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If you're a world traveler, you might not have any trouble with this quiz. From the North to the South and everything in between, there are people, places and things that we've never seen. Some countries are large and take up a big chunk of the Earth, while others are small and sometimes even in the form of islands. Most of the countries in the world are home to capital cities that are important to them.

Some capital cities are the largest in their countries, while others are the hub of the government and administration. Sometimes, they can even be both. Many of these cities have things in common, such as their names. Lots of cities share a name with their countries, making it easier to remember where they are. Others have much different names, but they are so well-known that they usually go hand in hand with the names of the countries.

There's nothing like getting to experience other places and their cultures around the world. So, if you are a geography expert or an avid traveler, then this will be no problem for you. Think you can match the countries to their capital cities and vice-versa? Then take the quiz to prove your world knowledge!

The historic country of Egypt has an equally historic capital. What is it?

Cairo is quite close to the Nile River, which is equally as famous as the historic city. What adds even more beauty to the city is the incredible view of the pyramids which lie just outside the city limits.


One thing you might not know about the Philippines is that the country is made up of multiple islands. But can you name its capital city?

If you have ever visited Manila, you may not have even known that there is something underground in the city. The mysterious object is a tunnel! In fact, the tunnel was rediscovered in 2011 and is proof that citizens of Manila are walking on history every single day.


Someone from Maputo is known as a Maputan. Do you know what country Maputo is the capital of?

Mozambique is a Commonwealth country known for many things. For example, it has exceptional seafood, which is a delicacy in the country. It's not a trip to Mozambique unless you've tried the exceptional shellfish.


Which city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE for short)?

A trip to Abu Dhabi can expose you to some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. One building that is amazing to see is the Aldar Building, which is circular with multiple glass windows. From the inside looking out, the sight is probably equally as good!


Roseau is the capital of which of these countries?

Despite being the largest city in Dominica, Roseau is only home to a little over 14 thousand people. That's pretty small, but Dominica is a small country as well. It's part of a chain of equally small tropical islands.


A popular place to go on vacation, Jamaica has a lot to offer. Which capital would you be most likely to stay in here?

Kingston is the hub of all things in Jamaica. If you know about the events of Port Royal, then you already know a little bit about Jamaica. But did you know that Kingston was used as a refuge for the people who made it through the disaster?


This is one country you might think of when you hear the word "canal." Which city is the capital of Panama?

Believe it or not, there is an entire rainforest that lies within the limits of Panama City. It would be quite fun to take a break from work and head over to the rainforest for some relaxation time!


Where would you be off to if you were going to visit the capital city of Australia?

While in Canberra, you can get a little taste of Canada. The country gave the city the gift of a flag pole made from a tree which still stands in the city today. In fact, it was given to Canberra in the 1950s.


If you're ever in San Jose, be sure to make a trip to the iconic National Theatre. What is San Jose the capital city of?

Wildlife lovers would be in heaven in beautiful Costa Rica. There are so many incredible animals that live in the country from the tapir to the ocelot. Just watch out for the Puma lurking around!


It's actually known as a republic, but do you know what the capital of Haiti is?

One of the most important cities in terms of economics in Haiti, Port-au-Prince is a sight to see. The large city was once unfortunately struck by a devastating earthquake but has plans to rebuild the historic area.


Ireland is known for its beautiful scenery, but do you know what its capital city is?

Dublin is home to the historic Dublin Castle, where the English government within the country once was headquartered. Today, it's possible to visit the beautiful castle where you can get a taste of what it was once like. There's no better way to feel like royalty than to visit a castle.


Have some Portuguese handy when traveling to Praia. What is it the capital city of?

Cape Verde is sometimes known as Cabo Verde instead. The island country is part of the African continent, and they even speak their own native language in the area. If you don't know it, that's okay, just make sure to have some Portuguese up your sleeve as well.


This country is known for being pretty small. Kosovo's capital city is which of the following?

Just like the tiny country it's located in, Pristina is equally as small. A walk down the streets of the city is delightful as the buildings are in an array of colors. It's beautiful to see houses and businesses in red, blue and other bright colors that really make your day brighter.


New Zealand is an island off the coast of Australia, but do you know its capital city?

Wellington wasn't always the capital of this beautiful country. Before the 1860s, Auckland served as the official capital city instead. Both cities show just how much the country itself has to offer.


Don't look for rivers if you come here as there are none! What country is Kuwait City in?

While many countries are considered to be republics, Kuwait is referred to as a city state. One incredible piece of architecture is the Grand Mosque, which is very tall with styled windows.


You might have never guessed it, but Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe. What is its capital?

