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Every single country in the world has phrases that they've made up and are known for. And while we're not exactly sure who's responsible for the ones that the Brits say, we have to admit that they are quite out there. Don't get us wrong, it is very fun to say the "I'm knackered" instead of "I'm tired". Add in the incredibly sexy Brtish accent and you've got men and women weak in the knees. But do you know what these people are saying? Do you know enough about their most common phrases to complete some of them if we gave them to you? 

Well, that's exactly what we're going to do in this quiz. We'll give you phrases that involve pizza, dogs, uncles, trolleys, and picnics and it's up to you to complete each of these phrases so that they can make sense. So we've removed a word or two from each saying and you have to choose the correct word from a bunch of options and complete the line. If you think you've listened to enough Brits talk to ace this UK phrases quiz, go ahead and get started on this one. 

Pip _________!

Pip pip is an old-fashioned British phrase which was used to say goodbye. The expression is thought to have been an imitation of a car horn.

See a man about a _____.

The British phrase "see a man about a dog" is used to hide one's real reason for leaving. The term can also be used when excusing oneself to the bathroom to do a number two.

Dog's ______.

This term should not be taken in its literal sense. A dog's dinner indicates that someone is dressed nicely.

I'm off to ___________.

The British slang "I'm off to Bedfordshire" means that one is off to bed or calling it a night.

Pavement _________.

Pavement pizza is a British term used to refer to vomit or barf.

____________ off.

This term is used to chase someone away. It means "go away" or "leave me alone."

Her majesty's ______________

The term Her Majesty's Pleasure refers to something which, is in fact, not quite pleasurable. It means to be put in prison.

Up the _________.

Up the duff is a fancy British way to say that someone is pregnant or knocked up.

Off one's _________.

The meaning of this slang can be interpreted from its words. To be off one's trolley means to be off, crazy or out of one's mind.

Chin _________.

The British slang chin wag means to chat or be engaged in conversation with someone.

Take the __________.

The term "take the mickey" can be used interchangeably with the phrase taking a piss at someone. This means to joke or make fun of someone.

On the _________.

When someone is said to be on the pull, it means that they have gone out in search of a sexual partner.

Give me a ___________ on the blower

Give me a tinkle on the blower is a lengthy and complicated way of asking someone to give you a call.

A few _________________ short of a picnic basket.

If someone is described as being a few sandwiches short of a picnic, it means that they lack common sense.

Brass __________.

When a Brit uses the term "brass monkeys" it has nothing to do with these ape-like creatures. They're actually referring to weather that is extremely cold.

Bob's your ___________.

The phrase "Bob's your uncle" means "You've got it" or "There it is." It is often used to conclude an explanation of process.

Cost a ___________.

When something is said to cost a bomb, it means that it is very expensive or costly.

Full of ____________.

The phrase full of beans is used to refer to someone who is full of energy and very bubbly.

Hank _________.

To say "I'm Hank Marvin" is to say that one is hungry. The term is cockney slang for starving.

On it like a car ____________.

To be on it like a car bonnet means to have a situation completely under control.

Full ____________.

The term full Monty is thought to have several meanings. Following the release of the film of the same name, the phrase was thought to be a euphemism for stripping. In actuality, the term refers to a limitless persuasion.

Pop your __________.

This phrase is thought to have been created during the industrial revolution. It means to die.

Over-egg the ______________.

The term "over-egging the pudding" is simple. It is used when someone is overdoing something which usually ends in disaster.

Spend a _________.

This euphemism was created based on the fact that women were charged a penny to use public washrooms. As a result, the term "spend a penny" is now used to mean going to the toilet.

Wind your __________ in.

"Wind your neck in" is a polite way of letting someone know that an issue is none of their concern or that their opinion is not welcomed.

__________ in.

The word "quid" alone is British slang for pounds. To be "quids in," is to be financially invested in something from which one will gain massive profits.

Take the ______________.

To say that someone has "taken the biscuit" means that they have done something extremely foolish or irritating.

Splash _____.

The phrase "splash out" is used when someone is spending excessively on an event or occasion.

All to _________.

The phrase "all to pot" is an old British slang used when something is going haywire or not according to plan.

_______ a gander.

The term "have a gander" means to have a look. The phrase is believed to have originated in Cheshire.

Taking the ________.

A popularly used phrase, "taking the piss" means to make fun of someone or something.

Throwing a ________

To throw a wobbly means to throw a tantrum. The term is only used when referring to the tantrums of adults and not those of children.

The Bee's __________.

In British slang, the term "bee's knees" is used to denote excellence. It is used to refer to both people and things.


If something is referred to as being hunky dory, it means that it is OK or normal.

Cream ____________.

The British phrase "cream crackered" has nothing to do with food. It actually means that someone is ridiculously tired or exhausted.

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