Can We Guess if You're Generation X in 30 Questions?

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we'll examine your relationship to the fashion, music, fads, and trends in '80s culture to see if you're totally a Gen Xer or "Not!" Based on your answers, you could fall into the categories of "Totally Gen X," "Almost Gen X," "Gen X Friendly" or "Not Gen X."

If you were totally into "The Smurfs" in its original animated TV show form and you've worn a friendship bracelet at some point or another, it's looking promising that you might be a Gen Xer. When you also point out that you used to wear a denim jacket and there was a time when you thought the mullet was a cool haircut, there's little room left for doubt about your outcome.

On the other hand, if you have no idea what tetherball is and you've never even heard of "Strawberry Shortcake," then it seems crystal clear that you're about as far away from being from Generation X as you can get. If you've also never played "Trivial Pursuit" or wore a pair of Vans tennis shoes, we're likely to be encouraging you to check out some '80s culture. It was a fun and interesting time to grow up in.

Put on your penny loafers and let's motor on down the road to get your result.

How much flannel have you owned in your life?

How solid is your moonwalk?

Which of these TV shows is most appealing to you?

Have you ever seen a music video on MTV?

Have you ever had a crush on Molly Ringwald or John Cusack?

Have you ever rolled up the bottom of your pant legs?

Which video game do you have the most fond memories of?

Have you ever worn a pair of lace gloves?

How do you feel about Pearl Jam?

How many of Dr. Dre's songs do you know all the lyrics to?

Which video game system brings back the best memories?

How much did Kurt Cobain's death affect you?

Have you ever owned a boom box?

Which of the following slang phrases are you most likely to use?

In general, how do you feel about Millennials?

How good were you at Trivial Pursuit?

How much time have you spent in video arcades in your life?

How do you feel about U2?

Have you ever owned a pair of Converse All-Stars?

Did you pop your collar on a regular basis at any point in your life?

Of the following, which animated show has the biggest appeal for you?

How much acid-washed denim have you had in your wardrobe in your life?

Have you ever owned a pair of Doc Martens?

Were you ever really into Cabbage Patch Kids or Garbage Pail Kids?

Have you ever tried break dancing?

How good are you at hacky-sack?

Which site hosted your first email address?

Before we knew that it was damaging the Ozone, how much hairspray did you use?

Where's the beef?

Have you ever made a mixtape for someone else?

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