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Think you could hold your own alongside the MythBusters? There are so many myths that can seem so real, until you find out there is no truth to them! You might know all the standard myths and misconceptions that people have, and maybe you've even busted some yourself. But this quiz will test you on more than that!

Do you know what are you said to suffer from later on in life if you crack your knuckles? According to the myth, it takes how long to digest a piece of gum that you swallowed? What are elephants said to be afraid of? There are so many myths to be debunked, do you think you can do it?

Do you know which animal is said to give you warts if you touch it? Do you know which food is said to help you see better in the dark? Do you know what lie detectors actually test for? Do you know who is often credited for the assembly line? Some of these myths may surprise you!

So, are you a know-it-all who specializes in myth busting? Then this is your time to shine. Can you prove your myth debunking skills? Take the quiz to see if you could become a MythBuster!

One common myth says that you should not do what to a sleepwalker?

It's often said that waking up a sleepwalker can be dangerous to them, but this is in fact a myth. It is actually helping out a sleepwalker when you wake them up, as they could get themselves into some danger unintentionally. You never know when they might trip or bump into something.


Which of the following people have a well-known birthday that could be wrong?

Many celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas day, December 25, but this date is not confirmed by the Bible. While the birth of baby Jesus is discussed, it never mentions the exact day of his birth.


Which of the following is a myth that applies to food?

The 5 second rule applies when food falls and touches the ground. It states that if it's been there less than 5 seconds, then you can eat it. In reality, it doesn't matter how long the food has been on the floor, what matters is how much bacteria it actually picked up.


Why do bulls react to a bullfighter's red cloth?

Many people believe that bulls charge at the flag because of its color. This is untrue, as bulls can't even see the color red! The real reason that they charge at the cloth is because of the movement .


Is it true or false that goldfish have a memory that is only seconds long?

This is false. This is a common myth that has been passed around, but goldfish have much longer memories than that. They can even remember things from months ago.


How do dogs sweat?

Many people believe dogs sweat through salivation, but if you chose their feet, you'd be right! They can also sweat through panting, but their true sweat glands are located in their feet.


What animal is said to give you warts if you touch it?

If you've been avoiding toads your whole life, you can stop now! Toads will not give you warts, although you may have heard that they do. Instead, warts come from a human virus.


Which of the following items that are associated with Vikings did they not actually wear?

Anytime you see a portrayal of a Viking, they were likely wearing a horned helmet. Because of this, many people associate these helmets with the true Vikings, but they didn't actually wear them! In fact, they were created by Carl Emil Doepler for a play in the 1800s.


It is often believed that you should not do what to baby birds?

Many people believe that touching baby birds will deter their mother. While you still might not want to touch them, it won't steer mom and dad away from taking care of them. But if touching them to get them out of danger is your only option, then you can rest easy knowing that mom will come back to care for them.


Is it true or false that opossums sleep by hanging from their tails?

This is false. Opossums are often pictured hanging from their tails but they'll never sleep that way. It's mostly the babies that do it in the first place.


What is said to help you see better in the dark?

Eating carrots is commonly thought to improve your sight and help you see in the dark. This myth actually stems from World War II pilots in order to trick the Germans so that they wouldn’t know that the Americans had radars.


If you shave, it is said to do what to your hair?

Shaving is said to make your hair thicker, but that is not true. It is somewhat of an illusion in that the hair only appears to be thicker because it was cut off where it is thick.


Which of the following about your tongue is not true?

You may have been told that your tongue has different areas that are sensitive to different tastes. As it turns out, it was all a lie! All areas of your tongue can taste everything in reality.


How many wise men are typically associated with Jesus in the Bible?

Whether or not you practice religion, you've probably heard of the three wise men. Many people believe that there were three of them, but in reality, the Bible never actually specified how many there were!


Is it true or false that a penny dropped from high above cannot kill someone?

