Can You Decode All Of This Texting Language?

By: Heather Cahill
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Can You Decode All Of This Texting Language?
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About This Quiz

If you grew up on texting, you probably know all of the acronyms, sayings, and abbreviations that go along with it. If you haven't, then chances are you'll still know many of them! Texting has become a way of life for so many and continues to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. If you think you're an expert on the craft, then try your hand at this quiz!

Do you know what "LOL," "BTW" and "IDK" stand for? Do you know what the terms "low-key" or "high-key" mean? Do you know how to write "to be honest" in a shorter form? Many of the terms can be easy to figure out, but others can be a bit more tricky. Take "to dip" as an example!

Can you decode sentences that include text slang in them? Would you know what situations you might use a term or phrase in? Could you figure out the acronym used for a series of words? Hopefully, you will find this to be easier than typing out "LMAO"!

If your texting fingers are always ready to send the next message, then you know what to do. Take the quiz to see just how much you know about texting language!

If you're going to leave the text conversation for the day, what acronym can you use?
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GTG, let's talk more tomorrow! If you have to leave, it's always nice to send a quick "GTG" to your friend. Let them know that you're out for the day but would love to talk later.

What does "YOLO" stand for?
You only live once
You only lost out
You only love one
You're only lucky once
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YOLO is something you might say after making a decision and is used in a way of saying "oh well, whatever." It's definitely true and it can be a great motto in some cases. It's no wonder that it's used so much!

Which of the following sentences does "IDK" fit in?
_____ what time it is.
Can you call _____ back please?
It was a ______ type of day.
Keep the _____!
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The phrase that IDK fits in is: "IDK what time it is." "IDK" stand for "I don't know," which is one of the most commonly used acronyms in texting. It's pretty convenient to use as well!


What is the acronym used for "also known as"?
Als knwn. as
4ls0 kn0wn 4as
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AKA is common in texts but also in many others forms of media. Introducing people's other names or nicknames has never been so easy. You, AKA the quiz master, are doing great on this quiz!

Which acronym fills in the blank? "You should _______!"
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DIY stands for "do it yourself" and it fits perfectly in this sentence. This acronym is also commonly heard outside of texting as well. It can refer to both crafting or telling someone else to do something for themselves.

What might someone who is leaving for a brief moment use in a text?
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BRB, I have to finish this quiz! This abbreviation stands for "be right back," which is often used when someone can't text back right away. It lets the other person know that you're temporarily busy with something.


Which acronym would you use to express your thoughts?
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"IMO" stands for "in my opinion." One other variation of this is "IMHO" which stands for "in my humble opinion."

What does “FYI” stand for?
For your information
Find your items
Forget your intentions
Find your ideal
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FYI, we think you’re doing great on this quiz! This is usually used in the case of giving someone a heads up or a quick notice of something by text.

What does it mean "to dip"?
To leave
To call a friend
To hang out
To drink
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If someone texts that they're going to dip, it means that they're planning to leave very soon. Sometimes, someone might say "let's dip", meaning that they want you to leave with them.


Which sentence could you use “LMK” in?
If you want to go, LMK!
The back of the car is LMK.
The test was so LMK.
Is the store LMK?
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“LMK” stands for “let me know”, so you’ll definitely want to let them know if you’re going or not. It’s most often used after an invitation to something like an event or hangout.

Which of the following terms are used to describe someone who is inexperienced?
All of the above
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Noob, n00b, and newb are all variations of the same word. They're short for the word "newbie" which is usually used in relation to video games. When not used in this way, it can be used for almost anything!

What might you text if you're excited?
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OMG, did you get this one? The acronym for "oh my god" has been around since the beginning of the texting timeline. It's one of the classic slang words that almost everyone has used at least once in their life!


What does "TBD" stand for?
To be determined
Talking before dating
Tame big dogs
Talk big dreams
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Your score on this quiz is TBD! Uses for this acronym vary but usually it will be used for planning a party or other event. It could even be used as casually as planning a hang out with a friend.

Which sentence could you use “TFW” in?
It’s really horrible outside right now TFW.
Do you know when TFW is coming on?
TFW everything is going wrong.
How are you TFW?
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“TFW” stands for “that feeling when” and it is usually followed by a sentence of something good or bad that has happened. For example, you could say: “TFW you buy concert tickets.”

What is one common way to write "thanks" in text speak?
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Thnx for taking this quiz! There are so many different ways to express yourself through text and many different ways to spell words as well. "Thanks" is a great example of it as it can also be spelled as "tks" or "thx".


What does "TTYL" stand for?
Totally time you lose
Talk to you later
Time to yell loud
Talk to your love
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TTYL, dude! It's always a great way to close out a text conversation with a promise to finish up later. It may just show your friend that you value talking to them.

