Can You Answer These Questions Every Car Owner Should Know?

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Can You Answer These Questions Every Car Owner Should Know?
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About This Quiz

Millions of people around the world drive cars for hours every week. While most of us use cars frequently, some of us don't know much about vehicles, while others pride themselves on their knowledge of cars. While having car knowledge is a hobby for some and can impress some people, it can also have a real practical application.

Having knowledge about vehicles, engines and more can potentially help you in emergency situations or save you a lot of time and money. Without it, you might be left in the dark during troubling situations or you may have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to find or fix something you potentially could have done yourself. Unfortunately, many people just don't have that deep knowledge of cars to be able to do things like changing a tire or recognize where your alternator belt is to make sure it is in working condition. 

On the other hand, however, there are those men and women who seem to know everything relating to vehicles and pride themselves on their deep knowledge and understanding. Whether you're a car expert who wants to test your knowledge with some skill-testing questions, or you're simply someone who wants to improve your knowledge of cars, we've got just the quiz for you. Read on and be challenged by answering questions that all car owners should know. These will range from general knowledge, to maintenance-related to car brands and much more. 

Which is not a fluid your car needs?
Headlight fluid
Brake fluid
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While a vehicle needs many different fluids, headlight fluid isn't a real thing. These lights use electricity, like the other lights in your vehicle.

You should always have a spare of this in your trunk.
Steering wheel
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While you may never need to use it, having a spare tire in your trunk is always a good idea. A car cannot drive very well on three tires, so a spare will ensure you can always keep going.

What is oil used for in your car?
To burn fuel
To make it run
To lubricate, cool and clean the engine
It has no use.
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Without oil to lubricate and clean the engine, it would be full of deposits that could cause friction. This can lead to potential issues and costly repairs.


What is something you don't need to do when changing lanes?
Use your signal light
Shoulder check
Honk your horn
Check your mirrors
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When changing lanes, it is important to make sure no one is driving where you want to go. This can be checked by looking over your shoulder, using mirrors, and utilizing a turn signal to make your intentions known.

Which vehicle is the best-selling of all time?
Ford F-Series
Toyota Corolla
Chevrolet Corvette
GMC Sierra
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The Toyota Corolla has remained among the top spots since its inception in the 1960s. Can you believe that tens of millions of them have been produced since 1966? Since they also last a looooong time, you still see some of those super-old ones on the road.

Who designed what many believe to be the world's first affordable car?
Elon Musk
Louis Chevrolet
Karl Rapp
Henry Ford
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While automobiles were around before Henry Ford released the Ford Model T, it was generally seen as the first reliable and affordable mass-produced car. The Model T is still among the best-selling cars of all time.


Which of the following options is not a good situation in which to use your horn?
To avoid a collision
To alert other drivers about something
To let other drivers know you are there on a narrow road and cannot see the cars ahead
To scare pedestrians
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A car's horn is very important, but shouldn't be abused. It is meant to alert other drivers that you are there, or to get their attention, not to mess around with friends or startle people.

Which Japanese manufacturer is the largest on the planet?
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While Volkswagen is right on its tail, Toyota is still the largest auto manufacturer on the planet. In 2016, they produced well over 10 million vehicles.

What is the difference between a V6 and a V8 engine?
600 horsepower vs. 800 horsepower
V6s are always more fuel efficient and V8s are always more powerful
A six-cylinder engine vs. an eight-cylinder engine
No difference, just marketing
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While it's true that most V6s are more fuel efficient than V8s and most V8s are more powerful, this isn't always the case. The main different between the two is the number of cylinders the engine uses.


What is the alternator's role in a car?
It alternates from gear to gear in automatic vehicles.
It keeps the oil clean.
It powers the horn.
It is a major component in the charging system.
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As you drive your car, the alternator will charge your car battery. As long as it's still working well, your car's battery should never fail, unless the battery itself is the issue. That is, as long as you don't leave the lights on.

According to most experts, how often should you get an oil change?
Every 5,000 miles
Every 1,000 miles
Every 10,000 miles
Every 25,000 miles
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While there is some disagreement, it is generally believed that you should get your oil changed every 5,000 miles or so. Your car's manufacturer usually sets parameters which you should follow to keep your vehicle operating at its maximum capacity.

When should you replace your windshield wipers?
Every six months
Once they are leaving streaks/not making full contact with the windshield
They never need to be replaced.
When your mechanic says so
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There is no set amount of time that should pass before you replace windshield wipers. It all depends on when they start to wear down. This will generally lead to streaky windows and wipers that don't fully touch the windshield to wipe it appropriately.


What quality isn't important in a mechanic?
How nice a car they drive
How trustworthy they are
How experienced they are
The reputation of their shop
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When looking for a mechanic, you want to make sure they are experienced, respectful, trustworthy and have a good reputation. You are putting a lot of trust into them and their work, so be sure to take your time finding the right person for the job!

When did airbags become mandatory in the USA?
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While cars indeed did have airbags before 1998, that was the year in which they became mandatory. Airbags have proven time and time again to prevent injuries and death compared to having no airbags.

How do you check the tire pressure in your car's tires?
Take it to a mechanic
Use a trusted tire gauge
Just check with your hand
As long as they don't look flat, they're fine.
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A tire gauge is incredibly easy to use and can be found at most automotive stores. Just plug them into a tire's valve and it should give you an accurate reading. Make sure to check all four tires, as well as the manufacturer's recommended pressure, which can be found on a sticker on your vehicle and in the owner's manual.


