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The '70s were a colorful time filled with vibrant music, social change and some of the best slang words ever invented! As we cruise our way through this quiz, we want to see how many '70s slang words you remember or that you've heard. Although we've chosen fairly common words, we're sure you might find a word or two to add to your modern-day vocabulary. 

You don't have to be dressed in your best shagadelic threads to get in the mood for this quiz, but we do recommend putting on a jam band to set the tone. Play some funky music, and answer with the response you feel best defines the word we have asked you about. There will be times when you have to choose a word based upon its definition, but we have every confidence that you are groovy enough to make it all the way through. 

After you read our questions, take a moment to ponder the answer. You might be surprised how many of these '70s slang words we still use, and we know you'll have a swinging time figuring out the unfamiliar ones. If you're ready to prove your '70s nerdiness, we're ready to play along! Let's book it! 

If you were told to book it in the '70s, what would you be doing?

Back in the '70s, being told to book it meant that you were trying to get out of Dodge quickly. The word book might mean to schedule something now, but back then it meant that you needed to go as fast as possible.


What does bouge mean?

If something was bouge back in the '70s, it meant that it was a bad situation. Not frequently used these days, when someone used bouge back then, it mean that something was going to be unpleasant.


Which word was used to describe something that was untrue?

You may have heard the phrase, "What a load of bunk!" It originates back to the '70s, where it meant that something was false or untrue.


Which '70s word would you use after roasting a friend?

When one of your friends just roasted you with a joke or a harsh jab, you would consider yourself burned during the '70s. There was nothing like laying a good burn on your buddy to make everyone laugh.


What did cooler mean in the '70s?

Let's say you were caught speeding while driving your dad's car on the way back from a party. Let's say the drunken friends you are getting home safely are underage and rowdy. Then, plan on calling your dad to come get you at the local cooler - or jail.


What was a crib in the '70s?

Taking a date home in the '70s didn't mean taking them back to your domicile. Instead, you took them back to your crib where you showed off your "Three's Company" poster.


Which word meant that something was totally awesome?

Back in the '70s, being beyond cool, beyond awesome, beyond hip meant that you were gnarly. It's not the most pleasant-sounding word, but it was a huge compliment back in the day!


Which word also means gig in '70s slang?

Heading to your gig back in the day didn't mean that you were heading off to play a show. It meant that you were off to your job.


If someone was a juicer, what were they?

If you look around your office, you can probably see a juicer right now. Back in the '70s, juicer was a term for a man who had a way with the ladies. At least, he thought he did.


Which '70s word means to eat something quickly?

Being that it was the '70s and all, the munchies were a big thing. When people were hungry during the '70s, they scarfed down their food.


If you were jamming in the '70s, what would have been doing?

Without the internet, people actually did cool things like play music back in the '70s. Nothing passed the time faster than having a few brews and jamming with your friends.


What might an attractive woman have been called back then?

If your dude bro found a lady attractive back in the '70s, he might say that she's a shick. Presumably, shick is the baby of chick and sexy.


Which '70s word meant good?

Something that was well-done during the '70s might have been described as solid. Back then, solid meant that something was good and workable.


Which word would you use to describe a '70s party?

Attending a swinging party back in the '70s not only meant hearing some great disco tunes, it also meant having an excellent time. Swinging also had another meaning in the '70s, but we'll let you look that one up.


What would you call your bellbottoms?

Instead of calling your wardrobe something as simple as your clothes, '70s folks like to call them threads. Also known as duds, you took great pride in your stylish threads back then.


Which word also means idiot?

You might tell your best friend to stop being such a turkey. In the '70s, it was a polite way of saying idiot. Please note that we do not think you are a turkey.


Which word would you have used to express agreement?

If they used "word" instead of "yea," Congress might be much more interesting to watch. The next time you need to express agreement in a meeting, go on and say "word." Then, come back and tell us how your boss reacts.


What does yagalistic mean?

Attending one of your parents' parties could be describes as yagalistic and boring back in the '70s. You would have preferred hanging out with your friends in the garage.


What did zippy mean in the '70s?

During the '70s, you might have described members of your varsity team as being zippy. You could have described your dad's fast muscle car the same way.


What did wired mean?

We're not saying that you puffed the magic dragon back in the '70s, but if you did you were wired. Back then, being wired meant that you were high. Hopefully, it was from the rush of your football team winning the game.


If something were unbelievable in 1974, what would would you have used?

Wowza! Your answers are unbelievable impressive. During the '70s, you would have said wowza when something impressed the pants off of you.


Who might you have called a toad?

Hopefully, you didn't call your parents toads to their faces during the '70s. It's more likely that you called your parents toads when you were with your friends.


Which '70s word would you use to express excitement?

You must be stoked to be getting all these answers right! If you don't already use this '70s word to express your excitement, we suggest adding it to your vocabulary.


What might you have called a desirable person in the '70s?

The next time you find someone desirable, take a page from the '70s and tell them that they are shagadelic. They are sure to know your intentions after you tell them.


Which high school group were also known as heads?

During the '70s, those in the stoner high school group were also known as heads. It is short for pothead, and many parents used the term in disgust.


If you were being selfish with something back then, what else were you doing?

When you were keeping all of your 8-track tapes to yourself and not sharing them with your friends, you were bogarting them. Bogarting meant to selfishly withhold something.


What term also meant money?

If your pockets were lined with bread in the '70s, you were not going to feed ducks at the local pond. Your pockets were lined with cash.


What does copacetic mean?

Hanging out with your friends and enjoying life were the most copacetic times of your life. When you look back, you know they were the coolest.


What kind of person did "fruit" describe?

When someone described another person as a fruit in the '70s, it meant that they were a nerd. There's nothing wrong with being a fruit. In fact, pineapples are much more intelligent that we realize.


What did '70s gearheads enjoy?

Before cars become so technologically advanced it takes someone from NASA to fix them, '70s gearheads always had their heads under their hoods. Gearheads loved nothing more than spending a day tinkering with their rides.


What '70s word could be used in place of serious?

When your '70s friends laid bummer-style news on you, they laid something heavy on you. Heavy meant that something was serious and not to be joked about.


Which '70s word also means suspicious?

When you were suspicious of your neighbor's after dark parties, you would tell your friends that you find them inky. Inky means that something is a little off-kilter.


What word was used to describe athletes?

Being a member of a sports team in the '70s meant that you were probably labeled as a jock. Simply put, it means that you were athletic.


What does grody mean?

If something makes you want to gag, it would have been described as grody back in the day. Grody meant that something was gross or disgusting.


Which word was used to describe a nitwit?

We know that you were not a doofus back in the '70s, but we have all known our share of nitwits. Whether it's the student cheating on a test or someone jumping the subway turnstile, we have all known a doofus or two in our lifetimes.


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