Quiz: Can You Complete These Common Spanish Phrases?
Can You Complete These Common Spanish Phrases?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Spanish is one of the romance languages. And while it may have many parallelisms with Italian and some similarities with French, it still stands out as an interesting and intriguing language to learn.

Spanish is also one of the major languages recognized by the United Nations system. That means all the major documents that the international body produces should also have a Spanish translation, aside from the English original (or aside from the original language of the document). So you know that this is a widely used language if the UN itself recognizes it as such. 

And widely-used it really is, for it has so many speakers in many parts of the globe. Imagine having one whole continent being able to understand the language! That's not just one country, since that's majority of Central America and South America we're talking about. And then there are the former colonies or areas that had direct contact with the motherland, Spain, during the ancient times. Count Mexico and part of Texas, of course, in Northern America. There's also the Philippines in Asia and other smaller areas as well. All of these countries and areas have remnants of the Spanish culture infused in their current cultures, so it's also understandable that the Spanish language is also widely used in these cultures, if not infused in their own current languages.

Such an interesting background, right? So, do you think you can fill in the blanks of these common Spanish phrases here? Come on, give it a try, and let's see how much you know! Arriba arriba!

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When someone greets you in the morning, they say “Buenos ___.”
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The Terminator famously said “Hasta la __, baby!”
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Asking for a favor, you say “Por __.”
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When you’re sorry, you sincerely say “Lo ___.”
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When someone greets you in the afternoon, they say “Buenas ___.”
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A reply to a simple thanks is a simple “De __.”
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The French say “Je t’aime” while the Spanish say “__ __.”
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If you want to say that you’re just fine, you say “Estoy __.”
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If you don’t understand something, you say “Yo no ___.”
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When someone greets you in the evening, they say “Buenas ___.”
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To know the time, people ask “Que __ es?”
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A simple “How are you” would be “__ estas?”
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When you want to know if someone speaks English, ask them “___ ingles?”
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To know how much an item costs, you ask “__ cuesta?”
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Hey, no problem! To say this in Spanish, blurt out “__problema!”
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An informal greeting like “What’s happening?” is “__ pasa?”
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When someone asks for one’s name, the question is “Como se ___?”
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Merry Christmas in Spanish is “Feliz __.”
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No worries! To say this, blurt out “No se __!”
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See you later! Hasta __!
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When you want to say “sometimes,” use the phrase “A __.”
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You’re doing good, so far! __ bien!
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See you tomorrow! Hasta __!
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Happy birthday! Feliz __!
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It’s all good! __ bien!
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"What’s up?" translates to "Que __?"
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The French say “Bon appetit!” The Spanish say “Buen __!”
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If you really want to say "See you soon!" you can say "Hasta __!"
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"Can you help me" translates to "__ ayudarme?"
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Good luck with finishing this quiz! Buena __!
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The French say “Bon voyage!” The Spanish say “Buen __!”
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If you want to turn right, you go “A la __.”
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If you are lost, say “Estoy __ .”
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If you really gotta go, you can ask “__ esta el baño?”
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To claim something you want, say “Yo __.”
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