Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your ’90s Playlist?

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About This Quiz

The '90s decade is known for so many things, ranging from fashion, television and technological advances to political scandals, sports and so much more. And don't you think we forgot about music! We purposely left out music's influence in that list because it's a no brainer and something so big that it deserves its own sentence. So many of the popular and chart-topping songs that were played almost 30 plus years ago are still listened to and enjoyed today.

Were you listening to Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" or belting your heart out to sing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"? What about those classics like "No Diggity" by  Blackstreet, "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, "No Scrubs" by TLC or "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer? Whenever these songs are played today, it instantly brings people back to that decade, and they can't help but to break out and dance. The beats are just so catchy! In this quiz, you'll get to take a walk down memory lane and pick from '90s songs for each question. It's your chance to feel nostalgic and our chance to guess what you do for a living based on the '90s songs that you pick!

During your commute to work, what song are you listening to on the way there?

Which song would you ask the DJ to play at a party?

You and your boo just broke up. What song are you playing to help get over a breakup?

It's Saturday morning and you need to clean your house. Which song are you blasting throughout the house to clean to?

It's a beautiful day and you're riding around with the windows down. What song is playing in the background?

What song are you listening to when you want to hear chill music?

It's date night. What song are you and your boo listening to on the way home from dinner?

If someone challenged you to sing all the words to a song, which one would it be?

The '90s were all about love. Which song is the greatest love song of the 90s?

It's Christmas Eve and you're baking cookies with your family. Which song would you have playing in the background?

You're in the mall shopping at your favorite store. What song is playing in the background?

It's late and you're getting ready for bed. Which song would you play?

Which song would you listen to while working out at the gym?

You just got some really good news. What song are you blasting to celebrate?

If you had to choose a song that you've played the most, which would it be?

When you're at work with your co-workers, what music would you play around them?

What song do you instantly start dancing to when you hear it?

When you're in need of some encouragement, which song would you play to lift you up?

It's Mother's Day and you want to play a song to honor your mother. Which song are you going to play?

You're in the mood to hear a great R&B song. Which song would you pick?

Which of these songs is your favorite pop song?

It's karaoke night and you're out with friends. What song would you choose to sing?

Which of these sad songs would play when you just need to cry it out?

Which of these movies had the best soundtrack?

The '90s had some iconic television shows. Which one of these shows has the best theme song?

A lot of music from the '90s influenced the music that's made today. So, if you had to pick the best rap song from that era, what would it be?

If you had to pick your favorite country song from the list, which one would it be?

Which of these do you think is the best rock song?

Which song do you wish you could've seen performed live by the artist?

What's your favorite song to hear out at the club?

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