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It's not just a gown. 

It's the splendor that catches our breath and holds our heart. It's the pure elegance and grace of exquisite fabric that floats along with the princess, enveloping her in delicate lace. It's the royal gown that shimmers as it moves and glows like the bride-to-be. Listen for that sharp intake of air when the bride-to-be enters the room. That's the reaction to the regal and glorious gown. A gown that forever will be remembered, along with the happy couple, during this most public and joyous of celebrations. 

Only the creme de la creme of designers can make this happen - designers such as Valentino, Dior, Armani and a few select others. These are the designers who become instantly famous and worthy of a place in history. 

Whether you are a fashionista or you simply sigh when you see the beauty of a wedding dress, you'll enjoy taking this quiz. You'll note the trends of the times that the designer reflected in the style and grace of each unique royal wedding dress. You'll also be quizzed on which designer created the elegant and ethereal masterpiece. Take the quiz now and from this day forward, forever hold your peace. 

Who was the designer for the wedding dress for Queen Elizabeth II?

When Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, married Princess Elizabeth, the designer Norman Hartnell was asked to submit designs for the wedding dress. He learned he had less than three months to make the complicated dress and train. It was delivered to Buckingham Palace on the eve of the wedding.


Who designed the wedding dress for Catherine Middleton?

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen created a dress of ivory satin with a boned bodice, a full skirt and modest train. The lace was handworked using a traditional Irish technique by members of the Royal School of Needlework,.


Who was the designer for Princess Margaret's wedding dress?

Royal favorite Norman Hartnell was asked to design the dress for a royal wedding once again, that of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones. "It seems as if she moved in a soft white cloud," gushed a journalist in "The Times."


Who designed the dress for Grace Kelly?

An American designer, Helen Rose, along with the wardrobe department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, made the dress worn by actress Grace Kelly. She married Prince Rainier of Monaco.


Who was the designer for Camilla Parker Bowles' wedding dress?

Prince Charles' second bride, Camilla Parker Bowles (now the Duchess of Cornwall), looked stunning in an elegant two-piece designed by Antonia Robinson and Anne Valentine.


Who was the designer for Lady Diana's wedding dress?

Diana, Princess of Wales, looked extraordinary, and designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel became household names when Lady Di married Prince Charles. This wedding gown featured an extravagant 25-foot-long train.


Who designed the dress for Wallis Simpson?

King Edward VII abdicated the throne to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson, shocking royal watchers around the world. The designer of the dress was an American named Main Rousseau Bocher, who worked in Paris at the time and became known in the fashion industry as Mainbocher.


Who designed the dress for Princess Alexandra of Kent?

When Princess Alexandra married Angus Ogilvy at Westminster Abbey, she choose her wedding gown designer to be John Cavanagh. Cavanagh had a long history with the Kents.


Who was the designer of Queen Beatrix's wedding dress?

When the future Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands married Claus von Amsberg in 1966, she chose Caroline Bergé-Farwick of Maison Linette to design her wedding gown. However the design ideas came from the bride.


Who was the designer for Princess Margrethe of Denmark's wedding gown?

Princess Margrethe of Denmark married Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezathe in a gown designed by Jørgen Bender. The designer was a favorite of her mother, Queen Ingrid, and a staple royal couturier.


Who was the designer for Princess Anne's wedding dress?

It was a beautiful sight when Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey in London. Princess Anne chose Maureen Baker to design a dress gorgeous enough for a royal.


Who designed Alessandra de Osma's wedding dress?

Alessandra de Osma married Prince Christian of Hanover and chose Jorge Vázquez as her designer. He created an all-lace, mock-necked gown that took your breath away.


Who designed Ekaterina Malysheva's wedding dress?

Prince Ernst August Jr., who is stepson to Princess Caroline of Monaco and son of Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, actually married a fashion designer! Ekaterina Malysheva, however, did not design her gown. Instead she relied on her friend, designer Sandra Mansour, for the breathtaking dress.


Who designed Lady Charlotte Wellesley's wedding gown?

When you're a descendant of Queen Victoria, you can choose any designer you want. And Lady Charlotte Wellesley chose Emilia Wickstead to create this bridal gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a jaw-dropping train.


Who designed Princess Sofia's wedding gown?

Princess Sofia of Sweden married Prince Carl Philip in 2015 at the Royal Palace Chapel in Stockholm. The Swedish designer Ida Sjösted crafted a masterpiece that included a custom all-lace gown with a dramatic train.


Who designed Princess Madeleine's wedding dress?

Princess Madeleine married Christopher O'Neill's at the Royal Palace Chapel in Stockholm in 2013. Valentino created this resplendent gown with an exquisite custom veil.


Who designed Claire Lademacher's wedding gown?