This is true. You might have heard that dropping a penny off of a tall building can kill someone, but it does not have enough force to do so. It could really hurt, though!


Lie detector tests actually detect what?

Lie detector tests don't actually detect lies, but instead detect things like pulse and breathing to "detect" a lie. Keep that in mind the next time you tune into an episode of "Maury"!


How many years do they say it takes to digest gum?

It is often said that if you swallow gum, it takes 7 years to digest. Here's what actually happens. Since your gum can't be digested normally, it passes through whole and comes out like normal. It definitely won't take it 7 years!


What is often believed to affect the way people act?

This myth has some deep roots that come from ancient times! Many people believe that the full moon makes people a bit wacky, but that isn't true. This belief is where the term "lunatic" comes from.


What form of execution was associated with the Salem witch trials?

The Salem witch trials are commonly associated with burning people at the stake, but this is not true. They used other methods of execution such as hanging and on one occasion, crushing.


Is it true or false that each hemisphere of the brain controls a different skill?

This is false. You may have heard that the left brain controls logic and thinking strategically, while the left brain handles creativity. Studies show that we need both sides for both tasks.


What is said to happen if you crack your knuckles?

This myth seems like it makes a lot of sense but it is in fact untrue! It is a common belief that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis but it has not been proven medically.


What is swimming immediately after eating said to cause?

Although it's a common belief that swimming after eating causes stomachaches, this is not true either. It may not leave you with a good feeling, however!


How many senses do we actually have?

We've always been told and learned that we have five senses. This is true, but there are actually more than five as well that have been determined by scientists. These other senses include things like balance and temperature.


What sense do bats have that most believe that they don't?

Contrary to what many people may think, bats aren't actually blind! Most people believe that they rely on their hearing or echolocation, both of which they do use a fair bit. But sight is just as important to them.


True or false: hair care products that claim they can repair split ends cannot actually do so.

This is true. Haircare products are notorious for claiming that they can repair your hair. In some way, they can. These products can create the illusion of repaired hair through temporarily bonding the hair together again.


Which landmark is not actually visible from space?

If you’re in space, you’ll be able to see China, but not its Great Wall as many say! This myth is backed by NASA who said you indeed cannot see the incredible landmark from up above.


What are elephants often said to be afraid of?

If you think back to the movie "Dumbo," you might remember the elephants being afraid of mice. Although it's an interesting thought, it has no truth. Elephants can be scared by any quick movements in general, mouse or not!


Which wolf is said to be the leader of the pack?

The alpha wolf is often known to be the leader of a wolf pack, but it has been proven to be untrue. This can take place in captivity, but in the wild, it does not.


Contrary to popular belief, what animal does not regenerate when cut in half?

It is common to hear that worms will regenerate after being cut in half. This is not true, and instead, the first half will stay alive, while the back half will die shortly after.


Is it true or false that humans did not live at the time of dinosaurs?

This is true. Humans and dinosaurs lived millions of years apart from each other, but many people still believe that they co-existed!


What is the true color of blood in our veins?

The actual color of your blood in your veins is red, although you've probably been told that it's blue! The lack of oxygen in your veins makes it look darker, and may appear blue, however.


Which of the following do many people believe we swallow in our sleep?

Many people believe that throughout our lives, we swallow a few spiders in our sleep. This is not true, as spiders are good at sensing danger and most likely do their best to steer clear of us.


Who is often credited with inventing the assembly line?

Although Henry is often credited with this, the assembly line was around long before him. However, he can take credit for revolutionizing it. Just take a look at his moving assembly line!


What is said to flow a different way in the Southern Hemisphere?

According to many, flushing your toilet might look a lot different in the Southern hemisphere, but that just isn't true! No matter what side of the world you're on, the flush will look the same.


What percentage of our brain is commonly said to be used?

Many people say that we only use 10% of our brains, but that couldn't be more incorrect. Studies have shown the map of our brain and how it works, revealing that the vast majority of our brain is always working hard.


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