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Time flies by us, as seen with this quiz. We can hardly believe it has been over 20 years since the movie "Rounders" was released. That means it's been over 20 years since we have had Matt Damon and Edward Norton in our lives. Not only did "Rounders" introduce us to this underground world of high-stakes poker and the dangers that come with it, but it also introduced us to Mike McDermott and Worm!

There are so many moments in "Rounders" for a person to remember, which is what we are going to be testing you on today. We will be throwing quotes at you and questions about Worm's time in prison and the game he was playing in there, which made him pile up all that money he owed when he was released. Do you remember the name of the actor who played the Russian club owner that Mike loses all his savings to?

Get ready, as we will be asking you all those questions and many more during this "Rounders" quiz! With an ace up your sleeve, do you think you can get all the questions right? You'll soon find out, so good luck and make sure to end the quiz with a full house of knowledge!

In the movie, what is the primary game that is played?

The movie featured no-limit Texas Hold 'em as the game of choice. This is often called the "Cadillac of poker," as it takes strategy and skill to the highest level.


Where did Mike and Worm meet?

They both went to Dwight Englewood Preparatory Academy, but were also the only two kids at the school who weren't wealthy, as Worm's dad was the groundskeeper and Mike's dad was the custodian. They would scam money off the kids and they even paid the basketball team to throw a game.


What are the letters following Teddy's name?

KGB stands for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti in Russia and was the main security agency for the country until it broke up in 1991. Teddy was from Russia, so Mika gave him this nickname.


At the beginning of the movie, Mike thinks Teddy KGB has a spade flush and goes all in. What does Teddy KGB actually have?

Mike actually had a full house with nines over aces, so he thought he had that spade flush beat. Instead, Teddy KGB had a full house too, but aces over nines, and therefore won the pot.


Worm was in prison, but what did he do to get there?

Worm was caught distributing fake credit cards. After he got out of jail, Mike joked that Worm needed to get a job or would have to go back to making the fake credit cards. Worm replied he was only distributing the cards, not making them.


Which casino was Mike thinking about during that first game while pretending to think about making a call on Teddy KGB?

While he was trying to make himself look like he was thinking of calling with a full house, he was saying to himself, "I want him to think that I'm pondering a call but all I'm really thinking about is Vegas and the Mirage."


Where is one of the spots Mike hides his money?

"Super System 2 Winning Strategies for Limit Hold 'em Cash Games and Tournament Tactics" is a book written by poker legend Doyle Brunson. Mike quotes this book throughout the movie.


In that first game, how much money did Mike put into the game?

Mike put $30,000 into a game of Texas Hold 'em. In the end, he wins this money back and some.


After losing it all to Teddy KGB, Joey Knish offers what to Mike to help him out?

After losing it all to Teddy KGB, Mike vowed to never play poker again. Joey Knish, a mentor and fellow rounder, offered to give Mike some money to rebuild his bankroll, but Mike turned him down and instead took a part-time job with him.


Jo had enough of Mike and his gambling, so she left him. When this happened Mike was watching a World Series of Poker tournament on video of what two players?

The video did show a hand between Johnny Chan and Erik Seidel. This was taken from the 1988 Word Series of Poker tournament, which Johnny won.


Mike and Worm take part in a municipal workers' game in what town?

Mike and Worm head to Binghamton to take part in this municipal workers' game. It ends with them getting beat up pretty bad, as Worm was caught base-dealing.


Before being released from prison, what game was Worm playing with the other prisoners?

Worm was playing Hearts with the other prisoners and winning all of their cigarettes in the process. However, Worm didn't smoke, so he would take them and then throw them away!


How does Mike refer to $30,000?

When Mike went into Teddy KGB's club, he asked for "three stacks of high society." As we found out, that was $30,000, which he would lose to Teddy.


After Mike's girlfriend leaves him, Mike and Worm go to which casino in Atlantic City?

The plan was to roll up some tourists and make some money. However, they ended up playing with some rounders from New York City.


Grama buys up all of Worm's debt, but who gave him the money to buy it?

Mike did not know this information, as he vouched for Worm to Grama, which meant the debt was also placed on Mike. Knowing that Teddy KGB was a very dangerous man — especially when you owed him money — worried Mike even more.


Mike refers to his partnership with Worm as working together like who?