Prince Felix of Luxembourg wed Claire Lademacher in 2013. The bride chose Ellie Saab to create this stunning gown with a ten-foot train in embroidered Chantilly lace.


Who designed Princess Maria Carolina Christina's wedding dress?

The youngest daughter of Princess Irene and Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma, wore an Addy van den Krommenacker-designed gown to wed Albert Brenninkmeijer. This custom sheath dress, incorporated heirloom Bruges lace that Princess Maria Carolina Christina's mother wore on her wedding day.


Who designed Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy's wedding dress?

Can you imagine embroidering 50,000 pearls on a wedding dress and train? This was done for the marriage of Prince Guillaume, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, to Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy. Elie Saab is the designer who created this stunning masterpiece.


Who designed Princess Charlene's wedding dress?

Princess Charlene wore a dress from the Armani Privé collection for her wedding to Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2011. Princess Charlene chose a minimal and sleek look with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a slim silhouette.


Who designed Princess Victoria's wedding dress in 2010?

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden walked down the aisle in a Par Engsheden-designed wedding dress to marry Prince Daniel. Their wedding ceremony was at a picturesque site in Stockholm in 2010.


Who designed Marie Cavallier's wedding dress?

Marie Cavallier wore an Arasa Morelli-designed dress for her wedding to Prince Joachim of Denmark in 2008. The tight lace sleeves and elegant lace-trimmed veil were the highlights of this designer gown.


Who designed the wedding gown for Mabel Wisse Smit?

Breaking the mold, the now Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau wore a unique gown by Viktor & Rolf when marrying Dutch Prince Johan Friso in 2004. The nontraditional gown was covered in dozens of bows rather than bead work.


Who designed Princess Letiza's wedding gown?

A slim, sleek gown and a soft open collar was chosen by Princess Letiza to wear as she walked down the aisle to marry Prince Felipe of Spain. This design, created by Manuel Pertegaz, is refined, elegant and stunning.


Who designed Norwegian Princess Martha Louise's wedding gown?

This gown and coat is atypical but oh so pleasing. Norwegian Princess Martha Louise married Ari Behn in this custom-made dress and coat by designer Wenche Lyche. The coat came complete with a long train and was removed during the reception.


Who designed Princess Mette-Marit's wedding gown?

Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit tied the knot in 2001. The bride's dress seems as stylish and elegant today as it was back then. This custom gown was designed by Ove Harder Finseth in collaboration with the Princess for a breath-taking bridal dress.


Who designed Queen Rania of Jordan's wedding gown?

Wearing an elaborate Elie Saab Haute Couture creation, Queen Rania of Jordan was absolutely stunning when she wed Prince Abdullah in Amman. The wedding took place in 1993.


Who designed Queen Noor's wedding dress?

Do you instantly recognize the Dior style and sophistication? In 1978, when Queen Noor married King Hussein of Jordan, she chose Christian Dior to design her elegant gown.


Who designed Princess Caroline of Monaco's wedding dress?

Princess Caroline of Monaco wore a gorgeous, breath-taking gown, designed by Marc Bohan when she married Philippe Junot in 1978.


Who designed Princess Anne Marie of Denmark's wedding gown?

When King Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne Marie of Denmark wed in 1964, little did they know the Danish designer who created Anne Marie's stunning ensemble would also design their daughter's royal wedding gown!


Who designed the wedding dress for Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark?

Designer Jean Desses could not be outdone. Princess Sofia of Greece & Denmark wore a lamé gown covered in lace and tulle with 3/4 sleeves and a full skirt to marry King Juan Carlos of Spain. Although all of this was eye-catching, the veil and train were beyond compare.


Who designed Princess Margaret's wedding dress?

Simple and elegant, Princess Margaret was a vision of loveliness when she wed Antony Armstrong Jones in 1960 at Westminster Abbey. The magnificent gown was designed by Norman Hartnell.


Who designed Queen Soraya's wedding dress?

Another Dior classic. When Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi wed Queen Soraya, the Empress of Iran, she wore a custom Christian Dior gown and was the epitome of elegance.


Who designed Queen Máxima of the Netherlands' wedding dress?

King Willem-Alexander married Máxima of the Netherlands and watched his bride walk down the aisle in a Valentino-designed gown. We're sure his heart fluttered when he saw her in this majestic long-sleeved ivory gown, with a train inset with beautiful embroidered flowers


Who designed Countess Sophie Rhys Jones' wedding dress?

When Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Countess Sophie Rhys Jones exchanged vows, the bride looked regal and exquisite. Her dress was designed by Samantha Shaw.


Who designed Charlene of Monaco's wedding dress?

Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco tied the knot in a civil ceremony. Charlene looked picture-perfect in a beautifully cut sky-blue suit that bespoke understated glamour.


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