Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Intelligence is one thing, but can education be seen? Is it possible to know, within 30 questions, if someone has a doctorate, or is still in middle school? Let's find out.

Does your profession require an advanced degree?

Does your profession require a special license?

Is your profession respected?

Is your profession likely to be replaced by a machine at the first convenience?

Did you chose your job or did you fall into it?

Do you plan on moving into management?

Have you ever read a book like "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?"

Let's say you work with computers. What are the limits of your technical skills?

Do you do shift work?

What do you wear to work?

Does your job require specialist equipment?

Do you ever spend time with your peers talking shop?

Are there books about what you do, written from a theoretical perspective?

Are there books about what you do that romanticize it?

Would Hemingway write about your job?

Are there science fiction movies about your job?

How much debt are you in from your education?

Where are the best paying jobs in your field?

Would your qualifications function overseas?

Did you dream about your job as a kid?

Do many kids fantasize about your job?

Could you help a middle-schooler with their homework?

Can someone without a high school education do your job?

What sort of car does someone with your education typically drive to work?

How respected is your job within your industry?

Assuming you didn't have a computer to use to take this quiz, where would you find one to use?

How much do you make in a year?

Is there much scope for promotion in your field?

Did your job exist a hundred years ago?

Did your job exist two hundred years ago?

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