Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your Star Wars Preferences?

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Rebel scum and Imperials unite! No matter what faction you have declared your allegiance to, we want to know more about some of your "Star Wars" preferences. Tell us who you would team up with and how you would behave in the "Star Wars" universe, and we'll deduce what your current profession is!

"Star Wars" is a wildly popular franchise that combines action, drama, comedy, romance and suspense into several movies, animated TV shows, books, comic books and more. The story was created by George Lucas, who released his first "Star Wars" movie, "Episode IV: A New Hope" on May 25, 1977. Two more sequels followed, which were "Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" and "Episode VI: Return of the Jedi."

On May 19, 1999, the first "Star Wars" prequel was released, which was "Episode I: The Phantom Menace." This led to two more sequels, which has been known to create quite a rift with some "Star Wars" fans. So whether you love all of the "Star Wars" movies or none of them at all, tell us more about some of your "Star Wars" preferences, so we can determine what kind of job you currently have. Close your eyes and let the Force guide you with this fun "Star Wars" quiz!

If you could live on just one of these "Star Wars" planets, which one would you choose?

As someone who now lives in the "Star Wars" universe, which of these foods will you be dining on?

Which of these "Star Wars" characters would you choose as your combat trainer?

If you had an epic lightsaber to wield as a weapon, what color would it be?

Does your allegiance lie within the Empire or the Rebellion?

You just encountered Darth Vader! Do you think you can take him on in a fight?

You have the chance to join the Rogue Squadron in the "Star Wars" universe. Which of these pilots are you going to team up with?

Which of these "Star Wars" spacecraft would you love to pilot in space?

Let's say that you just happened to stumble upon the Death Star. Would you destroy it or hide in it?

Aside from a lightsaber, what other kind of "Star Wars" weapon would you want to wield?

You have the option of battling one of these "Star Wars" villains in a one-on-one lightsaber duel. Who is your opponent?

Which one of these "Star Wars" alien species would you choose to become allies with for both trading and combat?

Pretend that you have the opportunity to work with one of these bounty hunters on a mission. Who will you choose as your ally?

A long day of lightsaber training calls for which of these delectable "Star Wars" beverages?

Which of these occupations in the "Star Wars" universe would you accept to make ends meet?

If you could become one of these types of troopers in the "Star Wars" universe, which one would you pick?

Which one of these "Star Wars" beasts would you pick to tame as your new friendly companion?

There are many types of crystals used as the foundation for lightsabers. Which of these crystals would you like to own as a keepsake?

The "Star Wars" universe contains many memorable quotes, but which of these resonates with you the most?

Which of these "Star Wars" droids would make those starship battles a little more manageable for you?

You just found some chak-root on the sidewalk. What are you going to do with it?

If you were living in the "Star Wars" universe, which of these games would you want to play for fun?

You're on a "Star Wars" ship when suddenly, you notice a strange malfunction. Which of these tools would you use to repair such damages?

Let's say that you could wield the Force. How would you train your mind to control such power?

If you wanted to become a scavenger in the "Star Wars" universe, who would you seek as a mentor?

If you could retire in one of these "Star Wars" cities, which one would you choose?

There are many types of clans within the Jedi, but which clan would you want to be a part of?

Which of the following are you willing to give up for a pristine CR90 corvette?

If you were really angry with someone, which of these "Star Wars" phrases would you use to insult them?

If you found out that Darth Vader was your father, what would your reaction be?

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