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YUMMM. Have you ever wanted to smell like fruit or sweet desserts? You certainly can with Bath & Body Works! With tons of different scents, can you complete the names of their most popular fragrances?

While Bloomingdale's might have you leaving their stores with a little brown bag, who could forget the popular blue and white gingham design of Bath and Body Works? Founded in 1990, the store specializes in beauty, bath, and fragrance products. While you might only be tempted with the fragrance mists and body lotions, the retailer also produces a popular series of candles.

With signature scents that are highly centered around sweet tasting snacks or floral smells, how many of these Bath & Body Works fragrances can you complete? Do you remember if twilight was happening in the woods or forest? Can you remember which Hawaiian island the coconut sunset is taking place on? Does your knowledge include the OG retired scents like Wild Madagascar Vanilla and Cucumber Melon?

We might not be asking you for those, but you'll have to remember the classic scents to even their newest fragrances. From their classic fall pumpkins to their Christmas Noels, how many of these Bath & Body Works fragrances can you complete?

Nose at the ready!

__________ Lemon

Bath & Body Works has a hand soap fragrance called Kitchen Lemon. While you'll definitely catch the fresh scent of lemon, you'll also be doused in a hint of coconut oil and bergamot.


Honolulu ______

One of Bath & Body Works' popular scents is Honolulu Sun. A fresh, exotic scent, Honolulu Sun has hints of coconut and palm leaves.


Japanese _______ Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossom is one of the most classic and most popular scents at BBW. With its recognizable mix of cherry blossoms, Asian pear, white jasmine, and more, you'll find this frangrance in the form of a mist, shower gel, body scrub, and more.


________ Island Cotton

Sea Island Cotton is another fresh scent from BBW that has the distinctive smell of pure cotton. At Bath & Body Works, this fragrance comes in hand soap, body cream, body mist, and more.


________ Bellini

Peach Bellini is another fruity scent from Bath & Body Works. Named after the cocktail, this fragrance is mostly peach with hints of apricot and mango. You can find this fragrance as a hand soap, cream, or candle.


_________ Coconut

Vanilla Coconut is another fragrance you would find at Bath & Body Works. While you'd naturally find a blend of vanilla and coconut scents, you'd be pleasantly surprised with the hint of peach blossom.


__________ Vanilla

Lavender Vanilla is another warm Bath & Body Works scent. You'll find this scent in a candle, body cream, lotion, and even pillow mist!


___________ Teakwood

Mahogany Teakwood is a deep, woodsy scent from Bath & Body Works. With traces of mahogany, teakwood, and dark oak, this fragrance is the perfect earthy scent for the home.


Twilight _________

Twilight Woods was a popular BBW scent that has since been retired. Although you can't find the scent in stores, you can still find it on the BBW website. It comes in a variety of fragrance mists, lotions, and shower gels. It has hints of cypress, apricot nectar, and mimosa petals.


White ________

White Citrus is another fresh scent you'd find at Bath & Body Works. Perfect for freshening up the home and your body, this scent has hints of lemon, tangerine, and ginger.


_________ Blossom

For a hint of island coconut and the exotic Tiare flower, you might use Coconut Blossom. At Bath & Body Works, this fragrance comes in the form of a hand soap.


_________ Honeysuckle

For hints of honeydew, honeysuckle, jasmine, and more, you might try Wild Honeysuckle from Bath & Body Works. This fresh scent is retired and only available online in the form of a fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion, and body cream.


White Tea & ______

A nice touch to any bathroom, White Tea & Sage comes in a gentle foaming hand soap. The fragrance is a blend of tea, lemon, and herbs.


Black Cherry ________

A sultry mix of cherry, raspberry, and merlot, Black Cherry Merlot is the perfect deep home scent. While it's great as a hand soap, you might find it's the perfect fragrance for the home in the form of wall plugs and candles.


_________ Sea Salt Caramel

One of their "gourmand" scents, Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel has obvious hints of bourbon, sea salt, and caramel. An ideal home fragrance, it is available in wallflowers and candles.


_________ & Vanilla

If you're in the mood for a warm scent, Almond & Vanilla might be just what you're looking for. With an obvious blend of almond and vanilla fragrances, this scent comes in a body scrub.


Palo ______

For a deep, woodsy scent, you might be leaning towards Palo Santo. A fragrance solely meant for the home, it has hints of Palo Santo wood as well as amber.


_______ Coconut Sunset

Named after one of the largest Hawaiian Islands, Oahu Coconut Sunset is a retired scent from Bath a& Body Works. With the fresh smell of coconuts, this is a perfect fruity fragrance that comes in the form of mists, lotions, and shower gels.


Clementine & __________

Clementine & Chamomile is a scent at Bath & Body Works that only comes in the form of a gentle foaming hand soap. This fragrance carries hints of clementines, chamomile, and water lilies.


Dark _______

Dark Kiss is another retired BBW fragrance that you'll find online. With hints of black raspberry, vanilla bean, and Bergamot, you'll find this fragrance as a body mist, lotion, cream, and shower gel.


Rainforest __________

For a fresh scent, you might lean towards the BBW fragrance, Rainforest Gardenia. A perfect scent for the home, it has hints of white gardenia and apple water.


Coconut ______ Verbena

Coconut Lime Verbena is a BBW scent that favors lime and coconut water. A home fragrance, it is only available in hand soap and wallflowers.


Watermelon __________

Watermelon Lemonade is a sweet fragrance from BBW. This scent has obvious hints of watermelon and lemon. An all around fragrance, this comes ready with products for the home and body.


Cinnamon _______ Vanilla

A BBW fragrance that comes ready for the home, Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla comes in the form of wallflowers and candles. The scent will give you a fresh aroma of ground cinnamon and vanilla bean.


At The ________

With hints of the flower, frangipani, as well as coconut and Bergamot, this is an ideal warm scent for the home and body.


A Thousand ________

While the name might give you no indication, A Thousand Wishes is a deep fragrance with hints of champagne and almond. An all around scent, it comes in the form of wallflowers, body mists, and candles.


_________ Melon

Cucumber Melon is one of the original throwback scents of Bath & Body Works. With hints of cucumber, honeydew, and cantaloupe, this retired scent is only available online but in a variety of different BBW products.


Bergamot & __________

For a soft citrus smell, you might go with BBW's Bergamot & Mandarin. Available for both home and body, this product comes in body washes, hand creams, and candles.


Golden _________

Golden Moonstone is a hand soap fragrance at Bath & Body Works. The scent has hints of coconut water and warm vanilla.


Rose Water & ______

For a sweet scent, one might try Bath & Body Works' Rose Water & Ivy which has hints of rose petals, ivy, and spring musk. Available in wallflowers and candles, it is an ideal home fragrance.


Eucalyptus _______

Eucalyptus Rain is a home fragrance that comes in wallflowers and candles. It has the fresh scent of eucalyptus and spearmint.


_________ Kiwi Passionfruit

For hints of passionfruit, kiwi, and coconut, Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit might be your ideal scent. It comes in wallflowers, room sprays, and candles.


________ & Clove Buds

Cinnamon & Clove Buds has the warm, soft scent of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. A home scent, it is only available in wallflowers.


__________ Glow

Cashmere Glow is another retired scent from Bath & Body works that is only available online. Available in fragrance mist, lotion, cream, and shower gel, the scent has hints of vanilla and peach.


________ Chiffon

Pink Chiffon is another popular retired scent from Bath & Body Works. Available in a mist, shower gel, cream, and lotion, Pink Chiffon has hints of pear, jasmine, orchids, and chiffon musk.


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