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Do you have that squirrel or rabbit in scope? Is that trail you're following old or new? If you are all about game hunting or tracking this is the quiz to test your knowledge of being on the hunt. Game animals are any animals that are hunted for food or sport. And while some animals, like deer, bears, and turkeys are commonly known game, you might be surprised to find other creatures, such as opossums and sea lions on the list. Regardless, this is the quiz that tests your knowledge of game animals and the world in which they live.

Do you know which game animals have retractable claws? Luckily, it's not the world's most popular X-man! Do you know which game bird is extremely difficult to hunt due to its steller camouflage and erratic flying behavior? Do you know the small game canine that can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and even Mexico? Do you think you can figure out which game animal throughout the south and midwest is notoriously difficult to take down? Have you ever hunted the biggest game animal in the United States? What was that again? 

These game animals come in all shapes and sizes, from a small rabbit to a grizzly bear and even the ocean's most devious predator, the Great White Shark. See if you can take this quiz down in one shot!

A badger is classified as a ____________.

The badger can live up to twelve years and does not hibernate.


This upland game bird is hard to hunt due to its body camouflage and erratic flying pattern.

The snipe is one of twenty-five wading bird species with a very long and slender bill and camouflage feathers that have the ability to hide it from predators.


The bobcat, a ________ game animal has claws that are retractable.

Bobcats are very territorial and have large ranges that they hunt from dark to dawn.


The opossum is classified as a ___________________.

The opossum is the only North American marsupial.


The __________ is an upland game bird from Eurasia.

A chukar or chukar partridge is a member of the pheasant family; it has well-marked black and white bars on its flanks and a black band around its face to its white chest.


The ___________ is the largest big game in the deer family.

The Canadian moose can get as tall as 7 ft and weigh up to 1,500 lbs.


The raccoon is the official mammal of Tennesse and is classified as __________.

Raccoons are medium-sized carnivores that weigh between twelve and thirty pounds.


The ____________ is a large predator residing in North America.

The adult female grizzly can weigh up to 400 lbs, with a male weighing up to 790 lbs.


This small game has a flat paddle-like tail.

Beavers build dams called lodges in the shape of a cone using branches and mud.


The pheasant is classified as an ____________.

The name pheasant comes from the Latin word "phasianus." This game bird is native to Asia and has been introduced to countries all over the world.


The _________ is small game found all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

A coyote's prints are oval, with toenails that tend to hook inward, with its fur long and course.


The ____________ is a predator that can mostly be found in the Russian Far East.

The Siberian tiger is also called the Amur tiger and is found mainly the Sikhote Alin mountain range.


The Rocky Mountain Elk is classified as ___________.

The rocky mountain elk is one of the largest of the big game in North American, weighing in at 700 lbs.


____________ are predators with a diverse marine diet.

The killer whale is also known as the orca and are highly social and travel in pods or family packs. As apex predators, the only predator it has are humans.


The fossa is a __________ located exclusively in Madagascar.

The fossa has a mongoose-like head with short, straight, dense fur, absent of spots or patterns.


The wild __________ is classified as a waterfowl and the ancestor of all domestic ducks.

The wild mallard was first domesticated in China approximately 2,000 to 3,000 years ago.


As a furbearer, a __________________ is difficult to trap.

The red fox is a farmland predator that is easily adaptable to any environment it finds itself in.


The wild turkey is classified as an ____________.

The wild turkey has 5000 to 6000 feathers and is common in the mid-west and eastern half of the United States.


The wild geese are classified as ______________.

Wild geese mate for life and hangout in flocks called gaggles.


What is the largest species classified under waterfowl?

Swans have a long necks with big bodies and move faster in the air and on the water than any other waterfowl.


The woodcock, an ______________, is also a woodland bird.

The woodcocks feed in the evenings or at night, with their low-key plumage keeping them hidden during the day.


Classified as a furbearer, a _________ is often taken in traps set for muskrats.

Mink are skilled swimmers, quick on land, and excellent tree climbers.


A ________ of any species is a short-neck, large-billed waterfowl.

A duck's legs are placed backwards like geese instead of forward like a swan.


A marten is a game animal that fits into the __________ classification.

Martens currently live in seventeen states and are legally trapped in ten states.


With this waterfowl, a male is called a gander while a female is called a hen.

The goose's neck is shorter than its body, with its legs located farther forward than swans and ducks.


The great white shark is game classified as a ___________.

The great white shark can be found in the coastal waters of all the significant oceans.


A __________ is a sought-after big game in North America.

A caribou is a large animal weighing up to 400 lbs and prefers the cold, vast tundra.


The ____________ is a big game animal that doesn't go down easy.

Unless killed by the first shot, the hunter has a good chance of running for cover from the wild boar's mighty tusks.


Considered ______________, the gray fox is a nocturnal animal.

The gray fox are excellent tree climbers, which allows them to get away from predators.


The largest big game animal found in North America is a _________.

Bisons weigh in at 2,000 lbs and can run at 30 mph, so a hunter needs excellent long-range aim.


The _________ is the most hunted big game animal in North America.

A mature buck in the north can weigh up to 300 lbs, while bucks in the south are between 100 - 200 lbs.


This furbearer is a difficult species to keep under control despite hunting, poison, and total lack of conservation in some states.

Coyotes are considered to be wild canines, with dog-like or wolf-like features and mannerisms.


The Steller Sea Lion is classified as a ___________.

The Stellar Sea Lion lives in the northern Pacific and loves to hunt fish and seals.


What waterfowl is also known as a Hungarian partridge?

The grey partridge is also known as a hun, and is a rotund gamebird.


The mink, other than being a furbearer, is classified as ________.

A mink is an excellent swimmer and can be found around the banks of a stream or the shores of a lake.


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