Can We Guess Your Workplace Personality?

Zoe Samuel

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The office isn't quite like the playground - for a start, if you go around hitting your coworkers, you will be a darn sight more than expelled! However, it has a lot of factors in common; it's a group of people who didn't really choose each other, but are stuck with one another all the same. As a result, clashing personalities, fluctuating dynamics, and drama are inevitable. The role that a person falls into within these events says a great deal about who they are... at work at least!

Of course, these days, we spend more and more of our lives at the office, which means more and more that who we are in that space is who we truly are. That's why it's important to identify whether the self we present to the world in that environment is who we truly want to be; whether it's someone we're proud of, someone we like, and someone we want going home and kissing our (future or current) kids good night. If the answer is no, then we either need to change our office ways or make sure that we truly switch off and disconnect when we leave.

Who is your office self? Let's find out!

Do you always know what is going on?

Are you in management training?

Do you mentor anyone else?

Do you like to keep the peace?

Do you always volunteer for assignments?

What do you do if someone interrupts you?

Can you remember details of colleagues' personal lives?

Have you ever accidentally CCed everyone on an email?

Do you remember birthdays?

Do you help with the Christmas party?

Do you make sure to know everyone on the team?

Do you know how the company works outside of your team?

Do you have your eye on the corner office?

Would you ever stab someone in the back to get promoted?

How do you ensure nobody gets credit for your work but you?

Do you ever stay late or come in early?

What is a good enough reason to work on the weekend?

How popular do you think you are?

If there were layoffs, how vulnerable do you think you are?

Have you ever gotten a raise?

What do you often hear at your performance review?

What sort of role do you work in?

Do you have children?

Do you feel loyal to the company?

Have you ever put in a word to get someone hired or promoted?

How much do you like work?

If nothing about your job changed, how long would you stay in it?

Are you working in the field you planned to work in when you started out?

What do you wear to work on a normal day?

What do you wear on casual Friday?

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