Quiz: Can You Complete These Pokémon Evolutions?
Can You Complete These Pokémon Evolutions?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Youtube via ProtoMario

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Okay, everyone sing the chorus! "Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all/It's you and me/I know it's my destiny/Pokémon! Oh, you're my best friend/In a world we must defend." Ahhh, that felt good. It's not just the song or the animated characters, but what attracts most Pokémon devotes is the power you can bestow with training, applying an elemental stone or trading. You are in control of your Pokémon's evolution. And in the Pokémon world, evolving is everything. Pokémon get stronger and often get a wider move pool. And you can't beat that rich, satisfied feeling of capturing one of the top, megaton Pokémon to have in battle.

Did you play the Red, Blue, or Yellow version? Or did you start with the Gold, Silver, or Crystal versions when happiness or trading with an item was available? If you joined the Pokémon ranks later than that, evolving could happen with gender, time of day, or after a certain move was learned. And then of course, "Pokémon GO!" brought it all into the real world. 

No matter when you started, now is the time to put your gaming skills to the test. Tell us how to evolve each Pokémon. But please don't get Ivysaur if you miss a couple, we want you to be Happiny. Start the quiz now. 

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We'll start with an easy one. What does Piku need to evolve to Pikachu?
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It's our favorite! Squirtle is ready to evolve. What do you need to do?
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What does Charmeleon need to evolve?
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Sandygast is ghostly, but has been waiting patiently for its turn to evolve. What level do you need to do this?
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What level does Paras need to evolve?
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Venonat needs to evolve. Quick, what level do you have to reach to do it?
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How can Frogadier get the dark power? What level does it need to achieve?
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Spritzee is so cute, but it wants to evolve. What do you need?
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Swirlix is another cutie, but there is no holding this one back. It wants to evolve. How do you do it?
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What does Ivysaur need to evolve to Venusaur?
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Wimpod wants to evolve. What level do you need to get to?
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There is always something about Amaura. What do you need to evolve this Pokémon?
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This little dragon wants to power up. How will you evolve Sliggoo?
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Now you did it. Wartortle wants to evolve. You better tell him what level you need to get him to. What is it?
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Pumpkaboo is next on your list. How will you evolve this Pokémon?
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Charjabug wants to challenge another Pokémon, but you want it to evolve first. How will you do it?
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This Crabrawler is up for a fight if you don't evolve it. Which option is necessary for its evolution?
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Caterpie is holding out hope to evolve. What does it take to do that?
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Fomantis wants to be next. How will you evolve it?
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You better do what Salandit wants, which is to evolve. How will you do it?
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Bounsweet wants to evolve into Steenee. What do you need to do?
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Now that Steenee is here, it wants to evolve. What do you need to do it?
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He's cute, but your Alolan Rattata wants more power. How will you evolve this Pokémon?
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Sandshrew has been waiting patiently. It's time for it to evolve. How will you do it?
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C'mon, how cute is that Diglett? You've got to evolve this adorable Pokémon. How will you do it?
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Geodude is looking for power, how will you evolve this Pokémon?
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Graveler is not satisfied; he wants to be Golem. What do you need to do?
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