Which item shouldn't be kept in your glove box?
Spare set of keys
Owner's manual
Car registration
A set of gloves in the winter
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Having your spare set of keys in the car won't do you any good. They should instead be kept either in your home or a safe place that will be easy for you to remember.

How should you control your vehicle when it begins to slide?
Turn away from the slide
Hammer on the breaks
Pull the e-brake
Turn into the slide
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While your first instinct might be to brake or pull the e-brake, this is likely just going to make you slide even further. Instead, you should look to turn into the slide, as it can sometimes correct the slide.

Which is the best tip for winter driving?
Get winter tires
Slow down
Keep a greater distance between your vehicle and the vehicles around you, especially the one in front.
All of the above are helpful
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Driving in the winter and driving in the summer are very different. You need to be sure to drive slower, be more cautious and leave some space between vehicles for the inevitable sliding and skidding.


What is the right way to pass other cars in America?
Honk until they move.
Pass on the right.
Pass on the left.
You can only pass right after a stop sign.
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Normally, it is customary in America for the left lane to be used primarily as a passing lane. Traffic will often move much faster.

When should you read the owner's manual for your vehicle?
Only when something goes wrong and you are confused
As soon as you get the vehicle
When you're bored
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While they can be long, it is a good idea to read or skim the owner's manual as soon as you get a vehicle. It will feature a ton of useful information, from what each light means, how often you should perform maintenance on the vehicle, and more.

Which option is not a benefit of winter tires?
They offer better traction.
They offer better handling.
They make your car go faster.
They remain flexible as the temperature drops.
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Winter tires offer many benefits, but helping your car go faster isn't one of them. They do, however, help improve traction, remain flexible with temperature changes and offer drivers better handling in the winter.


What does RPM stand for?
Rate per motor
Rapid piston movement
Revolutions per minute
Real precision management
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The RPMs on your vehicle stand for revolutions per minute. It is a unit of rotational speed, the number of times per minute the engine's crankshaft makes a full rotation. In essence, it's a measure of how fast the car is operating.

When did Tesla release its first vehicle?
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While Tesla was formed in 2003, it wasn't until 2008 that the company released its first vehicle, the Roadster. Since then, Tesla has released a number of other vehicles and has become one of the most exciting companies in the auto industry.

When was the first Corvette introduced?
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The Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced in 1953. While it has undergone several design changes and even a few name changes, the model is still going strong in 2019.


What should you do before driving your car in cold conditions?
Don't drive in cold conditions.
Let it run for a few minutes.
Pour hot water on the car to melt the ice.
Drive as you would in the summer.
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The cold, especially extreme cold, can be very rough on your car. As a result, it's a good idea to let it warm up a bit before driving. It will ensure your car runs well and no damage is done.

The first mass-produced hybrid car was the __________.
Chevrolet Volt
Nissan Leaf
Honda Insight
Toyota Prius
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While hybrid vehicles have been around for a number of years, it was the release of the Toyota Prius that led to their widespread availability. The Prius was released in Japan in 1997.

If traffic lights are out at a four-way intersection, what happens?
The road is closed.
It's a free for all.
It turns into a four-way stop.
Pretend their are lights and have each direction go for a period of 30 seconds before switching.
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While uncommon, there is a good chance you will eventually have to drive through lights that have stopped working. In that case, the intersection turns into a four-way stop as if the traffic lights were stop signs.


The leading cause of car crashes in the USA is _________.
Driving under the influence
Running red lights
Distracted drivers
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That's right, the leading cause of car crashes in the USA is distracted drivers. With nearly everyone having a phone, many people are using theirs when they are driving, which they shouldn't.

What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
The number of vehicles of that model that were produced
The price you paid for the car
The identification code for your specific vehicle
Another name for your license plate
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A car's VIN is often located on the windshield near where it meets the dashboard. This number can tell you a lot about a car, such as its features, where is was manufactured and much more.

What is a dipstick used for?
To check the oil
To measure tire pressure
To make sure your brakes are working
To power the windshield wipers
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The dipstick is used to check your oil. It can not only check the quality of your oil, but also ensure your oil levels are appropriate.


How do you correctly jack up your car?
Only let professionals do it.
Use a "jack point."
Jack up on your oil pan.
Get a bunch of friends to help you lift it.
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Many cars have several different spots along the body where the car is meant to be jacked up. This will protect the frame and ensure your car is supported well while it is jacked up.

When was the first gas-powered car ever created?
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In 1886, the first-ever gas-powered vehicle was patented and took off on its first public outing. It was a vehicle created by Karl Benz, who is also part of the Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer.

How often should you replace your car's tires?
Around 50,000 miles
Every 10,000 miles
100,000 miles
250,000 miles
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While there is no "set" rule, it is generally recommended that you replace your tires every 50,000 miles or so. Of course, be sure to check out your tires every now and then to ensure they are still in good working condition and the treads aren't completely "bald."


What is the most expensive part of owning a vehicle?
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While it is not a direct cost, depreciation is actually the most expensive part of owning a car. it is normal for a vehicle to lose thousands of dollars worth of value in only a few years.

Where is the the headquarters for Mercedes-Benz located?
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Mercedes-Benz was founded in Germany and still has its headquarters there, specifically in Stuttgart, Germany.

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