Can You Complete These Judy Garland Lyrics?

By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Wiki Commons by Eric Carpenter for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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Judy Garland. Just her name alone spells wonder, mystery, and expresses musicality, a reminder of the '30s and '40s fun. 

To the early formations of the gay community, she has become such an idol that they identified much with her glamor and game. She is indeed a positive icon to a community besieged by negativity. And it's interesting to note that even her daughter, Liza Minnelli, also held - and still holds - that similar iconic statue in the LGBT community of today.

To those who unfortunately grew up during the time of the Second World War, Judy Garland's crisp songs surfaced as inspirational messages that reminded soldiers of a touch of home and introduced the world to wholesome touches of Americana culture. Everybody loved the girl next door who could sing like a pro.

Movie musical fans out there are also eyeing Ms. Judy Garland as an iconic performer who belted out tunes with her powerful vocal range while dancing and acting in movies with early Hollywood legends. In fact, she is a Hollywood legend herself, having appeared in very notable films that continue to inspire generations, such as "A Star is Born" and, of course, the timeless tale of "The Wizard of Oz."

Even though she was only here on earth for less than 50 years, her time was well spent for her creations and legacy will truly thrive beyond her lifetime. And the biggest legacy is her collection of songs.

Do you think you can sing along to these great tunes performed by Judy Garland? Take a look and see if you can hum and tap to them. Have fun!

“Where troubles melt like __ __/ Away above the chimney tops/ That’s where you’ll find me.”

“Zing, zing, zing went my __ __”

“From now on, our troubles will be __ of __”

“Act the __, play the __/ And you’ll always have the last laugh.”

“No more that all-time __ for you’ve been through the __”

“Your form, just like a clingy __/ Your lips, so warm and sweet as __”

I like __ __ in June/ I like a Gershwin tune”

“But I never thought I’d see the day when I ever took a ride on the __ __”

“But he doesn’t know I __ no matter how I may __”

“Here we are together/ Ah, but the __ of __ must part-y”

Maybe haven’t __ __/ Maybe haven’t got shoes”

“When love’s a __ and you’re the __ Paris is only another town”

“You made me want you/ And all the time you __ __”

“Mammy, mammy, I love the __ __ at home!”

“She was lost in the __ of the __”

"The sidewalks of New York are thick with __/ For shure you’d think New York was Old __!”

“Some fellows look and find the __/ I always look and find the __”

“Owls __, others sigh/ Doves __, Ah but I”

“Oh the __ in the breeze and the __ in the trees have a terrible horrible buzz”

“The neighbors want to __/ Why I’m always ___ just like a flivver”

“The heavenly __ of his __ fills me with ecstasy”

“Embrace me, you __ __.”

“Play a note or two/ Of a __ that’s __”

“Dear, when you smiled at me, I heard a __/ It haunted me from the start/ Something inside of me started a __”

“My mama done tol’ me/ Hear dat lonesome __ blowin’ ‘cross the __”

“Help us to follow where Thou still dost guide/ Pilgrims of __ so __”

“Ev’rybody’s been knowing to a wedding they’re going/ And for weeks they’ve been sewing every __ and __”

“You’re right beside my __/ We’re just about a kiss __”

“So join the __ and lead the big __”

“Here we are, two very bewildered people/ Here we are, two __ that are lost in the __”

“Icy fingers up and down my spine/ The same __ __ when your eyes meet mine”

“Don’t give in to that frown/ Turn that frown __ __”

“When you walk through a __/ Hold your head up __”

“Be satisfied with the __ you’re __”

“For fifteen years I’ve been just a like a prisoner in a __/ For fifteen years my life has been just __”

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