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Oh, we know that you love analogies. In fact, the world is filled with them! "The burger I ate for lunch was as big as a house!" or perhaps you'd say, "I was so tired last night that I slept like a baby." An analogy is a comparison of two things for the sake of clarifying. Some are an equal comparison, while others like "the fish I almost caught was so big it could have been a shark," eh, not so much. 

This quiz is filled with analogies, from the easy, "A cat is to kitten as a lion is to _____" and others are considerably harder, "The Nile is to Egypt as the Danube is to _____." That's right, not only do you need to be an expert with your analogies, but it helps to have a vast outlook on the world. 

It helps to know how your home functions, "A hose is to the lawn as a charger is to _____." It also wouldn't hurt to know your sciences, "Fossils are to Paleontologist as Insect is to _____." Ah, you know it. The science is on the tip of your tongue. 

So, if you miss taking the SAT's in high school, or you are about to and need a little extra practice with your analogies this quiz is perfect for a knowledgeable world-traveler like yourself. 

Cat : Kitten : : Lion : _______

Do you get it? Cat is to Kitten as Lion is to Cub. That's the basic framework of an analogy!


Happy : Jovial : : Accessible : _______

Happy : Jovial : : Accessible : Approachable. This is a simple synonym analogy, where each set of words means the same thing.


Keyboard : Computer : : Leg : _______

A keyboard is to a computer as a leg is to a chair. This is an example of part to whole analogies.


Excited : Calm : : Defiant : _______

Excited : Calm : : Defiant : Obedient. This is a great example of an antonym analogy.


Hose : Lawn : : Charger : ________

A hose can feed a lawn. Similarly, a charger can feed a computer.


Heroic : Courageous : : Derelict : _______

Someone who is heroic is also courageous. Likewise, someone who is derelict is also destitute.


Car : Drive : : Knowledge : ______

When it comes to a car, the action is driving it. When it comes to knowledge, the action is obtaining it.


Artist : Paintbrush : : Judge : _______

Just as an artist would use a paintbrush, a judge would need to use discernment. Discernment is similar to detection.


1 : 3 : : 5 : _______

Did you get confused? This is a numerical analogy. 1 is multiplied by 3 to become 3. 5 is multiplied by 3 to become 15.


Tell : Communicate : : Abet :

When you tell someone something, you are also communicating to them. When you abet something or someone, you are also accommodating them.


New York : New Jersey : : California :

Did you know that this is a geographical analogy? The analogy deals with states' proximity to one another.


Bread : Butter : : Peanut Butter : ______

Bread : Butter : : Peanut Butter : Jelly. We thought that you might need an easy one right about now.


Big : Small : : Loquacious : ______

Big : Small : : Loquacious : Terse. Did you know that loquacious means talkative and terse means not talkative?


Dump : Discard : : Aerate : _______

When you dump something, you're basically discarding it. When you aerate something, you're also oxygenating it.


Big : Large : : Sumptuous : ______

Big : Large : : Sumptuous : Delicious. These two pairs of words mean the same thing.


Greedy : Avaricious : : Composed : ______

When someone is greedy, they're also avaricious. Similarly, when someone is composed, they're also serene.


Hunger : Fullness : : Outgoing : ______

Hunger and fullness are opposites. Similarly, when someone is outgoing, it's the opposite of being diffident.


Obese : Fat : : Slender : ______

Obese : Fat : : Slender : Lithe. Did you know that lithe is a fancy way of saying slender?


Poverty : Wealth : : Benevolent : ______

This is another example of an antonym analogy. To be benevolent is the opposite of being miserly.


Nile : Egypt : : Danube : _______

Here we have another geography analogy. The Danube River runs through Germany.


Quart : Liter : : Pound : ______

This is a good example of a measurement analogy. Better revisit the metric system!


______ : Goad : : Provoke : Badger

In this analogy, all four of these words are related to one another. All four of them are synonyms!


Spicy : Bland : : Clumsy : ______

Spicy is the opposite of bland, and clumsy is the opposite of agile. Get the picture?


Guile : Cunning : : Gullible : ______

To have guile is also to have cunning. Similarly, to be gullible is also to be credulous or unsuspicious.


Brave : Fearless : : Kind : _______

Brave : Fearless : : Kind : Benevolent. All four of these are virtues to embrace.


Pumpkin : Orange : : Implication : _______

A pumpkin is naturally orange. Similarly, an implication is also an accusation.


Fossils : Paleontologist : : Insect : _______

A paleontologist is someone that studies fossils. An entomologist is someone that studies insects.


Lion : Pride : : Juvenile : _______

Many lions make up a pride. Similarly, multiple juveniles make up a pack of adolescents!


Lose : Find : : Build : ______

The word "raze" means to destroy. Losing is the opposite of finding, and razing is the opposite of building.


Disappointed : Devastated : : Mad : _______

Devastation is a more drastic form of disappointment. To be furious or irate is more drastic than being just mad.


Grass : Green : : Sponge : _______

Grass is green and sponges are porous. This is an object to characteristic analogy.


Credulous : Confident : : Trustful : ______

Credulous, confident, trustful, and artless are all synonyms. All of these are descriptions for things that are natural and simple.


Hypothesize : Brainstorm : : Designate : _______

When you hypothesize, you brainstorm or cogitate. When you designate, you name or select.


Release : Discharge : : ______ : Detain

When you release something, you discharge it. Also, when you hold something, you detain it.


Disinterested : Keen : : Normal : _______

When you're disinterested in something, you're certainly not keen. Also, when something is normal, it's definitely not idiosyncratic.


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