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Having the right words at the right time is the key to success in life. Oh, but let’s be honest, who has the right words all the time? YOU DO. Let’s see you ace this quiz, smartypants.

May I ask you for some ______?

“May I ask you for some advice?” Advice is guidance, and to advise is the verb by which you give advice.

It _____ my expectations.

“It exceeded my expectations.” When you accede to someone’s demands, you agree to them. When you exceed, you surpass something.

Your apology is hard to _____.

“Your apology is hard to accept.” These two words are often confused. You can accept something, except the things that you can’t accept.

She _____ to her unhappiness in her marriage.

“She alluded to her unhappiness in her marriage.” That means she suggested it indirectly. If you elude, you are escaping.

I just want to give up ______.

“I just want to give up altogether.” But then we decided that, all together, we were going to accomplish it anyway.

They were married at the ______.

“They were married at the altar.” But she had to get her wedding dress altered first.

Since she had no sense of right or wrong, her behavior was ______.

“Since she had no sense of right or wrong, her behavior was amoral.” Had she known the difference between right and wrong, yet did the wrong thing, she would have been immoral.

The jeweler _____ the piece of jewelry.

“The jeweler appraised the piece of jewelry.” To apprise someone is to inform them.

He used his _____ to drill the hole.

“He used his auger to drill the hole.” Once he bore the hole, he augured that it was going to rain that day.

_____ with me.

“Bear with me. I just saw a bear, and I’m frightened.” The bear was bare naked.

We visited the Middle Eastern _____.

“We visited the Middle Eastern bazaar.” That odd bazaar was quite bizarre.

The beautiful _____ princess fell in love with the _____ warrior.

“The beautiful blonde princess fell in love with the blond warrior. These two terms are borrowed from the French, so they’re subject to gender.

Maggie ____ a new sweater at the store.

“Maggie bought a new sweater at the store.” After she bought the sweater, she brought it to her house.

The two soldiers ______ with one another to get the mission done.

“The two soldiers collaborated with one another to get the mission done.” They then corroborated, or confirmed, that it was complete.

The fountain ran ____ without stopping.

“The fountain ran continuously without stopping.” When something is continual, it’s merely an indication of repetition.

He paid her a remarkable _______.

“He paid her a remarkable compliment.” The compliment was about how well her shoes complemented her purse.

The ____ meets on Fridays.

“The council meets on Fridays.” The council members can also counsel one another about what’s the best course of action.

Mark was excelling in his English _____.

“Mark was excelling in his English course.” Also, since Mark forgot to shave, his beard was coarse.

Her explanation was _____.

“Her explanation was credible.” When someone does something of merit, you can say that their behavior is creditable.

There were _____ in the cake.

“There were currants in the cake.” Something that is current is happening right now.

He ____ a way of cleaning the hard-to-reach windows.

“He devised a way of cleaning the hard-to-reach windows.” A device is something that you might use to clean the windows.

What's ______ with you?

“What's new with you?" I knew there was a new gnu at the zoo.

May I _____ your advice?

“May I elicit your advice?” When something is illegal it is illicit.

Her _____ the Queen is in our midst.

“Her Eminence the Queen is in our midst.” When something is imminent, it’s just about to happen.

The girl was possessed by demons and needed to be _____ .

“The girl was possessed by demons and needed to be exorcised.” To exercise is to go to the gym and work out.

It didn’t _____ him at all.

“It didn’t faze him at all.” A phase is something that you go through, like a period of time.

There was baked ____ for dinner.

“There was baked flounder for dinner.” To founder is to sink in the water. The dead flounder foundered.

Vietnam was a time of _____ warfare.

“Vietnam was a time of guerrilla warfare.” Gorillas are large apes.

There was a _____ jury.

“There was a hung jury.” When someone is facing death, they might be hanged, and when a picture goes up on the wall, it’s hung.

The _____ was buried alive at home.

“The hoarder was buried alive at home.” The hoarder owned hordes of old magazines.

There was so much ____ to her profound speech.

“There was so much immediacy to her profound speech.” That means urgency. When something happens immediately, it happens without delay.

The speaker _____, the listener ______ .

The speaker implies, the listener infers. To imply is to suggest without words. To infer is to assume from a suggestion.

“____ best if you leave now.”

“It’s best if you leave now.” It’s always important that it's used the right way. “It’s” refers to “it is.”

He couldn’t follow the science _____.

“He couldn’t follow the science lesson.” When something is lessened it is made to be less.

The blemish on her face was ______.

“The blemish on her face was noticeable.” When something is notable, it’s worthy of note.

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