Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your Dessert Preferences?

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About This Quiz

The culinary world is filled with all kinds of unique flavors and textures that can be categorized as sweet or savory. For the purpose of this sugary quiz, we're going to explore some of the sweet flavors that you may (or may not be) familiar with!
But here's a question for you to ponder: Is there a correlation between dessert preferences and career paths? We'd like to think so, and we'll give you an example to prove it. Let's say that you work as a nurse for a living. This type of job role requires long hours, so you may crave foods and desserts that will give you an energy boost throughout the day. But you may also be more aware of your health since you work in the medical field, which means that you may want desserts that aren't too heavy in sugar. Thus, your dessert preferences may include lemon yogurt pound cake, banana bread, mini ice cream sandwiches, and citrus-flavored icebox bars. But this is just one example, as there are many different jobs and desserts in this world! So whether you love dark chocolate, extravagant desserts or just a simple snickerdoodle cookie, we're going to guess what type of job you have right now!

How about baking one of these yummy cookies as a treat for yourself?

What type of pie would you like to eat for Thanksgiving?

Which of these frozen desserts would you like to eat on a hot summer day?

If a trip to Italy sounds like fun, then it's time to choose one of these tasty treats! What do you fancy?

What's the best part about eating a delicious banana pudding?

Which of these difficult desserts would you make for your loved ones?

We're treating you to one of these Cheesecake Factory desserts, so choose carefully!

A funnel cake should only be topped with which of these ingredients?

A day at the amusement park calls for which of these fried desserts?

You're at a candy store when you notice which of these delectable fudge flavors?

How do you personally feel about matcha-flavored desserts?

Which of these Starbucks drinks is basically a dessert in a cup?

One of these foreign desserts sounds mouthwatering to you, but which one is it?

What type of Southern dessert would you want to eat for the rest of your life?

Which of these doughnut flavors sounds absolutely heavenly to you?

Chocolate goes great with just about everything, but what do you prefer it on?

A trip to the movies calls for which of these yummy candies?

Let's test your bravery with one of these ultra spicy desserts! What do you choose?

Desserts are normally sweet, but which of these savory desserts catches your eye the most?

How about choosing one of these molecular gastronomy desserts for something a little different?

What is an ingredient that doesn't belong in chocolate brownies?

There are many great things about birthday cakes, but what's the best part for you?

Which of these Jell-O flavors stands out to you the most?

Which of these exotic fruits would you choose for a yummy fruit pizza?

Which one of these Hostess snacks do you want to make lunchtime a little sweeter?

On a scale of 1-10, how enthusiastic do you feel about desserts with alcohol in them?

How many Rice Krispies treat bars can you eat in one sitting?

Which of these edible flowers would go great with an ice cream sundae?

It's time to treat yourself to one of these delicious Pop-Tart flavors! Which do you prefer?

Would you rather eat a pound of Meyer lemon cake or a pound of pistachio pudding?

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