Quiz: Can You Answer All of These Questions an Auto Mechanic Should Know?
Can You Answer All of These Questions an Auto Mechanic Should Know?
By: Justin Cupler
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Automotive knowledge is earned, not given. You earn it through countless years of getting grease under your fingernails, banging your knuckles off sharp metal and hammering off rusted bolts while sticking your arm in spaces it really shouldn't fit. This is the life of an automotive mechanic, and there is no way to fake this type of experience. 

Automotive knowledge includes things like basic history and understanding the difference between horsepower and torque, but there is a whole other side of cars that is foreign to many car lovers. I'm talking about the mechanical side of them, like how the engine actually creates its power, how the air conditioner cools a vehicle and why coolant is always such a bright color. These are all questions automotive mechanics should be able to answer in their sleep. 

Any gearhead or car junkie can call themselves an automotive expert, but a true car expert understands the mechanics of the vehicles they love so much. Do you think you have the automotive knowledge of an auto mechanic? Give this test a shot to see how much you know about auto mechanics and the inner workings of cars. 

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What is the typical cause for vibration while braking?
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You’ve got a car throwing an “EVAP Leak” code. What is the first thing you check?
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A customer asks for a free diagnostic scan, and you turn up a “random misfire” code. What is your next step?
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Some performance vehicles -- particularly German ones -- require this to perform an alignment.
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With any electrical problem in a vehicle, what is the first thing you check?
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What should you always wear when installing a replacement light bulb?
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The enemy of a rusty bolt is?
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How do you compress the piston in most rear calipers?
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In the mid-1990s and early-2000s, Chrysler was famous for hiding car batteries where?
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A car is overheating, and the upper radiator hose is significantly cooler than the lower hose. What’s the likely issue?
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A customer brings in already-balanced aftermarket wheels and tires for you to install. What do you need to add to prevent vibrations?
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After any suspension or chassis work, a vehicle needs what?
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What is the name of the orange-colored coolant General Motors cars use?
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