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While the students at Hogwarts are tested on their knowledge and use of magic and the wizarding world, you'll be tested on them! Harry Potter has become a worldwide phenomenon since its creation by J.K. Rowling in the '90s. The series has become so popular that elements of it are even practiced in real life! Quidditch, anyone? The movies enjoyed just as much success as the books. Which was your favorite from the series?

Do you know Harry's friends, enemies and allies in the series? What about the creatures that are found throughout? What do you know about the creator of the series, J.K. Rowling? Can you name all of the Hogwarts houses? If those questions were too easy for you, prepare yourself – harder questions await!

Do you remember how Remus became a werewolf? What about the name of Harry Potter's children? Do you know where J. K. Rowling got her inspiration for the plant names in the series? Can you name the character that was almost killed off, but was spared at the last minute by J.K. Rowling? Without the creator, the series wouldn't be made. The author is just as important as the media itself, so make sure your brush up on your knowledge!

So, if you think you know your stuff when it comes to the wizarding world, this is the quiz for you. Use a spell to ace this quiz!

Which of the following is not a house in Hogwarts?

Dumbledore is not a house at Hogwarts. The only house that was not mentioned above is Gryffindor. Each of the houses is named after the individual who founded it.


Who is Dumbledore?

Dumbledore was the headmaster at Hogwarts and he was a member of the House of Gryffindor. He is smart and kind and he is always there to help Harry.


Do you know which character was supposed to die in the series but didn't?

Ron's father, Arthur Weasley, was going to be killed off by J.K. Rowling, but she later decided against it. He played an important role in Ron and his sibling's lives.


Who is the most famous wand maker?

Ollivanders is the most famous and trusted wandmaker in the world. The business was owned by Garrick, and Harry purchased his first wand from the shop.


Is it true or false that James Sirius Potter is Harry's father?

This is false. James is Harry's son, although he is named after his grandfather, James Potter.Harry's other kids were named Albus and Lily.


Who is the potion master at Hogwarts?

Severus Snape is the potion master at Hogwarts. His duties as the potions master are to teach the students about potions and produce them when they are needed.


Who is Voldemort?

Voldemort was Harry's enemy throughout the series. His real name was Tom Riddle, and he is so evil that most wizards will not even say his name.


How old was Harry when he found out that he was a wizard?

Harry found out that he was a wizard when he was 11 years old. After finding out, he was immediately enrolled into wizarding school.


What is the Hogwart's motto in English?

The Hogwarts motto in English is, "Never Tickle a sleeping dragon." The school was a large castle that taught its students the ways of the wizarding world.


Is it true or false that Voldemort had a child?

This is true. Voldemort had a daughter with Bellatrix Lestrange whom they named Delphini. She was born in 1998 and she was a half-blood.


Which of the following is a friend of Harry's?

Hermione was one of Harry's best friends along with Ron Weasley. Hermione was part of the house of Gryffindor and she's known for her high intelligence.


What was Dumbledore's Army?

Dumbledore's Army was a group of students who came together to make things better at the school. The group was made up of all members from different houses.


What is the Elder Wand?

The Elder Wand holds an extreme power within it, making it the strongest wand in the world. The materials that make up the wand are Elder wood and Thestral hair, and it was created by Death.


Who turned Remus into a wolf?

Greyback, a werewolf himself, bit Remus as a child and turned him into a werewolf. Remus had a hard time dealing with this, but things were made easier with the help of his friends.


Is it true or false that the dementors are inspired by depression?

This is true. The dementors were evil creatures that can make all your happy memories go away and they emulate the feeling of depression.


The creator of the series, J. K. Rowling, shares a birthday with which character?

J.K. Rowling shares a birthday with Harry. They were both born on July 31, although there is a difference in age between them of 15 years.


Which novel was the first in the Harry Potter series?

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was the first in the series. In total, there are seven books and eight movies with this one revolving around the magical and powerful Philosopher's Stone.


What game is played in the series?

Quidditch is played throughout the series. The fantasy sport was so popular that the sport is actually played in real life as well! Of course, the real-life game excludes magic.


Which book was the last in the Harry Potter series?

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was the final book in the series. The book followed Harry and his friends as they fought to take down the evil Voldemort once and for all.


Is it true or false that Harry was the first person to breed a Basilisk?

This is false. Herpo the Foul is credited with this feat. The Basilisk looks like a snake and it can be mortal to people using so much as a look.


Who was Moaning Myrtle?

Moaning Myrtle was a ghost that was killed years before the beginning of the series. Did you know that Shirley Henderson, who played the character, was actually 37 years old at the time?


What did the Pensieve do?

The Pensieve allowed Harry to see the memories that others possessed. Although it was used by Harry, it can be, and was, used by others as well.


What special occasion was Fred Weasley born on?

Fred Weasley was born on April Fools Day. Fred was Ron's brother and he was also born a wizard. He died at only 20 years old at the Hogwarts Castle.


What is Tom Riddle's wand made of?

Tom Riddle's wand was made out of yew. His wand had a Phoenix Feather at its core which can be a challenge to master, but it produces powerful magic.


Is it true or false that Harry and Dudley are related?

This is true. Harry and Dudley are cousins born in the same year. Dudley was part of the Dursley family, which were related to the Potter's through Harry's mother.


Which curse was used to kill Harry's parents?

The Killing Curse, which is used by saying "Avada Kedavra," was used to kill Harry's parents. Voldemort was the user of this spell, but he spared Harry.


According to the books, where is Hogwarts?

According to the books, Hogwarts is located in Scotland. The school's students don't have to be from Scotland, as they also accept British and Irish students.


What is the name of Harry's owl?

Harry's owl was named Hedwig. She was an intelligent and beautiful snowy owl that delivered messages and helped Harry out when he needed it.


Which two characters are related?

Harry and Voldemort are related, though their relation to each other is very distant. Their relation is partly what caused Voldemort to spare Harry's life after killing his parents.


Is it true or false that Hermoine almost had the last name "Puckle?"

This is true. This was planned to be her original name, but J.K. Rowling later decided against it. Hermione Puckle doesn't roll off of the tongue as well as Hermione Granger does!


What did Harry see when he looked in the Mirror of Erised?

Harry saw his parents when he looked into the mirror. The Mirror is used to show anyone who looks in it what they want most in their life.


What book are the plant names in the series inspired from?

J.K. Rowling got the inspiration for the names from the book "Culpeper's Complete Herbal." The book was published by Nicholas Culpeper in 1653.


How do wizards communicate?

Wizards communicated with the use of owls that delivered messages and letters. Harry was also able to communicate using a mirror in addition to Hedwig.


What are Muggles?

Muggles are regular people who have no magical powers like wizards possess. Typically, muggles live their lives unaware of the magical world around them.


Is it true or false that Sirius is named after a planet?

This is false. Sirius was named after a star and he was Harry's godfather. He was also able to use Animagus forms, which got him out of trouble many times.


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