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Since the release of Disney+, you've probably been revisiting some of your old favorites. Perhaps you finally got a refresher on "The Little Mermaid" songs, or maybe you just wanted to see Genie's number one more time. With the abundance of content on the app, your watch list is most likely a mile long ... and you're probably over halfway through it by now. We don't blame you. There is no doubt that this content brings you back to the days when you could recite entire movies while you wore down VHS tapes or overheated DVD players. 

But the greatest thing about Disney films is the characters. These are the characters you grew up with, the ones you dreamed about becoming and the ones you pretended to be during dress-up time. They were funny and smart, and they sang such awesome songs.

There is no doubt that you can name dozens of Disney characters from the thousands that were created. That's why we want to shake things up a little bit. We're going to knock off a few letters from these characters' names. Are you a big enough Disney fan to finish the names for us? Take this quiz to find out.

She's Mickey's girlfriend and quite the character. Who is M_nn_e?

Minnie Mouse was first drawn in 1928 for a comic strip by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. Her signature polka dots and bow give her away, but she is most well known for her sweet voice and her love for Mickey.


The Junior Wilderness Explorer from "Up" is named _USS_ _ _. Can you fill in the blanks?

Russell is a young and naive boy who just wants to earn badges for his Junior Wilderness Explorer club. However, when he meets cantankerous Carl, both characters learn from each other in unexpected ways.


Who is the nervous little character in the "Winnie the Pooh" franchise? P _ _ _ ET

Although many of the "Winnie the Pooh" characters have personality quirks, Piglet's is probably the easiest to see. He's always nervous, and his apprehension makes him scared to do quite a few important things.


Who is the rusty tow truck with a southern accent in "Cars"? MAT_ _

Mater might not have the best vocabulary, but he is one of the funniest characters in the movie "Cars." The vehicle itself was inspired by an International Harvester tow truck from the mid-1950s.


Mickey's dog's name is _lut_. Can you fill in the blanks?

We all know and love Pluto as Mickey's best friend and faithful companion, but his existence raises questions about other characters. If Pluto is a dog who cannot talk, what exactly is Goofy?


_ _ y_re is Winnie the Pooh's sad friend. What's his name?

Eeyore is the type of donkey that just lets all the bad stuff happen to him. He seems to have a perpetual cloud of sadness hanging over his head, but that doesn't stop Pooh from trying to cheer him up whenever possible.


S_ _ ba was the star of "The Lion King". Can you tell us his name?

Everyone knows that "The Lion King" closely follows the story of "Hamlet" with characters that mimic Shakespeare's characters. However, few realize that the story actually follows the hierarchy of lion prides in the wild as well.


Can you tell us who the villain who was obsessed with puppies was if we tell you the first three letters of her name are CRU?

Cruella de Vil may not have had any magical powers, but she was one of the most terrifying villains in Disney history. She was rich and powerful and wildly crazy. Her motive for kidnapping the dogs is what took her character over the top.


What is the happy snow man who wants to spend time on a beach with these letters in his name: O_af?

There is nothing better than watching Olaf sing about his love for summer in the most innocent and naive way possible. The poor magical creature doesn't understand that he will not exist once the weather changes.


What is the name of the skunk from Bambi? _ _ _ wer

Although we never learn the skunk's real name, his nickname comes from Bambi. When Bambi is first learning words, Thumper teaches him the word flower. Bambi then finds the skunk in a bed of flowers and identifies him as the plant.


Do you think you can fill in the blanks on the name of the fox character from "Zootopia": N_ _ K W_LDE?

When Judy Hopps first meets Nick Wilde, she sticks up for him against an ice cream shop owner who is discriminating against him. She later finds out that he is swindling people, but she still has faith that he can change.


She often gets lost and forgets things rather quickly. Do you know who D_RY is?

Dory is the type of character audiences always want to help. She suffers from short-term memory loss and finds herself in odd situations because of this. The character was so popular, she even got her own movie, "Finding Dory" in 2016.


Of all of the enchanted items in Beast's castle, the tea cup Ch_p is the smallest. Do you know his real name?

There are hundreds of enchanted items in the Beast's castle, but the young boy Chip is definitely the smallest. It seems dangerous to turn a young boy into a piece of fine china, so perhaps that sorceress was a little more evil than we originally thought.


Can you name the crazy alien creature whose name begins with STI?

Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch" is the untamable creature who realizes that love and family are important. He and Lilo become friends because they both are a little unruly, but they are both filled with love.


The very blue character from "Inside Out" is never really happy. Do you know her name? SA_ _ _SS

The main characters in the film "Inside Out" are all named after the feelings they control in the human character. Joy seems to be heading everything up, but when something goes wrong, the other emotions get involved.


Who is the crab tasked with watching over Ariel in "The Little Mermaid"? _ _ _ _ _tian

The crab with a Jamaican accent and a very memorable singing voice is one of the most unforgettable characters of the 1980s. He works toward protecting Ariel, but she doesn't necessarily want protection, so he watches over her for King Triton.


M_ _ GL_ is the abandoned boy in "The Jungle Book." What is his name?

