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The '60s and '70s ushered in an era of TV shows featuring family bands and musical specials, including Sonny & Cher, the Jackson Five, the Partridge Family and, of course, the Osmonds. These families were musically talented – they were household names at the time. From the time they could walk and sing, some of these band members found themselves on stage, in front of huge studio audiences and on live television specials. Michael Jackson made his TV debut in 1969 at the tender age of 11 on the Ed Sullivan Show, and Donny Osmond was only five years old when he appeared on the Andy Williams Show back in 1963. 

They may call it Puppy Love, but these band families contributed to the heartthrob movement in an era of the teenage crush. Donny Osmond and David Cassidy were at the top of the "dreamy" list that caused teenage fan-girls to swoon worldwide. Although David Cassidy was only hired to play a Partridge on TV, his singing talent was real. He went on to record under his real name as well as sing on several Partridge Family albums. Donny Osmond has enjoyed a successful career with the Osmond brothers, duets with his younger sister Marie and a solo career that even includes Broadway musicals. 

One thing these families all have in common is the catchy tunes they performed that radio stations still play today. This quiz will test your singalong ability and see if you can complete the lyrics to a few of the Osmonds' and Partridge Family's greatest hits. Have fun with this quiz, and come on, Get Happy

"I'm a little bit country, and I'm a little _________."

Donny and Marie Osmond performed this fun duet, "A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock and Roll" on Bob Hope's July 4th TV Special in 1976. They were just 18 and 16 years old at the time, but already seasoned TV professionals.


"And they called it puppy love, oh I guess they'll never know how a young heart _______."

"Puppy Love" was a tween fan favorite on Donny Osmond's third solo album, "Portrait Of Donny," in 1972. He was a mere 14 years old but already a teen dream and certified heartthrob. "Puppy Love" was covered by Paul Anka, Dolly Parton and Celtic Thunder.


"When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls, and the stars begin to flicker in the sky, _______."

Donny & Marie Osmond's "Deep Purple" spent 23 weeks on the Billboard chart in 1976, peaking at number 14. Purple was known to be Donny's favorite color, and he regularly wore his favorite purple socks on the "Donny & Marie" show.


"'A' my name is Alice and my boyfriend's name is Andy. We come from Alabama and we like _________."

The Osmonds were not really from Alabama. They are a very large Mormon family from Utah, and the family still owns a successful real estate company there — Osmond Real Estate, of course.


"One can have a dream, baby, and two can make that dream so real. One can talk about being in love, __________."

"It takes two" in the song, but the Osmond clan includes nine siblings. Marie is the only girl. Six of the eight brothers are entertainers, singers and musicians. Marie did not usually perform with the boys as the Osmond group, but she regularly performs and records with Donny.


"Make the world go away, get it up on my shoulders. _________ and make the world go away."

Of the nine Osmond children, the two oldest – Virl and Tom – were both born with hearing impairments and did not perform with the rest of the siblings. Marie calls her two oldest brothers her heroes because they were never in the spotlight like all the others, yet they were never jealous​ of their success.


"On the poor side of town lives a girl no one knows, with her worn out shoes ______."

In 1958, four of the Osmonds performed barbershop quartet style – eventually getting noticed and booked on "The Andy Williams Show" in 1962. The harmonizing brothers were Alan, age 13; Wayne, age 11; Merrill, age 9; and Jay, age 7. No Donny just yet!


"Weeping willow, weeping willow, weeping freely ______."

The willow tree has been mentioned in numerous songs, poems and novels. Its long, thin branches are often compared to tears, flowing hair or even waterfalls. Marie Osmond sang lead on this song, with Donny performing backup vocals.


"Weeping willow, weeping willow, oh how I wish _________."

Marie Osmond sang "Weeping Willow" on the "Donny & Marie" TV show. The popular TV variety show ran for four seasons, from 1975 to 1979. Donny and Marie were just teenagers when the show debuted.


"Two umbrellas up for sale, mine will leak it never fails. I dial wrong numbers all the time _______."

In 2007, Oprah Winfrey invited the entire Osmond family to her show to celebrate more than five decades of entertaining fans. All nine siblings showed up to honor their father, George, who passed away at age 90, just a few days before the taping.


"At the rainbow's end, you can begin again. It's where your dreams ________."

This Osmond song references​ the end of the rainbow — some people believe at the end of the rainbow you might find heaven, a pot of gold or pets who have crossed over. In Auckland, New Zealand, the Rainbow's End is a popular family theme and entertainment park that thousands of tourists visit every year.


"If you're all alone, you won't be long, _________, down by the lazy river."

Donny Osmond can play a variety of instruments, including the guitar, violin, banjo, saxophone and piano, and Marie Osmond also plays the guitar. So many Osmonds have natural singing talent and seem to be born to perform.


"Come on, get on your feet, just for the round, boogie down ______."

The Osmonds come from a large Mormon family – Donny has five sons and Marie has eight children. The nine siblings have a total of 55 children together, and with grandchildren popping up every day, the Osmond family​ of talent continues to grow.


"Your baby’s back, you are the one I need, baby ______."

The Osmonds embraced many musical styles, from barbershop to love ballads, from pop to disco. The brothers not only sang and danced, but they also wrote the music and lyrics, played instruments and produced a number of their albums as well.


"I caught you lookin' at my baby out of the corner of my eye. We were arm in arm _______."

