Can You Answer These Questions About the British Empire in WWII?

By: Robin Tyler
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From 1939 to 1945, the world was at war. Nazi and Japanese expansionism had run rampant during the 1930s. Finally, on September 1, 1939, Germany went a step too far.

After they had been warned by both France and Great Britan not to do so, Germany invaded Poland. Two days later, both France and Great Britain, true to their word, declared war on the powerful Nazi war machine. And soon they regretted it. Just like they had powered through the rest of Europe, the German war machine could not be stopped, even by the French Army and 400,000 British troops. 

The Germans took Paris, forcing the British back to the coast where they were evacuated back to Great Britain. And soon, they stood alone against the might of Germany. What many people don't realize is that the British Empire was so much bigger than just the island of Great Britain. The Commonwealth included many other countries that joined in the fight against the Nazi scourge.

But just how much do you know about the British Empire during World War II? From their allies to their enemies to their equipment, could you beat this quiz and win the war?

Good luck! 

Who was the British Prime Minister who declared war on Germany for invading Poland?

Of the options below, can you pick the British territory occupied by Germany from June 30, 1940 until May 9, 1945?

From which French port did the British Expeditionary Force leave France in 1940, leaving the country to fall to the Germans?

Can you tell us who succeeded Neville Chamberlain as the British Prime Minster in 1940?

True or false? Australia formed part of the British Empire and fought alongside Great Britain during World War II.

Which world organization did little to stop the acquisitions of Nazi Germany in Europe?

Which German leader flew to Britain in 1941 supposedly to negotiate a peace deal?

What was the name of the air force that protected the skies around Great Britain?

Can you name the German Air Force that had swept all before them in the lead up to the proposed invasion of Great Britain?

Which famous air battle that lasted from July 10 to October 31, 1940, saw the German Air Force try to defeat the Royal Air Force protecting England?

Who said this famous line in reference to the Battle of Britain? "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

How did Britain import weapons and goods from America during World War II?

From the list below, can you name a Royal Air Force fighter aircraft that fought during the Battle of Britain?

True or false? South Africa joined up with Great Britain in the fight against Nazi Germany.

The merchant ship supply convoy that Britain used to import goods, food, and weapons was a prime target for German submarines throughout World War II. What were these vessel called by the British Navy?

British forces came across the Italian army at points during their campaign for control of Africa. Who was the fascist leader of Italy?

On October 14, 1939, a German U-boat snuck into the British harbor at Scapa Flow, Scotland and sunk a British vessel, with 800 sailors dying in the aftermath. What was the name of the British ship?

The German Air Force’s biggest attack on Royal Air Force airfields took place on August 17, 1940. What was the codename for the day?

Can you name the British fighter that equipped most of the Royal Air Force squadrons during the Battle of Britain?

At the outbreak of World War II, despite Germany rearmament throughout the 1930s, Great Britain still had the largest navy in the world. True or false?

Of the options below, which is the name of the planned German invasion of Great Britain, which if it happened would have effectively ended the British Empire?

Can you name the British long-distance bomber that flew night missions against targets in Germany?

In 1943, a bombing raid carried out by Lancaster bombers carried a very special weapon to breach the walls of German dams. What was it called?

What were the pilots that carried out the dam raids called?

True or false? The German attacks on London were called "The Blitz" by the British people.

How many British citizens died as a result of German bombing during the eight months of "The Blitz?"

Which of these below were the main air raid shelters used by Londoners during German bombing raids?

True or false? One of the British heroes of the Battle of Britain was a fighter ace with no legs.

Together with other Allied troops, most notably Americans, on which day did British troops invade France to begin the final push to victory in World War II?

Which crack German commander did the British and other Allied troops defeat in North Africa?

Where did the Allied forces defeat Rommel's Afrika Korps?

Do you know the name of the country that Great Britain virtually guaranteed independence if they helped fight the Axis powers?

What work did Princess Elizabeth, the future queen of England, do during World War II?

Before World War II started in earnest, what did the government ask British people to do?

In 1944, London faced a new threat, the V1 flying bomb. What nickname was it given?

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