Can We Guess if You're Menthol or Regular?

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About This Quiz

There are two kinds of people in the world, and they tend not to understand each other very well. Of course, we're talking about smokers and nonsmokers. But even if you are a smoker, there can be a great big cultural divide in that camp, and of course, we're talking about people that smoke regular cigarettes, and the ones that smoke Menthols. 

If you are a regular smoker and you go up to someone and try and bum a Menthol, you are going to be so disappointed when you find out it isn't regular. The taste of the two types of smokes couldn't be any different, and the kind of people that smoke them tend to be different too. 

You people that smoke regulars tend to be either tough Marlboro men, people who like living a bit on the edge, or just people that just enjoy having a smoke and a chat with some buddies. People that smoke Menthols are a different breed altogether, and they don't fit the normal smoking mold.

So if you smoke, you better quit, and if you don't smoke, don't start. You don't have to be a smoker to take this quiz and find out if you are Menthol or regular.

How often do people bum smokes off you?

How macho do you feel when you smoke?

Do you ever smoke cigarettes without the filter?

What type of music do you like?

Do you think James Dean is cool?

Are you into muscle cars?

Would you ever smoke a clove?

Did you get in a lot of trouble at school?

Have you ever been a chain smoker?

Would you go outside to smoke in freezing cold weather?

Can you roll your own?

How into mint are you?

Do you cough a lot when you smoke?

Do you cough in the morning?

Does it bother you when people tell you how bad smoking is for you?

Do you enjoy not fitting in with the crowd?

Do you think Dave Chappele is funny?

Would you quit if your significant other begged you to?

Do you think it's lame you can't smoke in bars?

Is peer pressure a big thing with you?

Do you often buy things all your friends buy?

Do you get a kick out of breaking rules?

Do you find it easier to meet people as a smoker?

How compulsive are you?

Have you ever been doing something physical and smoking at the same time?

Do you think if someone smokes they should be able to take more breaks at work?

How soon do you have your first morning smoke?

How often do you bum smokes?

Do you smoke more when you go out to a club?

How often do you steal lighters by accident?

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