ... and once you start eating them, it's tough to stop. How are these foods so utterly addictive?

Simple: The snack food industry is a big business, worth over $100 billion annually around the globe. When there's that much money to be made, food companies will spend comparable amounts to earn a place in your pantry – and stomach. 

The human brain is wired to crave carbohydrates, leftover programming from a time when we had to hunt our own meals to eat. Our love for things crunchy, sweet and salty is simply a function of evolution trying to help us survive. Food engineers are paid handsomely to find the perfect blend of attributes that lights up this brain wiring and makes us eat until the bag is done.

Researchers study everything, from the sound a crunch makes to how much bite force is required to eat. Each variable is tested and re-tested in a food lab to make sure that the product has maximum appeal. Scholars and researchers have been documenting these findings in academic papers for decades, compiling data to maximize the addictive nature of foods.

So while you probably don't want to consume it regularly in your diet, having a bit of junk food here and there won't kill you – in fact, it just means you are human.

Junk foods appeal to many different sensations. What's your favorite flavor?

Many of us love enjoying junk food while we do something else. What's your favorite thing to do while eating junk food?

Some of us are victims of our environments when it comes to junk food. How do you get most of your guilty food pleasures?

There are many places we can eat. What's your favorite environment to consume junk food?

Would you describe yourself as a social eater?

Other than junk food, what's your favorite kind of cuisine?

We all need something to wash down our junk food with – what's your ideal beverage?

It might not be considered traditional junk food, but what is your take on eating fast food?

A meal with a view is always great. What's your favorite thing to see while eating?

The negatives of eating junk food can be outweighed by an active lifestyle. How often do you exercise?

How do you usually meet new people?

You can't survive on junk food alone. Which of these main courses would you eat?

Would you rather prepare your own meals, or have someone cook for you?

What's your romantic status?

Vehicles reflect who we are. What kind of car do you drive?

We all have important company over from time to time. What food would you serve to a distinguished dinner guest?

Sometimes we cook and sometimes it's easier to just order out. How often do you eat out?

Which of these is your favorite genre of music?

Junk food often plays a central role in movies. What's your favorite food movie?

Foods often get associated with professions. Which of these would be your ideal career?

Not everyone is used to diversity. How well do you get along with people from other cultures?

Junk food is often better with a companion. Who's your favorite person to eat junk food with?

Binging on junk food can sometimes bring mental consequences along with the physical ones. How do you feel after eating junk?

There are junk foods in all kinds of cuisine. How often do you try new foods?

We sometimes wear our hearts and stomachs on our sleeve. What's your go-to outfit?

What's the best time of day to eat junk food?

Foods can be compared to other activities. If you were a dance move, which one would you be?

Ice cream is a classic junk food. What's your favorite type of ice cream?

Superheroes and junk food are both cultural icons. Who's your favorite superhero?

Celebrities have their own junk food cravings like anyone else. Which celebrity are you most similar to?

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