Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on the Foods You Hate?

Ian Fortey

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A lot of effort goes into finding out what someone's favorite food is because, let's be honest, it's kind of nice to focus on positive feelings and delicious food now and then. One of the most basic questions you can ask someone is, "What's your favorite food?" But as much as you can learn about someone from their favorite foods, you could learn as much and more from the foods they don't actually like. Realistically you could even learn more. There are so many foods in the world that you can eat, odds are there are fewer you don't like than the ones you do. And that means there's a lot more meaning behind those dislikes than the likes, right?

We're pretty confident that we can learn all kinds of things about you based solely on the food you don't want to be eating. Not just your opinion on anchovies either but really important stuff like your shoe size! OK, maybe not that one but what f we told you we could accurately guess your zodiac sign based on the food you don't want to eat? It'd be amazing, right!  It would! So grab a fork and knife and have a seat at the table, it's time to have a meal no one likes!

If we're having seafood for dinner, what do you want the least?

What should no one ever put on a pizza in a million years?

No one can stomach a plain burger with no condiments. That said, not every condiment belongs on every burger. What's the worst one?

A good chef knows how to use spices. What spice do you wish to never taste ever again?

You're supposed to eat your vegetables but some of them are insufferable. What veggie do you hate?

Some fast food restaurants just don't seem to know what they're doing. What fast food place do you despise?

What will make you cringe when you taste it on a sandwich?

Candy is supposed to be delightful and yet some of it is nightmarish. What's the worst candy ever?

If meat is on the menu, what kind is making you turn vegetarian?

It's hard to mess up a potato but it happens. Is there a potato you hate?

Technically all pasta is the same, it's just different shapes. But come on. Which pasta do you hate?

Most restaurants offer you a garnish of some kind. Is there one you wish they'd keep to themselves?

What would make you throw a hot dog right in the trash?

What's a food that everyone else seems to love that you'd be just as happy to never eat again?

The soda industry is worth billions but that doesn't mean everyone loves it. What soda do you like the least?

There's a lot of amazing international cuisine in the world, but it isn't for everyone. What kind of food can you just not get into?

It's hard to mess up chicken but not impossible. Is there a chicken dish you hate?

At first glance, pie seems perfect in every way, but we all know it can get a little gnarly sometimes. What's the worst pie?

What terrible choice would make you skip breakfast entirely?

If your friends want to do some shots, is there one drink that'll make you stand down?

Salad is a great food for a diet or just to get fresh veggies. That said, not all dressings are equal. What salad dressing is trash in a bottle?

There are literally thousands of kinds of cheese in the world and no one likes all of them. What cheese is the worst cheese?

What are you going to avoid like the plague at your next Thanksgiving feast?

Ice cream should never be bad and yet here we are with a freezer full of gross flavors. What's the worst one?

Rice is one of the most widely eaten foods on Earth, which means it has that many more chances to be bad. What rice is not nice?

You know how some food is supposed to be fancy and high-brow? What's the nastiest fancy food out there?

Healthy foods aren't always known for being tasty but some are much worse than others. What's your least favorite?

Some food actually looks amazing and then you taste it and it's like you're being punished. What's your least favorite thing that looks great?

Not everything that comes from a can is the worst thing ever, but a lot of it is. What do you like the least?

Fair food is usually over-the-top deliciousness but sometimes they miss the mark. What fair food is unfair to your taste buds?

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