If you're a cheese lover, then Warsaw is the right place to go. It has a long history with food, as one of the oldest traces of cheese ever found was in this very city. It's safe to say that the food was just as loved back then as it is now!


If you're looking for a bar, Spain is the place to be. What's the capital city?

Not only do citizens of Madrid like their bars, but they're huge fans of football as well. Real Madrid is a huge sports team that has been in existence since the early 1900s. They also made history by giving their players certain numbers.


Home of one of the largest buildings in Europe, the Palace of the Parliament, what is the capital of Romania?

Although it may sound a little bizarre, traveling to Bucharest for dental work is actually quite common. It's known for being cheaper while the work is still of quality. Once the dental work has healed, it's possible to enjoy the delicious food that the city is also known for.


Japan is filled with many highly educated individuals. What is the capital of the country?

Before it was named Tokyo, citizens and people around the world once knew the city as "Edo." A trip to Tokyo can also show you some of the coolest fashion trends in the country; just visit Harajuku.


Filled with ancient history, Athens is the capital of which country?

Athens is home to a large portion of the country's population. The city itself has a population of over three million people, while Greece itself has a population of over 11 million people.


Norway is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize. What is its capital city?

Oslo is the home of nature, which is why you'll always be near it when you're in the city. Around half of the area in the city limits is covered in forests making it easy to get a nice break from the hustle and bustle when you need it most.


Stockholm is home to an art gallery in a subway. But do you know which country that it is the capital of?

Sweden is a cultural melting pot filled with many different individuals. It also boasts a large area of land and a relatively small population. It's one of the largest of the European countries, coming in at number five.


Bamako is one of Africa's treasures, but do you know which African country it is in?

One thing you might notice if you ever visit Mali is that it is pretty hot! In fact, it's one of the hottest places that you can visit in the world. Another unique thing about this country is that the prime meridian is located here also.


Right along the Atlantic Ocean lies Luanda. But what country is it part of?

Located in Africa, the country of Angola was once part of Portugal. This is due to the Portuguese who came to the area in the 1400s. Since then, they have fought for independence, which they eventually gained.


Be sure to stop by the Gran Torre Santiago while in this capital city. What country is Santiago the capital city of?

One great piece of history within the area of Chile is Easter Island. The island is a treasure that is cherished by not only the people of Chile but also the rest of the world. Chile also has a lot more to offer in terms of beautiful landscape.


In this beautiful city, days can appear as night sometimes. What country is Helsinki in?

Speeding tickets are never fun for anyone, but in Finland, they can be quite hefty. The more money you make a year, the more your speeding ticket will be. It's something to think twice about before doing it in any country.


They call this country the "Great White North." Can you name Canada's capital city?

If you want to visit a government-oriented city, this is the place to go. Toronto gets often mistaken for being the capital of the country. While it is a capital, it's the capital of the province of Ontario.


Jakarta is a busy place to be. Can you name the country it is in?

If you've ever wanted to see a dragon, then Indonesia is the place to visit. While they aren't like the dragons you see in movies, the Komodo Dragon lives in the country. They're more lizards than dragons when it really comes down to it.


Once part of the United Kingdom, the capital of Zimbabwe is what?

Long before becoming the Harare that we know it as today, the city took on the name Salisbury. The name change might have been for the better, as there are many other places in the world also named Salisbury.


When in Castries, it's important to visit Vigie Beach. What is Castries the capital of?

One unique trait of this country is that it was named after a woman. In fact, it's the first country to ever do this. Most citizens speak English as a first language within the country.


Dakar is the capital city of which of the following countries?

Despite being a young country, Senegal's life expectancy for its residents is quite low. Despite this unfortunate statistic, the country has a lot going for it such as its booming industries and exports.


Singapore is considered to be a city state, but what country is it the capital of?

Technically, Singapore doesn't have a capital city, as it is quite small as a country. Therefore, it is given the status of city state, where it acts as both a city as well as a country.


Jolly Old Saint Nick hails from Turkey. Can you name the capital city?

The name "Ankara" is a relatively new one for the capital city. This is because, since the early 1000s, the city went by the name "Angora." If you've heard of the Angora Goat, then you're a bit familiar to the original name of the city.


Home of Jimmy Thunder, what country is Apia the capital of?

While Apia is the capital city, there's not much competition for it. This is because it is the only city on the entire island. Less is more in this beautiful country. It's also home to many wrestlers, like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


Anyone who lives in Nairobi is known as a Nairobian. What is it the capital city of?

One of the largest industries in Kenya is the agricultural industries. One very important aspect of their economy is the production of tea. Many of their other large exports include food and other edible goods.


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