Quiz: Can you build your own patio furniture?


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If your blew your budget building your new patio, save some money with attractive, comfortable patio furniture -- that you construct yourself. Take this quiz to see how much you know about building your own patio furniture.

Why should you consider a do-it-yourself patio furniture project?

Patio furniture can be quite expensive, and building it yourself is a major money saver.


How much could you save by building a picnic table?

Building your own picnic table costs you about half what a store-bought table would.


What type of wood should you use to build a picnic table?

Redwood lumber makes a durable picnic table.


What should you use to finish outdoor furniture made of redwood?

You do not have to finish the wood and may let it weather naturally.


Why is redwood a good choice for patio furniture?

Redwood is a very solid and maintenance-free wood.


To preserve the color of redwood, what finish may be applied?

If the weathered look isn't your style, apply redwood oil or stain to your completed project.


How long does it take to build an umbrella table?

Four to six hours is the estimated time for completion of an umbrella table.


About how long does it take to build a patio bench?

You will need about four hours to complete a patio bench.


Why are galvanized nails used for patio furniture?

Galvanized nails are treated to resist rust, which is important for outdoor furniture.


What should you do with the patio bench during winter?

To prepare for winter, the patio bench may be disassembled and stored away.


What are carriage bolts used for?

A carriage bolt or screw is used to connect wood pieces.


What are C-clamps used for?

C-clamps are used to hold wood pieces securely. Put some wood scraps between the clamp and your project so you won't get clamp indentations.


What is the purpose of a block plane?

A block plane is used to cut across the grain of wood and may be used to bevel the edges.


What type of screws are used for patio furniture?

You'll need brass wood screws to construct patio furniture.


What is a carpenter's square used for?

A carpenter's square is used to set up right angles and is a handy item to have when building patio furniture.


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