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Do you think that you are an expert when it comes to general knowledge? Are you a jack of all trades when it comes to fun facts with a finger in a million proverbial knowledge pies? While some things are thought to be simple common sense, common sense might just not be so common after all. After all, there is so much to know that there are definitely a few holes in the knowledge of even the people who seem the smartest. It could be impossible for one person to be an expert on everything that has been or is. 

From music to all the branches of science and mathematics, to world languages, to history, to social skills, to cooking and cleaning, to medicine, to animal behavior, the sum total of everything and all of its complexities is very vast. People who are experts in one field are often at a loss with other things. For example, a master brain surgeon may be at a loss when it comes to fixing the clog in their sink. An opera singer may have a voice tuned like a machine, but be at a loss when it comes to baking well. 

If you are a general knowledge whiz, put your skills to the test with this quiz! 

Where does "The Simpsons" take place?

The Simpsons takes place in Springfield. This fictional average American town is in an unknown state.


This nation set the White House on fire during war with the US:

During the War of 1812, England invaded America. They set Washington, D.C. on fire, including the White House.


Elephants are the sign of which political party?

Elephants are the animal associated with the American Republican party. Donkeys are associated with the American Democratic party.


What is the birthstone of the month April?

Diamonds are the birthstone of the month April. April babies have one of the most expensive birthstones.


Are peacocks male or female?

Peacocks are the males of the species.


What does "chai" mean?

Chai comes from a Chinese word meaning tea. When people ask for a "chai tea" at western coffee shops they are literally asking for "tea tea."


What is the nation of Japan?

While most are not inhabited my many people, Japan is actually an archipelago of more than 6,000 islands. Tokyo is located on the island of Honshu.


Is it true that men generally live longer than women?

On average, women live years longer than men. This could be due to many things, including biology and gendered lifestyle norms which sometimes pressure men to adopt unhealthy habits.


Which of these cities was previously the capital of the US?

Philadelphia, PA served as the US capital from 1790-1800. During this time Washington, D.C. was under construction.


What is the name of the actress who starred in "The Hunger Games"?

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and most famous women on earth. Her breakout role was as Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" franchise.


What is a group of jellyfish called?

A group of jellyfish is called a smack. They can also be called blooms or swarms.


Which of these US cities is further south?

Phoenix, Arizona is the farthest south of all of these cities. It actually sits in the Sonoran Desert.


Which of these languages is widely spoken in Canada other than English?

French and English are the official languages of Canada. Most of Canada's French-speakers live in the province of Quebec.


On which continent is most of the Middle East located?

Most of the Middle East is located in Western Asia. Smaller parts of the region stretch into the continents of Europe and Africa.


Does coffee really stunt kids' growth?

While kids shouldn't be allowed to guzzle caffeine regardless, a lot of the bad things we believe about coffee are due to an old smear campaign by cereal tycoon CW Post. He wanted people to stop drinking coffee and buy his brand's breakfast drink instead, so he started a lot of rumors about coffee being terrible for you.


Who is known as the founder of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg is known as the founder of Facebook. While he is best known for it, he actually launched it with the help of four other people in 2004.


Which music icon is known for the moonwalk?

Michael Jackson remains one of the largest music icons of all time. When he debuted the moonwalk, it blew people away.


Do sharks attack people often?

Deadly shark attacks are actually quite rare. You are statistically more likely to die from a vending machine falling on you than in a shark attack.


Which of these dog breeds is the smallest?

Chihuahua are the smallest of all the breeds listed above. These dogs, on average, weigh between 3 and 7 lbs.


Why did the doctor who claimed there's a link between vaccinations and autism lose his medical license?

Dr. Andrew Wakefield claimed that there was a link between vaccines and autism in a paper. He lost his license after it was discovered that the research he used in this paper was made up.


Is it true that the founder of the Fender company did not know how to play guitar?

Leo Fender was the inventor of the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars and founded the Fender company. In spite of this, he never actually learned how to play guitar.


Is spaghetti and meatballs an authentic Italian dish?

Spaghetti and meatballs became popular in the US during prohibition. Italian-American immigrants would serve it in their speakeasies and it quickly became a hit.


French and Spanish are members of which language family?

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian are all Romance languages. This means that they are descendants of Latin, which was spoken by ancient Romans.


Why do most goldfish die so soon after being brought home?

While the image of a goldfish and a goldfish bowl is pretty iconic, they actually make a terrible home for goldfish. The bowls are too small to allow goldfish to get the oxygen they need.


When should you take antibiotics?

Antibiotics should only be taken for bacterial infections. They are powerful drugs and should only be taken as directed for the right circumstances.


What is the main holy book of Islam?

The main holy book of Islam is known as the Koran. Islam also considers the old and new testaments important religious texts, but this book is the most important to their faith.


What does the "freedom of speech" provision in the First Amendment protect you from?

While many people believe that freedom of speech means that anyone can say whatever they want without consequences, this isn't true. The government cannot take action against people for what they say or write and they cannot be arrested for it, but they are not protected from social consequences or backlash.


Should you feed bread to ducks?

While many people feed ducks bread, they really shouldn't be doing that. Bread is not a natural part of their diet and it can lead to them being very sick.


Geckos can climb walls because of what in their feet?

Geckos have a large number of tiny hairs on the bottom of their feet. These stick to surfaces with a special chemical bond that allows them to climb things.


On which continent is corn not grown?

Corn is a massively important crop worldwide. It is grown on every continent except Antarctica, which has no permanent residents.


Where are most of the world's biggest malls?

The 10 biggest shopping malls on earth are located in Asia. They can be found in China, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Iran.


During which month are Scorpios born?

Scorpios are born between late October and late November. According to astrology, people born under the sign or often secretive and intense.


Were lobsters always considered fancy food?

Especially in New England, lobsters were considered plentiful cheap food. In the 1800s, it was considered cruel to feed them to prisoners .


In the US, who initially couldn't vote?

In 1789, the US Constitution allowed the states to set their own rules for who could vote. In most states, this was limited to property-owning tax-paying white males born in the US. This was less than 10% of the entire country's population at the time.


Jellyfish do not have which of these body parts?

Jellyfish are not actually fish. These odd creatures are about 98% water, which is why they often evaporate if they wash up on the shore.


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