Matt Damon is a Boston native, so it must have killed him to use a New York Knicks reference and not a Celtics one. However, the film was based in NYC and they went with Walt "Clyde" Frazier and Earl "the Pearl" Monroe instead.


To help promote the movie, Matt Damon and Edward Norton entered the actual World Series of Poker tournament in what year?

Both Damon and Norton entered the $10,000 buy-in WSOP tournament. They both ended up losing the game to former champion Doyle Brunson.


Complete this quote from Mike: "If you can't spot the sucker in your first __________ at the table, you are the sucker."

This is one of the first lines of the movie, and is spoken while Mike is narrating. The scene shows Mike taking all of his money to go play a game ay Teddy KGB's place.


While he is called Worm in the movie, what is Worm's real name?

Although everyone called him Worm, his real name was Les Murphy. His real name is actually mentioned quite a few times during the movie.


Who does Mike try and get a summer internship with?

Mike is reading the players' cards at the "judges' game" and Judge Marinacci (Tom Aldredge) is impressed. Mike says, "Summer clerkship in your office says I know what you're holding." Marinacci replies, "I don't bet with jobs like that. Let's just say I'll put you at the top of the list if you're right."


How much money does Abe Petrovsky lend Mike?

At the time, Mike and Worm owed KGB $15,000, so he asked Joey Knish for the money, but Joey said no. Mike then went to ask his law school professor Abe Petrovsky (Martin Landau) for the money, but he could only give him $10,000.


Worm plays a game against two Russians, Roman and Maurice, and wins how much from them?

Worm won $8,000 from the two Russians. He started the game with $2,000 and cashed out with $10,000.


At the game with the cops, Worm is dealing and Mike folds his first hand, but what did he have?

Worm is known to cheat, but Mike doesn't believe in cheating. So, when he gets dealt three kings in the first hand, he knows Worm cheated, and he folds.


Where does Worm first run into Grama?

Grama ends up finding Worm at the strip club and beats him up. Grama is a money shark and Worm owes him money, so after beating him up, Grama takes all the money Worm has on him.


In the final poker scene of the movie, Mike gets what hand against Teddy KGB?

Teddy bets on this hand and Mike raises it. Mike wins and takes down the first pot.


What's the name of the club where Petra works?

Petra, played by Famke Janssen, worked at The Chesterfield and had an intimate relationship with Mike. However, she did allow Worm to play under Mike's credit at The Chesterfield and rack up $6,000 in debt.


Mike used the quote "It's immoral to let a sucker keep his money," but who said this?

Canada Bill Jones was known for being a master at three-hand monte. He was known to cheat while doing it and when asked if it was immoral to cheat, he replied, "it's immoral to let a sucker keep his money."


While at the "Trust Fund Babies" mansion, Mike and Worm play what game?

Chicago is a card game where the high spade in the hole wins half the pot. Worm is dealing the first hand and deals Mike the Ace of Spades.


Who was originally supposed to play the part of Jo, Mike's girlfriend?

Neve Campbell was up to play the role of Jo in "Rounders." However, she turned it down and instead, Gretchen Mol took over the role.


What kind of car does Mike's girlfriend drive?

It seems insignificant, but it was a part of the movie, as Mike asked Jo to borrow it when he went to pick up Worm from prison.


Mike meets with his professor at a bar, but what is the professor drinking?

When Mike arrived at the bar, the professor offered to get him a drink and Mike asked what he was drinking, to which the professor said, "Gin. Always gin."


In "Rounders," Mike sits down with Johnny Chan for a game. How much money did Mike start with?

Mike was going up against one of the best in the World Series of Poker, yet only had $6,000 at the table. Joey Knish said he needed at least $50,000 or $60,000 to play the game right with Johnny.


Finish this quote from Worm: "In the poker game of life, women are the ______."

Worm made this analogy when Jo moved out of the apartment with Mike. In poker, the rake is the commission fee the poker room takes out for hosting the game.


When Mike visited the judges' game, he told a story about a rounder who tried to sit in the judges' game before. What was that rounder's name?

The judges did not seem to be fans of Crispy Lenetta, though. They came down on him hard and even got his restaurant closed down, which had been opened for years.


In the final game of the movie, what hand did Mike have to beat Teddy KGB?

Mike pulled out the victory in the end. The famous line, "You're right, Teddy. The ace didn't help me. I flopped the nut straight."


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