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The animal kingdom is vast and varied. Of course, we humans belong there, too. But for now, let's focus on the other kinds of creatures roaming the earth.

Ever wonder what are the most common animal species found in major zoos of the world? Zoo expert Jack Hanna would know! We have included these bits of information in our quiz. All you have to do is take a look at the picture of a sample animal, then guess your heart out. Easy enough, right?

Many countries also have some endemic creatures of their own. And some of them are popular because of this fact. Are you familiar with how these globally popular creatures look? Some of them are quite adorable, but some of them could also get scary! Try not to look them in the eyes!

Curious about what kinds of creatures were also saved by propagating them in zoos? We have also included some of them in this quiz.

All in all, if you are a huge fan of Animal Planet or Discovery and National Geographic channels, then chances are, these creatures are easy for you to identify. So, try your hand at identifying these animals, and let's see if you're at the expert level.

Have fun!

This long-necked animal is called what?

A giraffe is the seventh most popular zoo animal. You haven't been to a real zoo if there is no giraffe there.

This touted "King of the Jungle" is called what?

The lion comes in second only when it comes to the most common zoo animal species. Maybe they belong more in the jungle...

You can find these jumpy creatures in Australia. What are they called?

Kangaroos are very populous in Australia. That's why they are also being eaten by humans already.

A human being's best friend. What animal is this?

Different humans have different dog breed favorites. They're mostly treated as pets.

This hanging animal is called what?

There are many kinds of monkeys. But they all closely resemble humans ...

They hoot, they hoot! What are they ​called?

Contrary to popular belief, an owl can't really turn its head around 360 degrees. But it can really, really turn it around back, both ways. That's why it's mistaken as one whole circular turn!

What's this cutie called?

They used to be endangered as a species. But the cute black-and-white creature we know as the panda is now safe!

Technically known as the Panthera tigris, what is its common name?

Would you believe the tiger beats out the lion as the No. 1 most popular animal in a zoo? Maybe they are friendlier.

What do you call this marsupial?

Koalas love to eat eucalyptus leaves. And they're mostly found in Australia.

This scary creature is called what?

Crocodiles are indeed aggressive. Avoid them at all costs!

They meow! What animal is this?

Cats are favorite pets of humans. Or is it the other way around?

This fast runner is called what?

The cheetah is known as the fastest animal. It can run up to 80+ kilometers per hour!

This furry creature is called what?

The grizzly bear is also known as the North American brown bear. While they look cute and cuddly, they could also be quite dangerous when provoked.

This long-trunked creature is called what?

Thailand has a lot of elephants. But in other parts of the world, elephants are poached for their ivory tusks.

This "Babe" is called what?

Pigs are usually domesticated and used for food. But some are also kept as pets.

This small creature is called what?

A mouse is a small creature that usually carries dirty things. So try to avoid touching them.

This water creature is called what?

Have you heard of the baby shark song? Why is a shark featured in a popular preschool song?

This creature is called what?

A cougar is basically a mountain lion. It's also majestic as a jungle animal.

This cute walking creature is called what?

Penguins are birds. But they can't fly.

This shelled creature is called what?

Crabs are actually yummy to eat. That is, if you have the patience to shell out the meat from their intricate casings...

This bird is called what?

Ostriches are known to bury their heads in the sand. They can't fly, but they run very fast!

This wooly animal is called what?

The llama is a domesticated animal found mostly in South America. Their meat is also good to eat.

This desert creature is called what?

Watch the "Meerkat Manor" TV show to see how these creatures move about in their daily lives. It's really fascinating!

This wide-eyed creature is called what?

Lemurs are found mostly in Madagascar. They are basically primates.

This burly creature is called what?

The rhinoceros is found mostly in Africa and Asia. But some of their subspecies are going extinct.

This interesting-looking sea creature is called what?

A jellyfish may be colorful and cute to look at. But when its tentacles wrap around you, it could be poisonous!

This beast of burden is called what?

A camel could have one hump or two. It's difficult to ride!

This water-based creature is called what?

Dolphins are generally harmless creatures. And they're such show-offs!

This furry creature is called what?

The skunk is usually black with a white stripe at the top of its body. Be careful of that awful liquid with the awful smell!

What do you call this creature?

Frogs can live in water and on land. That's why they're called amphibious.

What do you call this standing creature?

Horses have been helping humans since time immemorial. They are great farm and battle companions.

This fanged creature is called what?

Wolves are always depicted as predatory. That's because they're hunters.

This super-fancy bird is called what?

The peacock is the male version of the peafowl. And yep, they also magnanimously display their beautiful feathers with pride.

Hey, you know what this is?

An emu doesn't exactly look like its cousin, the ostrich. They're found in Australia, and they can't fly.

This flying creature is known as what?

Eagles are alpha creatures. That's because they are predator hunters!

This cold animal is known as what?

The polar bear is a cute white bear found mostly in the Arctic. But if climate change melts the ice there, they will become extinct.

It speaks! What is it?

A parrot can literally and vocally parrot what humans say. Yep, that's where the term came from!

This animal with the antlers is called what?

The reindeer is found in North America, Europe, and Russia, and, of course, in Santa Claus' stable.

This watery creature is known as what?

Lobsters can be quite difficult to cook. But when you've done it, they're totally terrific to eat.

This water creature is called what?

The turtle is a slow-moving creature. Small ones are good as pets.

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