Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign From Your Favorite Things?

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens! Okay, those might not be your very favorite things, but we want to know the things you do consider yourself to be unable to live without! Once we do what the things you hold near and dear to your heart are, we're certain that we'll be able to guess your zodiac sign. 

Throughout this quiz, we'll ask about all the things that give you the feels. From fluffy bunnies to your most watched movies, your favorites are very telling about your birth's position in the stars. While those born under water signs might love the beach, those born under earth signs might like camping more.

No matter what your preferences are, we are sure that we can pair them with the zodiac sign you look up every morning. At this time, we won't be able to give you a horoscope reading, but we know you will enjoy telling us about the things you love. 

Before you begin, center yourself. When you choose a response, choose it with your whole heart. Remaining calm in your mind will help us to pick up your astrological vibes better. We're ready to play. Are you?

Do you like getting birthday cards?

Does it mean a lot to you when someone takes their time and picks out your present?

Are you really into good wine?

Would you get a personalized license plate?

How important is money to you?

How much are you into new fashion?

Are you into flowers?

Do you like to try new food?

How into books are you?

Do you like flashy jewelry?

Would you like to get a gift card to a hotel?

How into your phone are you?

Do you like to try new gadgets?

How into fast food are you?

Do you like to surf the Internet?

Do you like detective novels?

How into your mom are you?

Do you like to hang on to family keepsakes?

Do you enjoy going on shopping trips?

How much are you into hugs?

Would you be mad if your birthday card came late?

Do you like genealogy websites?

Do you go to the gym?

How much sporting or outdoor gear do you own?

Do you buy a lot of things purely for pleasure as opposed to need?

Do you care how well your present is wrapped?

Do you buy expensive designer clothing?

Do you have pets?

How expensive is your furniture

Are you into exotic cocktails?

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