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It may be a cartoon, but this ain't no kids show! "Bob's Burgers" serves up animation for adults in the style of "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy." The show focuses on a burger joint that barely stays afloat, thanks to a family who spends all their time trying to keep the business out of bankruptcy. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this beloved series.

How many kids do the Belchers have?

Bob and Linda are the proud parents of three children. From oldest to youngest, they are Tina, Gene and Louise.


What is Louise's typical headwear?

Youngest Belcher daughter Louise is rarely seen without her favorite hat -- a pink knit hat with bunny ears.


Which of the Belcher children is a huge music fan?

Middle child Gene is always making music in some form, including penning a song about all the reasons he doesn't like snakes. Mom Linda is also musical and spends lots of time singing.


Which of these words would Linda's sister Gayle use to describe herself?

Gayle -- who Bob really doesn't like -- considers herself an artist. Her artistic works include paintings -- such as X-rated images she makes for the restaurant -- as well as performance art -- like wearing a dress made out of shrimp to church.


What is the "Simpsons couch gag" equivalent for "Bob's Burgers"?

Like the famous couch gag on "The Simpsons," "Bob's Burgers" has its own running gag in the show's intro. Fans tune in eagerly each week to check out the latest store next door. The store next to the restaurant changes weekly, and has had such silly names as Tire-Rhea and The Nightlight Zone.


What business is always next door to the restaurant?

While the store on one side of Bob's Burgers changes each episode, It's Your Funeral Home and Crematorium stays open in the storefront on the other side of the restaurant. Funeral home owner Mort is a frequent diner at Bob's.


Who's is Bob's rival?

Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria sits across the street from Bob's Burgers. Jimmy is much more successful at selling pizza than Bob is at selling burgers, and the two are sworn enemies.


How much does the burger of the day cost?

In yet another running gag on the series, a new Burger of the Day appears in almost every episode. Priced at $5.95, it ranges from things like the Fig-eta Bout It Burger-- to the peas-and-carrots-topped Rest in Peas burger.


What company van that appears in the intro of the show?

The van from a different pest control company appears at the start of each episode. The logo on the side changes often, including such company names as Rat's All Folks! and Ratty Shack.


Which of the kids is most likely to don a hamburger suit?

Bob's Burgers is a family affair. Dad and Mom handle the cooking, the girls run the counter and wait tables, and Gene stands outside in a hamburger suit to draw in customers.


Kuchi Kopi started off as a what?

Before he became a melted monster, the adorable Kuchi Kopi -- a bizarre character that appears in various forms in the series -- started off as an innocent nightlight.


What color is the outside of the restaurant?

Bob's Burgers has a cool green facade. The family lives upstairs, and both the store and the apartment itself are owned by landlord Mr. Fischoeder.


Who is Bob's closest friend?

Bob's best friend is a handyman named Teddy, who stops by the restaurant for a bite most days. Teddy has a bizarre fear of costumed characters, which Linda uses to her advantage when Teddy lingers around the restaurant too long.


What does Hugo Habercore do for a living?

Hugo Habercore is the local health inspector. He often stops by Bob's Burgers to see if the store is breaking the rules -- or selling burgers made from human flesh. He also happens to be Linda's ex--boyfriend, which causes him to be harder on Bob and his family than he is on other restaurant owners.


Who does Tina have a huge crush on?

Their fathers may be bitter rivals, but Tina and Jimmy Jr. have a love-hate relationship. While Tina lusts for Jimmy Jr., he alternates between liking her back and thinking she's just plain weird.


What does Phillip Frond do for a living?

Phillip Frond is the guidance counselor at Wagstaff School, which all three Belcher children attend. He owns numerous stuffed dolls, which he talks to as if they were real, live people.


Which of these is Bob allergic to?

Bob and his son Gene share a lobster allergy -- which is ironic, because the town raves over its annual Lobsterfest each year.


Where do the kids look for treasure in the classic season two episode, "The Belchies"?

After Bob's friend Teddy tells the kids that there's treasure hidden in the old Caffrey's Taffy Factory, they go on a treasure hunt a la "The Goonies."


What is Burgerboss?

After a Burgerboss arcade game is installed in the restaurant, Jimmy infuriates Bob by getting the high score -- then listing his display name as "BOB SUX" on the machine. Bob gets obsessed with beating Jimmy's score until Linda finally gets rid of the machine.


What does Louise wear when her rabbit hat is stolen?

After a bully steals her trademark rabbit hat in the season three premiere episode, Louise dons a hoodie until she can get the hat back -- ensuring that viewers never see her head uncovered.


Where do the kids work after Bob fires them in season three?

In the memorable season three episode, "Bob Fires the Kids," Bob makes the kids stop working at the restaurant so they can enjoy their childhoods. Instead, they take jobs on a marijuana farm.


Which of these did Bob inherit from his Uncle Ernie?

Uncle Ernie used to own Lombard's Department Store. After he died, he willed a storage unit to Bob, who was shocked to find a mannequin named Chet inside. Chet later came to life and celebrated Christmas with the Belchers.


What is the nickname of the kids' health-challenged friend, Rudy?

Rudy, who is asthmatic and allergic to everything from chocolate to ducks, is referred to as Regular-Sized Rudy, in order to distinguish him from the smaller Pocket-Sized Rudy.


Which of these is Linda most likely to utter?

The easygoing Linda is known for being "alright" with everything. It's the more high-strong Bob who can often be heard exclaiming "Oh my God."


What's the name of the local amusement center?

Wonder Wharf is a local seaside entertainment zone owned by Mr. Fischoeder. In the two-part season four finale, Bob tries to convince him to sell the Wharf, while Tina tries to save her favorite carousel.


What group is Tina a member of?

Tina is a proud Thundergirl -- a group of scouts similar to the Girl Scouts which teaches girls skills like camping and cookie selling.


What do the stores on Ocean Avenue compete for in the season five finale, "The Oeder Games"?

When Mr. Fischoeder plans to raise the rent for businesses along Ocean Avenue -- including Bob's Burgers -- he forces the tenants to compete in games of strength and skill to see who will get to avoid a rent increase.


What made Linda fall in love with Bob when they met?

Linda fell for Bob because of his thick and well-groomed mustache. It's no surprise, then, that the family starts to question everything in their lives when Bob's mustache starts thinning in the season six premiere.


Which of these is Bob most likely to do when his in-laws come over?

Linda's mom Gloria and her husband Al love to show up at the Belcher home. When that happens, Bob finds himself a good hiding spot, such as the crawl space.


Which show had a 2013 crossover episode with "Bob's Burgers"?

H. Jon Benjamin voices both Bob from "Bob's Burgers" and Sterling Archer from "Archer," so it's no surprise that the shows enjoyed a crossover during the 2013 season premier of "Archer."


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