Can We Guess Your MBTI?

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When it comes to personality tests, one stands out above all the rest. The MBTI, also known as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is a psychological test based on the theories of the famous psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, and is based on 16 different personality types, which he thought of as stereotypes.

It is still used widely to this day, and millions of people have taken it to find out more about themselves. It might sound kind of heady and intimidating, but it actually is really fun to do. 

Are you someone who is into people and things, or are you more into ideas and information? Do you like dealing with facts and reality, or are you more into possibilities and potential? Are you logical and someone who always seeks the truth, or are you into values and relationships? 

Are you the kind of person that likes a well-structured lifestyle, or one that goes with the flow? If you ever do take the MBTI, you will probably find out a lot of things about yourself that you would never have guessed, but you know who wants to take a big long test when you can just take a quick quiz and find out right now? 

How do you feel when you interact with someone you've never met before?

When taking on a challenge, how do you feel?

What do facts mean to you?

You screwed up and are going to upset your significant other. How do you tell them?

How can someone get in your good graces?

How do you like to complete projects at work or home?

How do you make important decisions?

What type of books intrigues you the most?

Who are you at a party?

How do you decide if you like someone when you first meet them?

What kind of first impression do you think you give to others?

What is the best part of an adventure?

You have a date, when do you show up?

Why do you enjoy social media?

Someone asks you to do a new task. How do you do it?

Which do you value the most?

How open are you to change?

How do you see your overall personality?

Which kind of a communicator are you?

Someone disappoints you. How do you react?

Which word describes your parenting style?

How would you describe your personal space?

How do you act in an elevator with others?

What do you think of kids?

When your team makes a decision, what is your role?

What occupies your mind?

How would you consider the majority of your friends?

How do you tell a story?

Which is a trait you embrace?

How do you drive?

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