Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your Game of Thrones Preferences?

Ian Fortey

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No doubt if someone were to say to you "Valar morghulis" you'd know to shoot back a quick "Valar dohaeris." The first means "all men must die" while the second means "all men must serve" in High Valyrian. Well, we don't want anyone dying right here, right now, but when it comes to serving that's another matter altogether. Because honestly, all men and women have to do some work at some point in time. Maybe not as a servant of the Many-Faced God in the free city of Braavos but definitely somewhere. Like Arby's or the Piggly Wiggly.

With all the potential jobs a person could have out in the world, it'd be pretty much impossible for us just to know what you do right off the bat, right? Of course! But if we learn a little bit about you we could narrow it down. But what if all we learn a bit of is your "Game of Thrones" preferences? Could your feelings about the Seven Kingdoms possibly tell us what you do for a living? Well, there's one way to find out! Grab something warm because winter is coming, and so is this quiz!

Let's start at the start. Who was your favorite Stark way back in season one?

By the time the show ended, who was your favorite Stark?

Who was the most underrated character on the show?

Did you like the way the show ended or not?

If you lived in the "Thrones" world, where would you want to live?

The Starks seemed like good people. If you couldn't be a part of their House, whose House would you join?

Arya Stark had a pretty incredible journey and met some interesting folks along the way. Who would you have been friends with?

There are a lot of bad people on "Game of Thrones." Who was the worst?

Some folks just got a raw deal on "Thrones" and didn't live very long. Who do you think died unfairly?

Not everyone on "Thrones" was necessarily human. Who was the coolest non-human character?

It's hard to get through life in Westeros without being a little violent. Who do you want watching your back in a fight?

Information is as powerful as a sword in Westeros. Who would you like to chat with over a glass of wine?

There are good people in Westeros, but not a whole lot of them. Who do you think got to the end of the series as the most decent human being?

Let's say there was never a terrible war and monsters and the like, and life in Westeros is normal as you please. What woman do you want to hang out with?

Dracarys! What do you say?

Who did you think was going to kill the Night King?

It's no secret they used some sex appeal to sell "Game of Thrones." Who do you think was the most beautiful woman?

You can't ignore the menfolk. Who was the most handsome dude in Westeros?

Some folks who died on "Thrones" kind of deserved it. Who were you glad to see go?

Daenerys had a lot of powerful allies just before it all ended. Who would you want on your side?

Why aren't there any female White Walkers?

No one gets much done without some trusted advisers. Who would you trust to help you run things?

Who had a story arc that hit you in the feels the hardest over the course of the show?

The show is over, but Westeros will live on. Who would you watch in a spinoff?

They say all's fair in love and war. What weapon of war was the coolest one anyone busted out during the show?

Who had the best animal for a House sigil?

All things being equal, who was the best character of the entire series?

Who deserved to sit on the Iron Throne?

Who was the most destructive influence on the entire world of "Thrones?"

The Three-Eyed Raven was important. Yes or no?

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