There are few Disney movies that include feral children, and "The Jungle Book" is one of them. Young Mowgli is raised by wolves and has a giant bear to teach him about the necessities of life.


What is the name of the dwarf with these letters in his name: BAS_ _ _ _?

The seven dwarfs share characteristics of their names. Doc is the intelligent one. Happy is always smiling, and Bashful is always a little embarrassed, especially when Snow White kisses him.


Can you tell us the reindeer's name from "Frozen"? S_EN

In most Disney movies, the princess is the one who has an animal sidekick, but in "Frozen," we see that Kristoff is the one who has the animal companion. The lovable reindeer is a loyal character who helps Kristoff when he's in need.


B _ _ _ Lightyear is a space toy, but do you know his actual name?

When Buzz first arrives in Andy's room, he has no clue that he's a toy. He actually thinks that he crash-landed on a giant bed. It takes a very traumatic experience for Buzz to learn that he's a toy, but once he comes to terms with it, he becomes an awesome character.


Peter Pan's arch nemesis is Captain H_ _ _. Can you fill in the blanks?

Captain Hook has one major fear in all his life, the crocodile that ate his hand. Luckily, that same croc ate a clock, so whenever Hook hears the tick-tock sound, he knows that the crocodile is nearby.


Tiana's friend in "The Princess and the Frog" is very rich and kind of bratty. The first three letters of her name are CHA ... can you tell us who she is?

Charlotte LaBouff's only goal in life is to marry a prince; it doesn't matter what he is a prince of — she just wants that ring. When the prince of an obscure country rolls into town, she takes her chance but learns the hard way that it's not him.


Eddie Murphy voices the dragon character in Mulan. Can you finish this name for us: MUS_ _?

One of the most memorable characters from "Mulan" is Mushu. Even though he is supposed to guide Mulan, he is a little too into himself, and goes on long rants about his life and his duties.


Who is the top scarer in "Monster's Inc."? _ U_ _ EY

Sulley is the big lovable monster from "Monsters Inc." He's also the one who discovers that human children aren't poisonous or dangerous to monsterkind at all, but it takes some convincing and a lot of law breaking for him to prove his point.


Roger's dog at the beginning of "101 Dalmatians" is P_ _ GO. Can you fill in the blanks on his name?

At the beginning of the movie, Pongo is set on finding his "pet" a suitable mate. As he watches humans walk by with their dogs, he realizes that there is a small pool of possible mates out there for him, until he sees Anita and Perdita.


In "Coco," Miguel is obsessed with which singer? (Hint, the first three letters of his name are ERN).

Spoiler Alert: While Miguel assumes that Ernesto is his great great grandfather, he soon finds that Ernesto is actually the man who killed his great great grandfather. It was a twist ending that is rare to find in Disney films.


Who is the large robot character from "Big Hero 6" who has these letters in his name: B_ _ MA_?

Baymax is a robot who is still learning how to function in normal society when Hiro finds him. The majority of his body is inflatable, so it's interesting to see what happens when he springs a leak.


Can you tell us Nemo's Dad's name if we give you the first three letters: MAR?

When we first meet Marlin, we think that he is a little too overbearing, but we soon realize that he only wants to protect his son. He travels the entire ocean to find his boy and meets some interesting friends along the way.


The demi-god Moana seeks goes by the name MA_I. Can you guess what his name is?

Maui is a very complex Disney character. While he believes he is worshiped by humans, he finds out that he is the reason for their suffering. He later redeems himself in a very heroic manner, but it takes a little learning.


Can you name the scientist who created the character Stitch? (Hint, the first three letters of his name are JUM.)

Jumba isn't necessarily a bad character, but he does do some bad things. He does experiments and creates hundreds of aliens. We find out in the opening scene of "Lilo & Stitch" that his experiments are illegal, but it is too late.


The witch who takes in Rapunzel is named Mother G_ _ _ el. What is her actual name?

We first see Mother Gothel in "Tangled." She is the witch who kidnaps Rapunzel to take the magic from the girl's hair. Unfortunately, when the girl grows older, she longs to leave her tower, and things start to change for Mother Gothel.


The emperor in "The Emperor's New Groove" is named K_ _ CO. Do you think you can tell us his real name?

Emperor Kuzco goes through one of the biggest character transformations in Disney history. His character begins as a stubborn, spoiled brat, but as he spends time with Pacha, he learns about giving and caring and friendship.


What is Lady's female owner's name in "Lady and the Tramp"? Hint: the first three letters of her name are DAR.

Although the owner characters are extremely well-developed in "Lady and the Tramp," there is an obvious change in demeanor when Darling gets pregnant. She even strikes Lady when Lady just wants to play.


In the movie "Hercules," the main female character is Meg_ _ _. Do you know who she is?

At first, Megara comes off as a tough woman who knows how to live the tough life. We later learn that she is working for Hades, even though she doesn't want to. Luckily for her, Hercules is on her side.


The Disney princess with wild red hair is named M_R_ _A. Can you fill in the blanks?

Merida may be one of the most stubborn Disney princesses around ... which is saying a lot based on her peers. She's also one of the most recognizable with her fire-red hair that tends to get in her way.


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