Most fans don't know that Marie Osmond studied opera for many years and has written a best selling book called “Might As Well Laugh About It Now." Marie's career has been a rollercoaster, but her long-running Vegas show certified her as a bonafide A-list celebrity entertainer.


"Hello world, here's a song _______, come on get happy!"

"The Partridge Family" featured a family band​ touring in the Partridge Family bus; the show first aired in 1970 and ran for four seasons. "Come On Get Happy" was one of the two opening theme songs used.


"Come on down and meet everybody, _________."

Most of the Partridge Family songs are catchy, upbeat tunes, based on singing, happiness or falling in love. David Cassidy played Keith Partridge — the oldest of the children in the family band. He was 20 when he first appeared on the show.


"I woke up in love this mornin'. Went to ________."

The Partridge Family was not a real family; none of the members were blood-related. However, Shirley Jones was David Cassidy's real-life stepmother, after marrying his father when David was only six years old. Shirley and David played mother and son on the show.


"I can feel your heartbeat, _______."

The youngest Partridge — Chris — was played first by actor Jeremy Gelbwaks, but was replaced by Brian Forster in season two. He played the drummer in the band but didn't really know how to play; he was able to fake it pretty well.


"I want to look behind the mirror of your eyes, and see the secret world, _______."

"The Partridge Family" TV show featured quite a few famous guest appearances, including Jodie Foster, Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith. It was not uncommon for famous celebrities to make guest appearances, especially if they had a new project to promote. And, of course, some of these young actors were not yet famous.


"Hey, stop, stop, and look around, somebody _______."

Although "The Partridge Family" was based on the family playing in a band, most of the actors could not play their instruments on the show. They had to fake it to look convincing enough for viewers to believe that they were really playing. David Cassidy could actually play guitar.


"Today may be a never-ending highway, and _______."

David Cassidy dropped the squeaky clean image of his Partridge persona Keith and gave a provocative interview to Rolling Stone magazine in 1972. He even appeared nude on the cover – tastefully of course, but controversial at the time.


"Singin' it out to the people, singin' it out to them all. Singin' my song and _______."

Shirley Jones was the star of the TV show, but she had a very successful musical career before "The Partridge Family," including Broadway. She starred in several popular musicals, including "Oklahoma," "Carousel" and "South Pacific."


"I go downtown and roam around, but every street I walk, _________."

This David Cassidy song is about walking around, looking for true love. But did you know that If you walk every street in New York City, there are over 8,000 miles to tread? The 2018 documentary called "The World Before Your Feet" follows Matt Green, a man who did just that.


"If it's all over, there's no need to cry, _____."

This popular Partridge Family love song may cause tears, but when you cry it clears out your tear ducts and sinuses. The reason your nose usually runs is that​ your tears drip back into your nasal passages, mixing with mucus, then running out your nostrils as snot.


"You know that I've been watchin' you for quite some time, ________."

This Partridge Family song might have been about true love, but Shirley Jones was married twice. She had three more sons with David's dad, actor Jack Cassidy. Shaun, Patrick and Ryan Cassidy all have successful music or acting careers, thanks to the creative and talented genes of their parents.


"Am I losing you? ________?"

Shirley Jones was first offered the role of Carol Brady in "The Brady Bunch," but she turned it down. She happily took the leading role as the matriarch in "The Partridge Family," a leading role where she could really show off her singing chops and play a mother with a career.


"I'm going faster, thrills comin' at ya, and I walk down, all around ________."

Susan Dey played Laurie Partridge and had a huge crush on her on-screen brother, David Cassidy. Unfortunately, the teenage heartthrob didn't return her feelings. They went on to marry other people and have families of their own.


"Now you've got my baby, ________."

"The Partridge Family," a Sony production, aired 96 episodes, and the on-screen actors recorded eight studio albums. That's a lot of rehearsals for young kids – learning and performing songs, dancing and acting in that short four-year run.


"Last night you know I couldn't sleep, wouldn't sleep, ______."

Susan Dey played the role of Laurie Partridge, but she began her career as a teen model. She was offered the role of Sandy in "Grease" but turned it down. She went on to star in several TV movies and films, and most notably had a leading role on "L.A. Law" for several years.


"In this dirty old part of the city, ______."

Susan Dey not only enjoyed being in front of the camera but also behind the camera; she tried her hand at producing. In 1989 she co-produced the TV movie "I Love You Perfect," and another TV movie called "Love, Lies & Lullabies" in 1993.


"We've got the sunshine in our hands, ______."

Danny Bonaduce was possibly the most notorious of all the "Partridge Family" cast members; he continues to act today but started his acting career as a child star at only seven years old. He has more than 50 acting credits, including TV series, guest starring roles, voice over work and feature films.


"Come on, love, come on in, come on, let my life begin. I've waited much too long _____."

David Cassidy was married and divorced three times, and he fathered two talented children, Katie and Beau Cassidy. As adults, they have created successful acting and singing careers to carry on the prolific Cassidy name in Hollywood lights.


"I'll never, never get over you, maybe I'm not so sure ______."

Unfortunately, after years of alcohol abuse, David Cassidy died of liver and kidney failure in 2017 at the relatively young age of 67. He was on a liver transplant list but he fell into a coma, and a donor liver didn't come through in time to save his life.


"And then I heard you singing your song, and I knew I'd been living all wrong,_____."

David Cassidy authored two autobiographical books that told about his life as a Partridge and his life after the show. The first book was published in 1994, called "C'mon, Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus," and then in 2007 he wrote "Could It Be Forever?: My Story."


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