Quiz: Can You Ace This 1950s Car Quiz in 6 Minutes?
Can You Ace This 1950s Car Quiz in 6 Minutes?
By: John Miller
Image: PCH

About This Quiz

It’s hard to imagine these days, but at the beginning of 1942, the United States ended all consumer automobile production. The factories that had just weeks earlier been cranking out sedans and convertibles were quickly converted to wartime makers of bombs and guns. Once the Allies won World War II, car companies immediately retooled again, reinventing their vehicles to satisfy Americans’ new tastes and booming wealth. This quiz is where the rubber meets the road – do you really know anything about the cars of the 1950s?

It’s been the better part of a century since the Fifties, and back then, cars were very different creatures. They were mostly big, heavy, gas-guzzling contraptions loaded with chrome and wild fixtures like broad tails, big lights and aggressive lines that still seem futuristic in many ways. Do you remember the flashiest and most expensive cars of this decade?

Hot rodders modified many ‘50s cars to make them faster and louder than anything Detroit mass produced. Do recall some of the era’s most powerful beasts?

Ford and Chevy competed to become America’s top manufacturer. Cadillac fussed over high-end details. The New Yorker and Super were fantastic cars. And forgotten companies like Edsel and Studebaker were still on the road, fates uncertain.

Try not to crash and burn as you beer towards the on-ramp of this ‘50s car quiz now!

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