What does low-key mean?
To forget something
To be happy
To be secretive about something
To laugh at something
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Low-key is to be secretive about something. The opposite of it is "high-key," which is to be less secretive about something and more open and wanting people to know about it.

Which sentence could you use “JK” in?
I won the trophy... JK!
JK, isn’t the weather nice.
Monopoly money is JK.
Who is Jim JK?
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“JK” stands for “just kidding”. Sometimes when someone is joking through text, they’ll wait for your reaction and send a few “JK” messages afterwards to fool you!


What does "AFK" stand for?
Always feeling kind
Away from keyboard
All for keeping
Another friend called
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This acronym is typically used when it comes to games. It can indicate someone in the game who is not currently at their computer or not doing anything, or it can be used to say that you'll be back in a minute.

What does "RN" mean?
Registered nurse
Right now
Really now
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"RN" stands for "right now". Just like texting is short and quick, so is this acronym. It makes it so much easier to communicate quickly and effectively.

If someone sends you a text that just says "bet", what does it mean?
Leave me alone
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Although it may sound like it, you're not really making a bet with someone! It is more of a phrase that allows you to agree with something. For example, if someone asks if you want to go to a party on Saturday, you could say "bet" in response.


If something is "NOYB," what is it?
Not on your behind
Never go over your budget
Not over your boredness
None of your business
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"NOYB" stands for "none of your business." It may not be the nicest thing you could say through text, but sometimes you might just have to use it anyway!

What does "OFC" stand for?
Offer continued
Over for centuries
On for coins
Of course
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OFC, this answer might have been easy for seasoned texters! Why type out the whole word when you can just abbreviate it? That's what texting is for, after all.

When could you use the acronym “BTW”?
When adding something to a sentence
When trying to get someone’s attention
When writing a name
When calling a friend
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“BTW” is usually used when adding to something. For example, you could say: “BTW, we’re going to a restaurant tonight." Sometimes it can be used at the end of a sentence as well.


What does "ROFL" stand for?
Really over finding love
Rolling on the floor laughing
Return over Florida line
Recap on future life
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If you use ROFL then you must truly think that something is funny! Of course, there are many other variations of this such as using LOL or LMAO in place of it. It all depends on your preference.

Which sentence could you use “ILY” in?
Keep ILY.
Do you know the ILY?
I’m glad you’re safe, ILY.
How is it so ILY outside today?
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“ILY” stands for “I love you.” Often, your loved ones or significant other will text you nice messages like this. Don’t forget to say it back to show you care as well! You could even add a 2 at the end.

How could you respond to "WYD"?
I love that song.
How could they do this to me?
Nothing, you?
I need your help.
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"WYD" stands for "what are you doing?" Of course, you can answer this anyway you like, but "nothing, you," is always an easy way to respond to the question!


If someone texts you to "HMU", what should you do?
Meet them somewhere
Leave them alone
Text them
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"HMU" stands for "hit me up." In other words, they want you to contact them. Usually, when people say this, they mean for you to reach them by text. If they want you to call, then they might use "hit my line" instead.

What is "obvs" short for?
Over being very sorry
Onto better views
Oh, be very slick
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Is it obvs that it means "obviously?" While this can be used normally, it is very commonly used in a sarcastic or snarky way. But it's quick and easy to use if you just want to send a text.

Which sentence could “IMY” be used in?
Can you IMY?
Don’t forget to IMY.
It’s been so long and IMY.
See you at IMY.
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“IMY” stands for “I miss you.” It’s another one that you might use with friends or family. Don’t forget to pair it up with a “ILY” so that they know how much they mean to you!


What does "fam" mean?
To win a game
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"Fam" is a slang word for friends that is often used in texting. For example, someone might say: "What's up fam?" This would be in reference to their friend that they are addressing.

What does it mean if someone texts you that something is "sus"?
It's sad
It's small
It's sudden
It's suspicious
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"Sus" is short for "suspect" or "suspicious". If someone texts this to you, then they'll usually use it in reference to something like a person or thing. For example, "Jane is acting sus" is a text that you could receive from someone.

What is one way to write “to be honest” in a text?
2 bee hon3st
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“TBH” is the correct way to write it. TBH, you could say that this is something that many seasoned texters have used at least once before!


What does “ASAP” mean?
Any student have a pencil?
All for sap
Always sign with a pen
As soon as possible
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“ASAP” stands for “as soon as possible”. While it sounds like it is used less urgently, usually the acronym is used in urgent situations.

What is a common way to say "see you later" through text?
See yew laytr
C U l8r
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Letters and numbers in place of words are common to see when texting or instant messaging. It makes it easier and faster to communicate as texting is supposed to be quick. Hopefully, we'll C U l8r after you finish this quiz!

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