Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Favorite '80s Movie Characters?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

The 1980s was a seminal decade in the advancement of the film medium. Just as the world was experiencing tremendous social, political, and economic upheaval, so too was the cultural landscape of the cinema. Movies always have to cater to young people if for no reason other than to take another generation on the art form, but the 1980s saw a plethora of classic teen movies, some of which are as prescient today as they were then, and some of which haven't aged all that well. Many of the teen heartthrobs of the 1980s went on to become the venerable adult actors of today, including Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Downey Jr.

Directors of the 1980s went on to become powerful voices in the decades that followed, inspiring generations of independent filmmakers to take a swing at telling the stories of their private experiences. Films from the 1980s included cultural icons that everyone recognizes today, even if they don't recall where from, like the car from Ferris Bueller's "Day Off," or the boombox from "Say Anything."

Together, let us reach back into your mental archive of the era and select your pantheon of the finest 1980s movies characters, and from that personality profile, we will find the sun sign of your birth!

Who was your favorite time traveling villain?

Which "cute" movie monster was your fave?

Which wacky mentor was your favorite?

Who was your favorite supernatural investigator?

Which Harrison Ford hero was the most heroic?

Which swordsman is most likely to haunt your dreams?

Which dad figure is your favorite?

Which hero do you wish you had with you in a tight spot?

With which character would you most like to kick it?

Which war hero is your hero?

Which buddy character would be your sidekick?

For which gangster do you hanker?

Which cop is the coolest?

Which weird hero is weird enough for you?

Which animated hero gets you animated?

Which Tom Hanks character do you like best?

Which teen hero is an above the mean hero?

Which Eddie Murphy character was the best Eddie Murphy character?

Which mean girl was the most "boss"?

Which funny hero played by an underrated actor do you rate higher than the rest?

Which Bill Murray character tickles you the most?

Which Cinderella story hero stands out to you?

Which martial artist has the most punch?

Which dangerous woman is your femme fatale attraction?

Which Mad Max villain (from the 1980s!) was the most-apocalyptic?

Which Rocky villain deserved a sequel?

Which straight up monster did you love the most?

Which horror movie hero was your savior?

Which ghost did you like the most?

Which Arny character is the best of the breed?

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