Can We Guess Your Spirit Animal Based on Your Political Views?

Zoe Samuel

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Shamanic traditions go back to the dawn of religion. The earliest experiences of human beings was that of hunter gatherers, roaming the plains and forests of the Earth, searching for food and shelter. Our ancestors looked around them and ascribed human-like qualities, usually involving intention, to all the natural forces around them. One such natural force was the animal kingdom.

Thus, different animals came to represent different characteristics. The spider represented order. The wolf represented endurance and hunger. The bear represented raw power. The eagle represented divine authority, truth, and empire. In time, the meanings of animals changed as the human relationships with them changed. Carrion birds began to gather around our roads, and so their symbolism mixed with that of the roads we built. Rats went from hardy survivors in the wilderness to pests who spread disease.

What we have for you is a challenge. Answer a series of questions about your politics we prepared for you. Please answer them honestly. When all is said and done, we will use this to tell you which totemic animal belongs to you, and you can join your next shamanic bake-off in full costume. Are you ready to connect your modern politics to ancient tradition? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you for or against the use of so-called "soft power"?

Should there be bans on automatic weapons?

Should the executives of corporations that hurt people be held to personally account for their businesses?

Should the USA be the global hegemon?

How much should the rich be taxed?

Should there be bans on assault weapons?

Should abortion be legal?

How should people be taxed on their income?

How should the USA adjust its take on public housing?

Is a potential baby the same as a baby?

How should people be taxed on their investments?

What should the government do about the state of its welfare programs?

How much should corporations be taxed?

How often do you worry about crime?

What should the government be doing with regard to the education system?

What do you think about immigrants in general?

Are we spending enough money on the military?

What single law do you think would do the most to fix our healthcare system?

What should be done to change our immigration system?

Should the national parks be opened up for oil exploration?

Should the executives of corporations that hurt people be held to personally account for their businesses even if they had nothing to do with the thing that caused the harm?

What should the 99% do about the 1%?

What do you think of standardized testing methods?

What should be done about affirmative action?

What should US relations to Russia be like?

Is Brexit a good thing for the UK?

If you destroy someone's house, what should happen?

Is Bernie Sanders a Democrat?

Should cannabis be legalized on the federal level?

Whose fault was the 2018-2019 government shutdown?

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