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"Hill Street Blues" was one of the first great police dramas on television, introducing a realistic documentary-style of shooting, and focusing as much on the personal lives of the characters as on the cases they solved. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the crime-solving men and women in blue of the Hill Street Precinct!

Where is Capt. Frank Furillo typically at when each episode ends?

For the most part, each episode of "Hill Street Blues" started with roll call, and ended with Capt. Frank Furillo in bed with partner Joyce Davenport.

What does Joyce Davenport do for a living?

Davenport is a public defender. Her pet name for boyfriend -- later husband -- Furillo is "Pizza Man," while he affectionately calls her "Counselor."

How many kids do Davenport and Furillo eventually have?

The pair keep their relationship a secret initially, finally marrying in Season 3. Because Davenport can't conceive, they never have kids -- much to the frustration of Frank's mom.

What is Desk Sgt. Phil Esterhaus' catch phrase?

The docile Esterhaus handles roll call at the start of each episode for the first few seasons. He sends the officers off with his trademark line, "Let's be careful out there."

Which gang is constantly causing trouble for police at the Hill Street station?

Violent gang Los Diablos show up throughout the series, led by their leader Jesus Martinez. Martinez eventually moves on from gang life, going back to school to become a paralegal.

Which skilled boxer is also Andy Renko's partner?

The country-music loving Andy Renko, who speaks with a Southern accent, partners up with boxing champ Bobby Hill -- whom he often refers to by his full name.

Which cop at Hill Street has a female partner?

Lucy Bates is one of the few female cops on the force, but she gets along fine with partner Joe Coffey -- despite her objections to his sleazy behavior when he's off-the-clock.

What is the name of Frank's ex-wife?

Despite the fact that she and Frank are divorced, Fay Furillo spends an awful lot of time hanging around the station. When she's not complaining about alimony or child support, she's demanding Frank help her control their son, Frank Jr.

Which of these cops is known for his love of women, alcohol and ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes?

Detective JD LaRue is a sucker for trouble, despite being a solid undercover officer. His partner, Neal Washington, helps keep him in check so they can get the job done.

What is Sid Thurston's nickname?

Sid the Snitch, an unapologetic informant, is willing to spill the beans on anyone or anything -- for the right price, that is.

Who dies in Grace Gardner's bed?

After actor Mike Conrad died of cancer, his character Phil Esterhaus was killed off -- in the bed of Grace Gardner. Gardner was a cop widow who was hired to decorate the station, but couldn't seem to keep her hands off of any man in sight.

Who is the resident superhero around Hill Street precinct?

Dennis Dugan played the insane Captain Freedom, who was eager to help the police solve crime and keep criminals at bay. He was killed after interfering in an armed robbery as he tried once again to be a hero.

Lee Weaver donned a trench coat to play this nude fellow.

Lee Weaver played flasher Buck Naked, who was so prone to showing off his figure that he was once booked by the police under the name Buck Naked.

Which tough cop at Hill Street was most likely to call a perp "dog breath?"

The rough and tumble Mick Belker wasn't afraid to use force to keep criminals in their place. He once got in a fight with a German Shepherd and won -- but still remembered to call his mother every day to say hi.

What killed Eddie Gregg?

Belker met Eddie Gregg when he arrested him for prostitution. The two remained in contact, and Eddie Gregg later returned to say goodbye to Belker when he was dying of AIDS.

What is the name of the resident sewer monster near the precinct?

The practical joker LaRue liked to pull pranks on new recruits, such as disguising himself as a sewer creature known as the Phantom. Fortunately for LaRue, the trigger-happy rookies never managed to land a shot when shooting at the "monster."

What was Vic Hitler's crime?

The cops at Hill Street station met Vic Hitler when he was pulled in over a bunch of unpaid parking tickets. The wannabe comedian cracked the cops up, and they even helped him score a job onstage -- which he blew, when it turned out he suffered from narcolepsy and would fall asleep at the worst possible times.

Which member of the squad hit it big in the lottery?

It was boxer Bobby Hill who won $100,000 in the lottery in Season 4. The cash changed his personality, and he quickly blew all the money gambling, leaving him no better off than he was before.

What catchphrase did Sgt. Jablonski use when he took over roll call duties?

A few different cops filled in once Esterhaus passed away, but it was ultimately Jablonski who took over roll call duties, sending officers out with these words -- "Do it to them before they do it to us."

Martin Ferraro guest starred on several episodes as The Cisco Kid, a man who rode one of these.

Ferraro played a man who believed he was Duncan Renaldo -- an actor who played The Cisco Kid in '50s films and television. While thundering along on horseback, Ferraro confused Calletano with his old buddy Pancho at one point, and even held Fay Furillo hostage in one episode.

Which of the long-term cops on the squad married Robin Tataglia?

The rough-around-the-edges Belker marries Robin Tataglia in Season 6, and the pair have a son -- which they name Phil, in honor of deceased friend Phil Esterhaus.

Where is Furillo when he is shot in a dramatic Season 6 story arc?

Capt. Frank Furillo is left fighting for his life after he is gunned down on the steps of the courthouse. While everyone thinks it was a gangster seeking revenge who pulled the trigger, it was actually a madman that nobody expected.

What item does Buntz try to track down after a plane crash in the Season 7 premiere?

After a plane crashes, 80 pounds of cocaine on board is stolen. Buntz enlists the help of Sid the Snitch as he goes undercover to track down the drugs.

What forces Jablonski to retire?

Sgt. Jablonski soldiers on for as long as he can before heart disease forces him to retire in Season 7. To no one's surprise, he can't help himself from stepping out of retirement from time to time to help with tricky cases.

Which member of the force is promoted to captain at the neighboring Polk Street Precinct?

Colombian-born Lt. Callentano leaves Hill Street and becomes captain of Polk Street Station. Due to his Hispanic heritage, he is the victim of racism that threatens his new position.

How does Furillo's dad really die?

Knowing he is suffering from a brain tumor, Furillo's dad commits suicide. Furillo uses his rank within the police department to convince everyone that his dad was actually killed in a robbery.

What tragedy befalls the station in the final episode of the series?

The series finale of "Hill Street Blues" features a devastating fire at the station house. Viewers are left with a scene of Buntz leaving the gutted structure, and are left to wonder whether Hill Street ever recovers.

Which of these innovations did "Hill Street Blues" pioneer?

The series was known for its innovative production techniques, including using hand-held cameras instead of traditional studio cameras. This gave the show a more realistic, documentary-style appearance.

Which cop on "Hill Street Blues" got his own spinoff?

Dennis Franz took the character of Lt. Norman Buntz to a spinoff in 1987. The series, "Beverly Hills Buntz," lasted only a single season and featured Sid the Snitch. Franz would later gain fame in another cop show -- "NYPD Blue."

How many seasons did the show run?

"Hill Street Blues" ran for 144 episodes over seven seasons from 1981 to 1987. It was a huge critical hit, winning a whopping eight Emmy awards during its debut season.

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