Quiz: Can We Guess Your Worst Beauty Habit?
Can We Guess Your Worst Beauty Habit?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Stephanie Rausser/DigitalVision/GettyImages

About This Quiz

What's your sun sign? Would you rather date a werewolf or a vampire? What's your least favorite chore?  Are you a morning person or a night owl?

These might seem like random questions, but by answering them you'll help us to deduce what your worst beauty habit is. Believe it or not, certain personality types have certain bad beauty habits in common. Some are obvious (party people hate taking off their make-up at night) and some are more subtle (people with fantastic skincare routines often neglect their hair). 

If you want to find out which of your personality traits correspond to your bad beauty habits, take this quiz! We'll ask you about everything from your favorite Instagram accounts to your favorite version of Nicole Kidman. Along the way, we'll also pose questions about '90s icons, your morning routine, how often you go out and how much you spend on shampoo and conditioner. 

Do you dare to find out the personality traits behind your most impractical beauty mistakes? We challenge you to take this extremely silly quiz!

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What's your favorite season?

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George Hamilton: icon or eyesore?

3 of 30
What's your zodiac sun sign?

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Would you rather date a werewolf or a vampire?

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Runny mascara: awful or amazing?

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Which of these beauty woes do you suffer most from?

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Courtney Love in the '90s: icon or eyesore?

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Pick a favorite drink.

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Pick a vacation destination.

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George Michael in the "Faith" video: icon or eyesore?

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Pick one of these Angelina Jolie movies.

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How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

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Which of these X-Men do you most relate to?

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What's your best quality?

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